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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by tyler16, 1 March 2013.

  1. tyler16

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    2 January 2013
    So I finally made the switch over from FIFA, so glad I did. Started a ML with Leeds in the nPower Championship (using Daymos v3) and trying to build them up into the Premier League and beyond. Here's the things: I'm 13 games through my first season and haven't won a game. Had 4 draws early on and actually played well enough to win a few, but I've been horrible since. Playing on -1 speed, top player, and 1 bar support for passing. Not gonna lower the difficulty because, like I said, I've been close to winning. It's satisfying and I'll improve. Here are some (probably dumb) questions:

    1. Is there any way to track what players are growing other than the graph? In FIFA they have a +2 or whatever next to a certain attribute if it changes.

    2. I'm just having a hard time understanding the players ratings/abilities/etc. People say overall doesn't matter much in PES, but I don't know what does then. Most players have pretty similar numbers for me (mid 70s) and it's hard to differentiate and know what to look for. Is there a guide that shows what does what? (Teamwork, explosive power, so on) Oh, and what does the red number next to offense and defense mean? Mentality?

    3. I've had a really hard time beating defenders one on one. Skills are tough to learn and pace isn't a factor like it is in FIFA (thank god). Any tips? I only have about 1 goal per game and it's mostly been through crosses.

    4. I'm getting KILLED by through balls. Don't know what to look for, I've tried all 4 of my CBs and it doesn't seem to matter. They push up a lot and get beaten at least twice a game. Tried bringing CDMs in but that hasn't done much as they push up as well.

    5. Are the player index traits something I need to activate? I switched a players position from CM to CAM and had to pick. Totally confused about these. Why do some players have a star next to their overall?

    Think that's all for now, thanks. I know I'm a noob haha.
  2. xavi2009

    xavi2009 League 2

    5 June 2012
    Hi there!

    1. Dunno, I don't play masterleague.

    2. The thing about PES is that you have to feel the players in the pitch. It's more than just stats: height and weight, for example, also add to how a player feels. In short, I recommend you to play a lot of friendlies.
    If you want aa accurate description of each stat, you may download PES EDITOR by w!Ld@ and read each stat's description.

    3. I wouldn't know. My PES is too loaded with stats alterations to remember how I used to deal with this.

    4. Yes, defenders are quite vulnerable. Fortunately, there are effective ways of dealing with it, like using 2nd man pressure while you calculate the incoming pass trayectory.

    5. I'm not sure I understand your point about player's index. As for the star, it's just a way to distinguish key players.

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