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FUTSAL Leagues aka 'Indoor Football' in some countries

Discussion in 'Football' started by PLF, 29 October 2006.

  1. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Hey guys,

    This is a thread where I hope to see some accurate data show up and Evo-web's multiculturalism/nationalism help us get a lot of useful info about this subject (Futsal Salary/Wages) in one place.

    Here's the stuff I'm interested in knowing which can be found out by each of you without too much time spent researching I assume and I'm very curious about and is very important to me.

    1. Is there a properly structured "Highest Indoor Football League" or Futsal league in your country? (for most, I assume this will be a simple 'yes')

      [*]What is the 'avg' base salary/wage for players in that league? An Avg, Median, Highest and Lowest figure would be helpful.

      For those who answer the first two questions, as a fun thing but not 'necessary', you can also go ahead and write a bit about:

      [*]How popular is 'indoor' football (Futsal) in your country and which European 'Futsal' league is the best in your opinion and how does it measure up to your country's top Futsal league...

    So there is it. It's very simple. What I want to see is posts from people from different nations giving us hopefully accurate data from a reliable source on the above questions.

    So as an example, I want ThomasGoal for instance to make a post here after his research where he answers the questions about France's TOP indoor football league.

    Then Big Boss does the same with Holland's top futsal league, Stan with Belgium's, Milanista with Italy, English do it with theirs... etc. etc.
    Last edited: 29 October 2006
  2. Crespo!

    Crespo! The One & Only

    20 January 2006
    Chelsea & AC Ajaccio
    Just answer your questions mate.

    Yep there is one which has just started in England called The Futsal Premier League which is run by the FA and is becoming a growing sport in England.

    Not sure on the wage structure mate.

    Not very I would say as it has just started a couple of years ago like Scotland, but is growing with popularity everyday.

    In my opinion, I would choose Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (The Spanish Premier League) as the skill is above the other leagues in Futsal.
  3. SPiTFiRE

    SPiTFiRE Eusébio forever

    6 April 2004
    SL Benfica
    1 - Yes, and It's called "1ª Liga de Futsal" or "Liga de Futsal: Ataque Contra Ataque".


    2 - Not sure, but isn't so well payed as Professional Football.

    3 - It's very popular here, and is growing up year-by-year not because of the fans but also the clubs and players. There are many popular leagues of Futsal, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Italian because of the teams of this leagues reach always the finals of UEFA Futsal CUP in the European side, but the best Futsal league is the Brazilian one with a lot of quality futsal show.
  4. avg44

    avg44 23. Tamudinho

    22 December 2005
    Espanyol & Gimnàstic
    Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (Spain)

    Yes, there’s a structured league, with First Division called Honour Division (División de Honor) , a three-groups Silver Division (Division de Plata) and then a very complex structure from here (Nacional). There are 16 teams in each league or group, I can give you more details about promotions/relegations and Final Play-off working if you want.

    About salaries, I’ve only found a little reference to them in an interview of Carnicer Torrejon coach, who said that salaries go from 500 to 3500 €, but he was talking about his own team. In the first case, Carnicer Torrejon is a medium-low First Division team.

    Another little reference was an interview to Javier Lozano (Spanish NT ex-coach). He was asked what the highest salary in our league was, and he just answered that the salaries of the best-paid players were higher than most players of small teams in La Liga.

    This is all the info I’ve found about it, I hope it is useful. Btw I’ll keep researching to find out some more.

    Hehehe, this is my favourite part 8) . I must say I have zero knowledge about other European leagues, but there are some clues that point Spanish league to be the best one.

    1) There have been 5 editions of UEFA Futsal Cup and four of them were won by Spanish teams (two times Boomerang Interviu and two times Playas de Castellon).

    2) The best national teams are Brazil and Spain, and there’s a noticeable difference between them and the other NTs.

    3) The best Brazilian and Spanish players play in our league.

