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Has anyone tried changing all the players passing abilities?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Chimps-with-quiffs, 30 October 2006.

  1. A lot of people think that the passing in the game is poor, in particular the short passing and its speed and accuracy.

    Using the PESfan editor I increased all the short passing speed and accuracy of all the players by 10% and the long passing speed by the same.

    Just finished playing the game for 3 hours straight and think this has made the game feel a lot better. There was much fewer occasions of players doing very poor slow passes that are intercepted.

    I recommend trying this if you think the passing in the game has become worse sine PES5.
  2. JANER

    JANER Guest

    It's not wose, it's just more manual....I like the idea that it's not scripted and requires alot more skill then 5.
  3. I think the passing in the game makes running with the ball too appealling.

    They have made dribbling much easier and passing harder
  4. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    For me it is the fact that you have no choise that bothers me. Why not just make the passes so that you, the player, decides the strenght (Like in real-life too... COOL! ;)) and it is you the players fault if the pass is too long or too short. Obviously there could and should be variations to speed and direction based on the skill of the passer and their ability to carry out your directives, but atleast we would be able to specify exactly what we want the pass to be, when right now we can only tell a player "pass" and nothing else. It sucks that the long passes have a power bar and not the short passes, when the speed and lenght of a short pass is just as relevant as a long pass, if not MORE relevant since a long pass can be slow or off-target but still pass players and reach it's target since it is in fact flying over them, and harder to intercept.

    Does not the above reasoning seem perfeclty logical, and if so, why are Konami apparently oblivious to it?

    I am getting tired of the constant tweaking. "Let's make the passes a bit harder and stronger this time. Now let's make them softer. No, that's too soft, harder for this year". Why not just design a system that spans the entire range from very soft to very hard and let the user control that system? The name for that system could be called a "power bar" if you will. Solves all problems in one go. If you want a hard pass that has to travel a great lenght and you want to be sure it reaches it, put alot of power into the pass. That seems alot better than the AI handleing the power and risking putting too little speed on it.
    Last edited: 31 October 2006
  5. Trax

    Trax Non-League

    23 October 2006
    I think you have a point here. The passing and the shooting is much worse then pes5. Can you send me your optionfile? I want to try it.
  6. I have played this option file and its much better, the game seems more balanced and I am not sure if more than the passing has been tweeked, but after having the game 4 days and not playing more than 5 games in a row, I found myself playing it for 6 hours last night.

    I will add it the option file section later when I get home.
    Last edited by a moderator: 31 October 2006
  7. Trax

    Trax Non-League

    23 October 2006
    Thanks man, let's hope I don't forget.
  8. A link to this option file have now been added in the PES6 option file board.
    Last edited: 31 October 2006
  9. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    The game is a waste. You can't defend, you can't intercept passes, nor steal the ball cleanly. Positioning doesn't mean a thing. Shooting is ridiculous. All in all, an option file can't solve all that.
  10. Nearly everything about the way the game plays depends on the player stats.

    If you change these the game plays totally different.
  11. These are all dependant a great deal on various stats of each player in the option files.

    Making percentage changes to all players in in the game or just ones of various positions in things like response, aggression, mentallity and teamwork hugely changes the game as well as the obvious differences that changing stats such the shooting, passing and the speed stats.

    Make the right changes to these and you can more or less get the game to play the way you want.
  12. There is an update of this option file now, I recommend anyone who hasnt tried it, do so.

    Has improved shooting, passing, much better defensive AI and far less dribbling.

    This feels like the game konami should have released and is more of an improvement over PES5 rather than the move towards fifa PES6 was
  13. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    I agree with the power bar system being a good idea. However, I think PES6 is a big improvement to PES5 overall, in PES5 almost all short passes would find their targets which meant people could just keep using long through balls and long ground passes which were far too effective. In PES6 you are encouraged to either run or play a simple pass, which is more realistic. The great passers of the ball (Beckham/Gerrard etc...) can still pick out these harder passes.
    When would you ever see Peter Crouch put a stunning through ball that travels 40 yards to put someone through on goal?
    Also, shooting is far better, the controlled shots are far improved and you can give the ball a good whack with a normal shot with a good player and correct timing, it takes practice and skill to be able to hit the target often, just like real life.
    This is my opinion.
  14. New OF now added to download section + more links for those who cannot download from rapidshare.

    Not so much a tweak as a total gameplay overhaul now

    This totally different to the first tweaked OF I released in that the game is more balanced with difficulty returning to what people would expect and the pace of the game reduced.

    OF has correct team names and players etc.. + with gameplay changes to correct what many think are wrong or regressions in the game.

