Gameplay patch for PES 2010

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by poes, 4 December 2009.

  1. poes

    poes Non-League

    30 November 2008
    is there a gameplay patch for 2010? Because some of the gamplay is really shit too be honest
  2. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    Don't play the game, if you think that.

    And please, stop creating a bunch of threads...
  3. Ciaolo

    Ciaolo Inter Milan supporter!

    10 January 2008
    Italy (the best championship of the world)
    Inter Milan
    Don't worry, we all are expecting such a patch, and there will be a strong publicity of it if it ever arrives!

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