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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by emaremare, 26 October 2008.

  1. emaremare

    emaremare League 2

    28 October 2007
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Red Star Belgrade
    First of all it is not frame rate, because my fps is very high.

    The problem is that before installing 1.1 patch from Konami
    i could only play 1280x1024 without game being ridiculous. Now after i installed the patch i can only play normal at 1024x768.

    When i play higher resolutions (1152x864, 1280x800) than 1024x768 my game is too damn fast its not real at all. And at 1280x1024 it gets real slow for couple of moments that it gets too fast. Like its varying up and down fast slow and so on its impossible to play.:RANT:

    Does this happen to someone else and how do we fix this ?????
  2. Primepost

    Primepost Banned

    31 August 2006
    there is no fix just gotta find your correct resolution 1024x768 is good
  3. Primepost

    Primepost Banned

    31 August 2006
    good old pes 2008 where are you...
  4. emaremare

    emaremare League 2

    28 October 2007
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Red Star Belgrade
    Thats so lame i mean my machine is able to play the game at 1280x1024 but i cant play because of some stupid bug but anyway i am playing it at 1024x768 till they fix it.

    They fix one thing and mess up something else.
  5. Houldey

    Houldey League 1

    11 July 2006
    I know this sounds obvious but have you tried turning off v-sync and frameskipping in the PES settings, and forcing v-sync on in the GFX card settings? I guess you have already tried all this, though :(
  6. emaremare

    emaremare League 2

    28 October 2007
    Belgrade, Serbia
    Red Star Belgrade
    Thanks mate u got me trying it again i tought i tried every combination of settings it was actually the problem in v-sync from pes setting the cure was to force it in my graphic card as of frameskipin it doesnt make much difference thank u for helping me solve my problem.
  7. TiezZ

    TiezZ I ate all the pies!!!

    25 September 2008
    have you tried playing i a window instaed of fullscreen? I've read a comment from someone who said that it was different when playing in window mode. Can't say it for myself cuzz i play it on 360...
  8. ta1ent

    ta1ent Non-League

    19 August 2003
    I was having a similar problem, only my game speed seems to be affected by my monitor refresh rate. I run it at 1600x1200 and at first I had the refresh rate at 60hz and v-sync on and the game play was crazy fast (almost like an arcade game).

    I thought it was normal but my fingers started to hurt after 2 matches. So, messed around with the refresh rates and found that 85hz with v-sync off gives me a slower more realistic game play. I double-checked with fraps and I'm still getting a steady 60fps so these settings are working for me now.
  9. jona11

    jona11 League 2

    1 March 2005
    how can I check the fps during the game? what software should I download? thanks.
  10. japanizm

    japanizm League 2

    17 May 2005
    here is.
  11. Ramathorn

    Ramathorn 90's Mullet Man

    4 October 2007
    Mullinasnot, Ireland
    Nice one, I've been look for something like this for ages :D
    Last edited: 14 November 2008
  12. robertobaggio100

    robertobaggio100 Conference

    8 March 2007
    with me the game plays smooth on all resolutions, the only problem I have is when it gets to the cut scenes, goal celebrations and pre match videos, then they are pretty stuttery. Any idea's as to what the problem could be? i have the latest nvidia drivers, my card is intergrated 7050/620i.
  13. Jox

    Jox Non-League

    27 September 2007
    My PES09 (PC) runs very well, speed is normal.

    But the weird thing is like before at PES2008 that the PES09 from my Brother (XBOX360) is running like 1.5 times faster then my PES09 at PC.

    2008 was the same thing, anyone realised this too?
    I thought Konami lowered the Gamespeed, but its definatly not at the XBOX360!
  14. jona11

    jona11 League 2

    1 March 2005
  15. PatchaMan

    PatchaMan League 1

    3 November 2008
    really? :SHOCK:

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