    These include -

    Better shooting so players don't blast or spoon the ball over as much.
    They also hit less unbelievably hard shots that seem unrealistic
    Slower and less often used dribbling (you can still dribble just as well as any other PES versions, just not stupidly as to distort the game as in PES6 as in the konami release)
    Faster more accurate passing with less random pathetic passes
    Slightly slower acceleration (fast players still stay ahead of defenders though)
    Increased defensive AI, mentality and response from defenders (far less forwards left in space or easily beaten)
    Better more intelligent keepers

    I have been playing around with the stats of all players in the game and think these changes return the soul to pes series with it playing less like a arcade style game.
  15. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    i did many changes myself to make the game playable... decreased gks' response, increased shooting power and accuracy, pass speed and defenders' response

    i'm going to try you of.
  16. Bubba89

    Bubba89 Non-League

    22 February 2006
    Ive just tried your OF and I must say its fantastic. Gives the game that extra touch! Now i beg you please, please make a new OF with this gameplay and licensed kits! Please that would make the game almost perfect!
  17. Thanks, glad to here people appreciate it. I havent had any other reaction yet from people I have passed it too, happy to see its not just me that thinks the game is better like this.

    I am waiting for a OF to be released that has all the kits done or to see which is released with the kitserver. I think the revolution OF looks good, but the way things are going, the kitserver will be out soon and the strips in that are always of superb quality.

    Then I will ask the people responsible if its ok to release a version with my stats changes in. Either way there should be a version of my OF file with all the kits and extra teams soon.
  18. Bubba89

    Bubba89 Non-League

    22 February 2006
    Chimps-with-quiffs: Thats great news! Be sure to let me know when its realesed mate! =)
  19. scarface1999

    scarface1999 League 2

    6 August 2006
    omg how long did it take do do that? i mean every player has different stats and then you had to calculate those 10% for each player or what?
  20. gergerger

    gergerger Banned

    14 March 2005
    Almost every stat needs to be macro editing, that's for sure.
  21. koppite1

    koppite1 Non-League

    4 November 2006
    No offence, if anything the GK's need their stats improving

    All Seasbass has done is stop shots being spilled so often. Other than that, the GK's are really poor

    Apart from that, I can't argue with anything else in this thread :)
  22. whyidie

    whyidie Non-League

    20 September 2006
    I used the editor for PES5 and I have that playing so well I haven't actually moved on to PES6 yet. For my playing style the answer was to:

    1) Decrease CPU player speed by 20%
    2) Decrease CPU balance by 10%
    3) Decrease CPU stamina by 5%
    4) Increase CPU shot accuracy, technique, and free kick ability by 7%

    The gameplay really suited my abilites. Would get a whole range of scores from 0-0 to 4-3. Losing and winning. The key was that I loved the way the CPU would beat me. Seemed a lot fairer.

    When I do make the switch to PES6 (After Evolution patch) I'm sure I'll be doing some global edits once I figure out what I like and what I don't.
  23. Its doesn't take long at all, PESfan editor can be used to do this really quickly.
  24. I improved the GK's responses and goal keeping abilities as they seemed to let in some pretty easy saves often and what with me improving the shooting slightly so less shots are spooned over, they would have a small percentage more shots to save.

    It was tricky getting the balance right between how well players shoot in what sittuation, how easily they get into space to shoot and how well the keeper reacts, but I think in the end I got the balance right. Same as the dribbling, acceleration and running speed of all players is tricky to balance between players taking people on all the time and the opposite sittuation were players who are good at dribbling and fast not able to go past players on some occasions.
  25. neogenisis

    neogenisis Non-League

    21 July 2006
    As annoying as misplaced passes are, i prefer it as when i pull off a good short pass i feel like a i did it, same as i curse myself when i fluff one.
  26. I think he made the changes, as was sick of seeing passes between two world class players who were near each other go to the opposition or nowhere near the player who should receive the ball through no fault of the person holding the controller.

    When using the OF you still get passes intercepted and have to think about making passes.

    I think its odd, that in a game were a lot of things have been made overly easy such as dribbling, something as basic as short passes has been made randomly awful.

    Perhaps the passes were made this way to balance out the games difficulty level as using previous passing systems along with the ease at which players can be beaten, would have created a game that was very high scoring and reduced the satisfaction of good play and goals.
    Last edited by a moderator: 5 November 2006
  27. New OF released, inlcuding game play changes to Milanista V1 Eng PC file.

    See download section for details and link.
  28. valjean

    valjean Non-League

    20 June 2006
    what's new?
  29. cuchipando

    cuchipando Guest

    I can't believe what you're saying, I mean, the game isn't so hard!!!, is just more real, and for example I pass very good, just in short spaces, like it should be in real life. I play in the last difficulty, and in my 7th game I won by 5-0 with the master league squad against Ajax. You just have to get use to the new controls, the shooting has to be with R1 and R2, and the passíng has to be one-touch
    Last edited by a moderator: 7 November 2006
  30. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    Chimps, I've been doing this since PES4 and believe the passing attack from the AI is a bit too perfect - as is the dribbling. here is my thread from PES5 as well as PES6 on the last page.

    I'm SEPAKBOLA (SG) btw


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