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Hello All, Glad to be a member! Got a wee question

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by JimmyD, 12 March 2006.

  1. JimmyD

    JimmyD Guest


    Im well chuffed to be a member and looking forward to some online action!8)

    Im very eager to find out, if one has a good setup, is pes4\5 on the pc as good\better as on the ps2? The reason I ask is I have a good setup (Athlon64 3700+, 1gb dual-channel mem, raptor hd):mrgreen: but my graphics card is ancient (Geforce MX440 64mb AGP):( so at the moment I don't get as good performance as a ps2. Also, is there Control pads for the pc that are as responsive as the ps2 pads?

    cheers folks:)
  2. Henrik

    Henrik PES-addict

    13 February 2006
    I had exactly the same problem with the graphics card, actually I had the same graphics card! It just screwes the game, and it's extra painful if you know the rest of your system is good. I can tell you, when you install a new (doesn't have to be the very best with system specifics like that) graphics card and its not a MX-type, it will look soooo sweet!
  3. hatice

    hatice Guest


    You should get a geforce 6600Gt , it just owns , and you might je_rk off the first time you will see how pes looks :applause: :lol: . As for your pad , there are some adaptators PS2-USB you know , to put a ps2 pad on your comp .
    You can easily find those on ebay .:)
  4. mclevy4

    mclevy4 Non-League

    10 September 2003
    Hi bud you can buy a ps2 controleer converter for the pc its called superbox 3 u can get in most pc shops n also g-force if there is 1 were u live.
  5. Bebeto 94

    Bebeto 94 For the good of the game

    9 November 2002
    Plymouth UK
    Wasnt that impressed with my 6600GT but others say its good so perhaps its just me being picky !! Also dont get the play.com PS2 to USB converter as its the worst one out there for responsiveness even with the 2nd pad disabled , go for the one mentioned in the posts above , super joybox , superbox 3 etc .
  6. JimmyD

    JimmyD Guest

    Sounds good folks! itll be another month or so b4 i can afford a new card so hopefully the likes of the 6800gt's will be going for around the £100 mark by then or even the 7200's (7200 isnt it?) may be affordable with the proces falling the way they are!!

    As for the PS2 joypad adapters, i have had mixed comments about them, lack of straight answers it would seem. So the truth is they ARE good and just as responsive as they would be on a ps2 aslong as I get a decent brand and avoid the one from play.com yes?

    hmmmm Im liking the sound of this...cheers for the feedback.

    One important thing I would like to know is, AGP or PCIe?? Am I right in the thinking that PCIe Video Cards are a bit like SATA2 Hard Drives in relation to the INTERFACE being capable of blistering speeds but the speed of te actual product not being all that better than their counterpart? am I best sticking with AGP or do PCIe card offer way better performance?

    cheers people!

    all the best :)
  7. brc1

    brc1 Non-League

    26 April 2002
    Great question. It all depends on how much you want to upgrade, and what your motherboard can handle.

    If your motherboard is AGP, and you just want to run the latest games available now, one of the AGP cards you mentioned will do so very well. However, PCIe is much faster (more pipelines etc), but then it also requires upgrading your motherboard.

    Bottom line: if you want to go all out and upgrade to PCIe, be prepared to spend some cash. However, if you go for a good AGP card, you'll be just as happy with respect to any of the current games available. I'm happy with my AGP for now. I imagine that by the time I'm ready to upgrade to PCIe, the technology will be much cheaper, and I'll be able to get much more for my money at that time.
  8. AcimSCG

    AcimSCG Non-League

    13 December 2003
    I have Asus GeForce 6600(not GT)128mb and it work perfectly for me.

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