    About how popular Futsal (futbol sala) is, it is a weird situation here in Spain. Futsal is a massively played sport, with probably more players than football, but it has a very small media influence. They show one match every Sunday on TV, but it is at lunch time, so only real supporters watch it. And there are not many of them, because there seems to be only a kind of local supporting. For example, my town’s team (Salou) has reached Second Division this year, and only about 200 or 300 people follow them every week. In the cities where they haven’t got a First Division team you just never hear anybody talk about neither their futsal team nor any futsal team at all.

    A few years ago Barça did create a futsal team and this year they promoted to first division, and Real Madrid have the same intention. Many people think this will create lots of new futsal supporters and I hope it will.

    Another way to measure the popularity of a sport is to know if there are any players that EVERYBODY knows. I wouldn’t say that everybody knows them, but maybe 40-50% of football supporters in Spain do. And there are only a few of them like Javi Rodriguez or Paulo Roberto.
    Last edited: 29 October 2006
  5. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    That amount is 'per month' I assume?



    If true then this means if you make it to the top of the 'Futsal world', you can make as much money as some TOP outdoor professional players who play in even top top leagues like La Liga.

    This is a little surprising I have to say. I didn't think you could make that much money (without commercials or campaigns of course I mean. I'm talking about BASIC salary) from indoor football. But hell if you can get as much $$$ as some Mallorca or Recreativo players by playing Futsal... that's great. 8)

    Yes please do.

    The salary question is the main reason I opened this thread.

    Thanks a lot for the comprehensive and useful reply in your last message about the actual league as well.

    Interesting read. 8)

    Obviously not Pedro (about bolded part) but see if you can get at least LITTLE information from here and there like avg has done but for Liga de Futsal" of Portugal. ;)

    It's a lot harder for me to do this sorta thing and nearly impossible in some cases cuz not only am I not very good with internet and researching as you know :p, but I don't speak these languages either.

    So it should be much easier for you or Mauras for example to maybe get some sorta figure on this than it'll be for me.

    Yeh it seems to be growing in a lot of different regions. So the ending part of your post is good news.

    Regarding bolded part, I want to say same thing as I did to Pedro and others. See what you can gather up dude. It's probably not talked about much or mentioned on internet but see if you can find anything... even if it's nothing official and just some quotes from here and there like 'avg' has done so far.
  6. avg44

    avg44 23. Tamudinho

    22 December 2005
    Espanyol & Gimnàstic
    Yes! :)
  7. silascou

    silascou Premiership

    6 July 2006
    Maybe you already heard about Falcão, PLF (not oldies player, but the #13 brazilian futsal tem player)
    He's the best of the league and really has a bigger salary than any, well... Bétis player.
    He received an offer to play at fields, in São Paulo FC. His performance was quite good, but a bad stamina (he's not in routine of playing too much time, and a football pitch is way bigger than a futsal court) caused him to be cut-off the squad by the coach Leão in that time (The year they won their 3rd Libertadores title). Then he came back to futsal.

    1) The name is "Liga Futsal" i think, it's one of the best, if not the best, but only some matches are shown on TV, the most important matches.

    2) An average base salary for the players. But as i said before, some players have high salaries.

    3)Is quite popular and has grown among the last years. One of the reason is becaus of the quality of the league, for sure. It's like a Premier League or a Calcio of the futsal :D And obviusly, Spain is La Liga.
  8. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    I think i've heard about Falcão, porco and it's not surprising that many even EXTREMELY talented Futsal players would fail in 'outdoor' game due to the incredible amount of stamina/pace and physical attributes basically required to play the game in those huge pitches.

    I don't really want to know about salries of MEGA-stars like Falcão though. Because he's not a normal Futsal Premier league player. He probably makes a lot of money thanks to his famous name and commercials even ,etc.

