Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Sulph, 5 October 2005.

  1. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Whos seen the movie?!
  2. Bule

    Bule Leoni Rossi

    20 March 2004
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Galatasaray SK
    I think it's not out now.

    Only, I saw intro of the film. St. James Park and Newcastle.. :)
  3. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    I saw other premier league players in it too though, how does that work.
  4. RuneEdge

    RuneEdge Silent Assassin

    1 October 2003
    Manchester United
    What do you mean by 'work'?
  5. Sabac Red

    Sabac Red Premiership

    22 November 2002
    They got special permission from FIFA, the FA and club to film the players, training sessions, end of match handshakes etc...
  6. qwq1985qwq

    qwq1985qwq Guest

    looking forward
  7. Sulph

    Sulph Goodbye...

    28 September 2003
    Oh right, it feels so much like real life.

    Thats what i meant.
  8. Stasman

    Stasman League 2

    17 May 2003
    I saw it last week, it wasn't too bad, but its very predictable and the format has been done a million times over (rags-to-riches, poor kid achieves his dream). Not my cup of tea, but was still enjoyable.
  9. phrase

    phrase Tactician

    12 December 2002
    Little Mancunia
    Whats the title to the song played in the trailer of this movie?
  10. dark8

    dark8 Non-League

    11 August 2005
    seems like a good concept when they can incorporate real life players as well. has anyone else seen it who can give feedback? Im in australia and it doesnt come out until 6 jan 06!!!
  11. Vladinho

    Vladinho Guest

    I see this movie
    its amazing
    very great
    i recomanded to all
    u dont regret!
  12. OPM

    OPM ...

    2 June 2003
    decent movie, end sucks.they plan 2 more parts, right (munez at real, munez at the worldcup?)

    will be a pretty nice trilogy:)

    i kinda liked the match scenes and amtosphere.gavin harris rocks :mrgreen:
  13. SPiTFiRE

    SPiTFiRE Eus├ębio forever

    6 April 2004
    SL Benfica
    I liked the movie, but I think than could be better.

    I recomend for all true football fans. ;)
  14. biggash

    biggash Conference

    12 February 2005
    The Hoops
    has anyone got any info on what fans will be appering in the goal 2 coz am sure celtic fans are ment to be in there
  15. Garnerish

    Garnerish Guest

    Suprisingly entertaining for it's age certificate.
    I liked it, but found it worrying when that Glen bloke explained the whole premise for the movie at one point
    "He's a lad whose grown up in poverty, and it's only his skill with the ball that can get him out", otherwise, very enjoyable.
  16. Mack

    Mack Champions League

    8 August 2003
    yeah it was well shot not bad acting but cheesey as hell not bad for a football film!
  17. phrase

    phrase Tactician

    12 December 2002
    Little Mancunia
    Its a great football movie.Its a pity that the actor playing Munez is crap at football.Couldnt they just get a regular guy who at least has footballs skills? Cant wait for the 2nd and 3rd installation though.
  18. a120d

    a120d League 2

    12 April 2005
    FoOtBa11 KinGDom
    Manchester United
    any info?? about 2nd movie??

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