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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sulph, 2 January 2006.

  1. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Im sorry to report that i have recently been diagnosed with an "Astrocytoma Brain Tumour" in my cerebellum.

    As you could all understand, I do not have that long to live and i must say goodbye to you all at Evo-Web.

    I just want to say that its been a great time since i joined here in September of 2003 and that ive seen this place evolve greatly.

    This is my final goodbye to you all.

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  2. chelsea_fan

    chelsea_fan EPL LEAGUE

    3 December 2004
    chelsea fc
    Iam very sorry to hear that.
    I hope u make it through if there is a chance,
    but take care, goodbye Sulph. So long Lad!
    Time really flies by, we all gotta go sometime. We will all die soon also.
    Death is inevitable regardless.
    =( ...... .......
  3. Carl

    Carl Ban Master Staff

    27 December 2001
    West Ham United FC
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis Sulph, you have been a great member of the EW community......................... :(
  4. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Sorry to hear about that, Sulph. Your contributions to EW shall be missed. Good luck.
  5. Stan

    Stan Allez les Lionceaux !!!

    12 September 2002
    That's some very bad news my friend...
    If iwere you (and i know, i am not) i would try to keep on living like i did before you were diagnosed if possible of course.
    I can understand that you feel horrible, but don't give up now..even if your disease is terminal..why don't just continue to visit Evo-Web since you enjoyed it as much as you said in your very moving thread starter...
    I was never very close to you on this forum, but if ever you feel the need to talk about it, just PM me...i'll be glad to talk to you...
    May you find the courage to withstand the ordeal that you are facing now...
    See you on the other side..
  6. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    Sorry to hear that Sulph, hope there is a way past it. Good Luck.
  7. joostebrood

    joostebrood Premiership

    4 March 2002
    Sulph, what did the doctors say? Isn't there a way they can help or even cure it? Best of luck anyway, for you and your family.
  8. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Gook Luck Sulph
  9. Tim7

    Tim7 Retired Footballer

    6 May 2003
    Charlton Athletic FC
    :( Sorry to hear that Sulph. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  10. proxi

    proxi Champions League

    9 February 2003
    Tottenham Hotspur
    There might be a battle you can't win, but don't lose the war. Be yourself man and do all you want to do in life now, not tomorrow.

    I hope you find solace and hopefully more, good luck and you are a cracking forum member.

  11. Cammey

    Cammey Shirt Untucker

    12 October 2004
    Everton FC and Burnley FC
    That's Tragic news mate really sorry to hear that for anybody. :(

    Live life to the full, and enjoy.

    Sorry again to hear that.
  12. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    Sorry to hear that mate, hopefully you can live life to its fullest in whatever time you have left
  13. Revan

    Revan out the window

    8 August 2003
    Madeira, Portugal.
    FC Porto
    Really sorry to hear that mate. :(
    I wish you good luck. you will be missed.
  14. Oli

    Oli Gooner

    1 September 2002
    Really sorry to hear Sulph. Good Luck :(
  15. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    We will remember you in our Prayers Sulph.....May you and your family be helped through this difficult period.
  16. Professor Nutmeg

    Professor Nutmeg ML Fanatic

    3 July 2002
    Master League
    Sorry to hear this. Take care. See you on the other side.
  17. hutch

    hutch Beaten by Chris Wright

    5 January 2003
    He's only 17, tragic. My heart goes out to you Sulph.
  18. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    From the darkness comes light
    Your beacon shall shine on
    Through the faces of the people you met
    On this journey that was too short
    You will forever walk on
    Through the smiles of loved ones
    The memories companions share
    Living for every moment
    Embracing every blessing
    You shall forever stand tall

    Be strong Sulph. Such sad news for someone so young, I hope you pull through, you'll be in our thoughts.

    Make the most of every moment guys.
  19. MarkD

    MarkD Illuminati member

    23 October 2002
    That is a hammer blow. Really sorry to hear it; know we had disagreements in the past, but that really hit me hard when I read that, I'm very sorry. Hope you get to make the most of the time you have left. Sorry again
  20. Nickybaker

    Nickybaker You want SEVEN?

    15 October 2003
    The one and only Arsenal
    Sorry to hear about that mate. We didn't always be see eye to eye but you always stuck up for what you believed.

    Keep fighting and you never know what may happen!
  21. noise

    noise League 1

    16 February 2003
    So sorry to hear that sulph. You're support and general presence in the Chelsea thread and of course all of Evo-Web will be sorely missed. Good Luck
  22. Glavisted

    Glavisted Premiership

    20 July 2005
    Lima, PerĂº
    Never lose the hope Sulph, good luck and force man.
  23. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    My thoughts are with you and your family................:(

    Never give up.

  24. antred

    antred Banned

    15 August 2003
    Flippin eck. Although we've never crossed paths this is tragic news.

    God be with you mate, have faith and live your life as best you can. I'll pray for you.


  25. Clockender

    Clockender is back...but for how long?

    27 November 2001
    East Lower, Block 13
    Arsenal FC
    Sulph, very sad news. Keeping fighting though. My thoughts are with you.
  26. RGEE1979

    RGEE1979 Evo-Webber since 2002

    28 December 2002
    Sad news.
    All the best.
  27. mathewsss

    mathewsss Champions League

    24 December 2002
    California, USA
    Liverpool FC
    really sorry to hear about this.
    May God carry you through this phase.
    Keep the faith.
  28. :: JJ ::

    :: JJ :: Guest

    Really sad to hear about that Sulph :( :(
    Good luck.
  29. JayM

    JayM International

    17 April 2004
    North Yorkshire
    I don't know you personally but it is sad to hear news like this about anybody, hope you have fun while you can and maybe that they can help prolong your life or even cure this.

  30. tupax

    tupax Konami Employee

    14 September 2003
    Sulph, don't feel all depressed and all. Cheer up, you'll survive. Astrocytoma Brain Tumour is really common, it's the most common brain tumor there is. Treatment is available. A few times, doctors gave the patients steroids so they can reduce the pressure in the skull to make the surgery easier, when they opened the skull the cancer cells had already died off. So cheer up buddy! You're not going anywhere, you're staying here with us, a respected member of the evo-web community.

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