God of War

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by ClassicD, 23 March 2005.

  1. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
  2. Elite

    Elite League 1

    24 June 2002
    The Netherlands
    Jup i seen all about it and im very curious how the game will be
  3. Revan

    Revan out the window

    8 August 2003
    Madeira, Portugal.
    FC Porto
    Yah got maximum score from gamespy also. Only today I've heard of it! They say it's probably one of best games in PS2, and some people might consider it the best. Gonna try to get it!
  4. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    Looks good....think I might get this one.
  5. JimJoeC

    JimJoeC Custom User Title

    26 June 2002
    Southampton, England
    This has been getting top reviews across the board, it's basically a hack and slash with some magic thrown in set within Greek mythology.

    It's being billed in some quarters as the best PS2 game ever! Which is a pretty bold statement.
  6. AWOL

    AWOL Guest

    Haven't played it but from the screens and videos, the rankings really does the game justice. Top of my list of wanted games this year.
  7. SilverSpider

    SilverSpider League 2

    7 April 2003
    Just like you Guys I wasn't aware of this until now that its hit with a really High Review score.

    Some of the Gamespot & IGN Reader Reviews are saying this is unbelievable and the closest a game has come to being made perfect by its Developer .... Others saying its the best console Game this Generation.

    One guy even said he has been playing games for 20 Years and this is the first time he has played a Game for 24 Hours almost solidly ...

    Don't think I can remeber a game coming from nowhere like this and receiving so much amazing praise .... interesting.

    Lets hope its as good as they say ?

    Who will be first to get it on here and post Impressions ? ;-)
  8. distefano

    distefano Conference

    16 May 2002
    arcade holland
    What about ICO when it comes to coming out of nowhere? Never heard of it coming and when it was released i played it at the shop and within 10 mins I bought it. Still heavily unrecognized to'.

    The movies looks very promising, wonder how all those combo's gonna work out!
  9. Elite

    Elite League 1

    24 June 2002
    The Netherlands
    Im gonna play god of war within 1 hour, ill keep you posted!
  10. foxrocks

    foxrocks League 1

    11 January 2004
    Ico should have been pimped to fuck by Sony, but it never really got the support it deserved. Such a tragic waste. Still, Shadow Of The Colossus might do better, eh.
  11. ClassicD

    ClassicD Galáctico

    11 November 2001
    You're stopping for food and toilet breaks right? :mrgreen:

    I played about 90 mins of this so far, it's very nice indeed. The boss fights are fecking great, that Hydra!
  12. Dead Man

    Dead Man Guest

    Just bought it AWESOME!

    So much more fun than DMC3!

    Roll on the sequel!
  13. Ike

    Ike permaninizated

    18 March 2003
    So you that have played this - what makes this game outstanding compared to others? Exciting gameplay elements? A unique style?

    I'm getting a little suspicious with all these 90% + rated games lately that only offer a mix of well known game elements with good technical design, but no soul.
  14. Dead Man

    Dead Man Guest

    First its FUN 2 many games arent nowadays!

    Only just started but the controls work well already had a puzzle which was not 2 challenging but taxing.

    The fight system is not complicated so anyone can play and get hooked like me. have turned it off but will play later it has that feel of beening hrd but worth the effort Ninja Gaiden comes 2 mind.

    It is not better than NG IMO but is mor fun and you wont get pissed with the first boss.

    DMC3 and this are very similar but am enjoying this maybe with the whole greek mythology feel.

    But definately import if can or buy when out over here.

    The wonders of a modded console!
  15. Soulja

    Soulja Conference

    25 August 2003
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    I also got the game, and it rocks! The fighting system, the gore, the story, the greek feeling, its all perfect. I really like the atmosphere in the game and the HUGE bosses. I just played for about 2 hours now, but I'm really enjoying it. I also bought Timesplitters 3, but I havent touched the game yet, too busy with God of War.
  16. Mart

    Mart Executive Janitor Staff

    28 February 2002
    Darlington FC
    I should be getting this tomorrow with a bit of luck. A couple of people at work were playing it and it looks fecking awesome. One of them's also a hardened old games cynic and he was grinning like a little girl after playing it. That was enough for me. :)
  17. SilverSpider

    SilverSpider League 2

    7 April 2003
    I've had this since Tuesday too and I still haven't managed to get time for a chance to even start it yet ... not the sort of Game you pop in when you have a free 10 minutes is it ?

    This sort of Title needs at least a couple of hours to get yourself Absorbed in it all ;-)

    Need to find some time this Weekend .... No Really I mean it .... I do :)
  18. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Played it for 15 minutes and didn't want to stop. Great game. Can't wait to see how it goes.

    Play it.
  19. Dead Man

    Dead Man Guest

    I think i am pretty far, been playing for 4hrs so dnt know!
  20. AWOL

    AWOL Guest

    Wow. This game totally blew me away. The hydra battle... amazing. Hands down one of the best games EVER if not the best. Play it.
  21. this game is absolutely superb. my game of the year so far. i hadnt even heard of it a couple of weeks ago. played a hell of a lot of it since tuesday. am currently on the pandoras box level.

    Just how fucking good, fun, well presented, stylish and well made is it? It seems beautifully paced, and with graphics that are the best ive seen on the ps2. The puzzles are also sweet. You think your stuck then your brain kicks in, and you realise what you have to do. I felt so stupid the second time you use the fixed crossbow, after rotating that plate. Took me ages to work out. Same goes for the two pillars trapping those flying things, and the stacked two pillars when you same that women (name escapes me). Its so well thought out.

    The hydra battle was quality. As was the bit where you have to chase the sirens by following their voice.

    Mint game!
  22. Dead Man

    Dead Man Guest

    Exactly the same as you mate felt thick when i figured them out.

    The game is hard tho!
  23. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Check out the links on the map over here. Some of those moves look wicked!
  24. i was up till 5 playing it last night. must of put in a solid 4-5 hours. the game is juat stunning.

    Anyone done the minotaur boss?
  25. fishcake

    fishcake Premiership

    1 January 2003
    i finished the game a couple of days ago and enjoyed it but i've not been tempted to play through it again yet

    liked the minotaur boss, took me a couple of attempts to figure out how to beat it, was pretty easy in the end ;)
  26. have i got much further to go?
  27. finished it. only 9hours in total. awesome game though. defo worth playing
  28. EatonTJ

    EatonTJ Why Today Doesn't Suck. Staff

    11 April 2002
    Wow, you guys have been praising this game hardcore... Maybe the hack and slash genre doesn't suck anymore! Yaay.
  29. Mumpleaser

    Mumpleaser Championship

    6 May 2003
    Stockholm & Bristol
    Does anyone play this off the PS2 HDD? I have ripped the DVD9 version to fit on a DVD5 (HDLoader doesn't support DVD9) but it won't run from the HDD. Any ideas?
  30. ibu2003

    ibu2003 Competition Killer

    2 August 2003
    Newcastle United
    its cos u have a copied version... :p

    No sorry mate... however this game is really good will get once I get a job for the summer.

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