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goalkeepers are so weak

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by gtlogan, 11 May 2006.

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  1. gtlogan

    gtlogan Guest

    i cant believe how bad the goalkeepers are, i mean every time i can just run round the goalie an slot the ball in the net ,an allso i am yet to see a goalie catch a ball yet instead of parrying it to an opposite player for him to tap into an empty net all the time.does any1 else think the goalies let this game down
  2. mathewsss

    mathewsss Champions League

    24 December 2002
    California, USA
    Liverpool FC
    sure, the goalies are a bit too error-prone....but I have seen them hold the ball many times, and make some superb saves.
    But in some games, they let in some very easy goals.
    I think konami got the balance wrong....it's a bit too lopsided now.
  3. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
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