Hard Drive Installation

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Mark1981470, 22 November 2007.

  1. Mark1981470

    Mark1981470 Conference

    4 May 2005
    How do i uninstall the pes2008 files from my ps3 hard drive, ive heard recently this actually improves game play.
  2. lazoli

    lazoli Premiership

    16 February 2005
    Don't turn on the game. Just turn on your Playstation and I believe it's under syaytem data or something. Just delete from there.
  3. Mark1981470

    Mark1981470 Conference

    4 May 2005
    anything a bit more specific? i dont want to delete any save games or anything.
  4. Flattinho

    Flattinho Monday Night League

    15 August 2006
    Just have a look at the size of the file you´re going to delete. The Install-file has around 1,18 gb or something like that.
  5. PESmeTOdeath

    PESmeTOdeath Conference

    1 May 2006
    its in options.

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