    I want you to for example tell me about a relatively AVG player in Brazil's best Futsal league and how much the likes of him are getting paid. He's obviously not avg if he's playing in one of the best Futsal leagues in the world but you get my point. I'm interested in knowing about their basic salary and not money coming to them from any extra stuff.

    p.s. Falcão makes more than Betis players?!! :eek:

    I doubt it man. I mean sure with commercials and promotional stuff.. it's possible but I doubt his wage / basic salary is more than the basic salaries/wages that the likes of Ricardo Oliveira or Joaquin were getting at Betis!? :shock:
  9. gomito#10

    gomito#10 World Cup Winner

    9 May 2003
    DC, USA
    i dont know PLF, I saw a tv thing about Falcao and it was alluding that he is as popular as ronaldhino in brazil.... so who knows...
  10. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    That's my point Chris.

    I'm saying he probably does make as much as Betis players THANKS to his 'popularity' and money coming from tv ads, fame and etc.

    But is his 'basic salary' for doing his job (playing futsal) more than Betis players? :shock:

    If so that's amazing!! Cuz it shows that you can make a $hitload of money from even 'indoor football' if you're good enough.
  11. Dermot

    Dermot Banned

    13 August 2002
    New York
  12. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Did anyone else manage to find some more valuable info for us?
  13. pogoss

    pogoss International

    19 March 2005
    to answer your questions , here are the info about the moroccan futsal :
    1 - amateur league , same case for soccer .
    2 - undecent salaries between 0 and 100 us dollars a month depending on the level , a shame to talk about worse than soccer (which salarys are already a shame) .
    3 - I think the spanish futsall league is the best the world . in africa it's egypt without any doubt .
  14. sauce

    sauce Warriors

    20 September 2005
    Chatbox, Brazil
    Porco i gotta disagree with you.
    Cause I think PROFESSIONALLY futsal is very underrated here. There are some few investiments most of small towns halls or some companies. And media just take it serious on World Championships (like beach soccer this week).
    Falcão is quite a legend but I don't think he is that rich compared to field.
    Just compare dalponte or topper to nike and adidas.
    But in streets futsal is most popular sport for sure.

    <<< there is one futsal schoolboy. Almost all wonderkids come from futsal.
    Last edited: 7 November 2006
  15. tuta

    tuta Marseillais

    21 November 2004
    Since 2001, futsal is a part of the FFF (Federation Francaise de Football) but there's not license for playing futsal. It's classified as "diverse football" (same as Beach Soccer :roll:).
    An EDF exists but it's amateur. Leagues are trying to develop but it's hard and I think they are only regional.

    Hum hum...

    I remember spanish matches on cable but that's all. I haven't seen a single event organised in France. For me and most of the French, Futsal is just a fun game to be played with your friends.
  16. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    Damn... that's very disappointing to hear. :shock: :|

    I would've thought a football country like France by 2006 at least would've developed some proper leagues and look at this sport as more than just a fun time with your buddies like the Spanish have. But it seems to be not the case.

    Thanks for answer anyway though.
  17. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003

    Im glad its not just me who thinks that the defending was woeful to say the least.

    you can quite easily whipe the ball off someone doing what they do. Is it a staged video? Because i play indoor and I can do a lot of what was on the vid, but not often. You just get wiped out. Its not worth the injuries.
  18. introuble

    introuble WE9 editing begginer

    17 November 2005
    Fortaleza, Brazil
    Fortaleza,Sao Paulo, Ajax
    as sauce said, our professional tournaments are underrated. but in big cities, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it's not common to play football, most people here prefer futsal.. and some of our main talents played futsal before football. example? robinho.
  19. lo zio

    lo zio International

    24 October 2005
    well, futsal here in italy is almost as important as 11 men football (even if i have to admit i don't follow it :roll: ).

    here in italy futsal is structured in "series" (exaclty as for football). there's a serie A1 (major league), a serie A2 and a serie B.

    the origins of italian futsal can be found in the '60s, but futsal "officially" was born in december '83, when FGIC (the italian FA) legally recognized the championships and started taking the responsability of organizing them).

    from '83 to '89 futsal was organized on a regional level (the italian territory is organized in "regions", wich are some sort of an administrative entity, like german landers or english shires).
    each region (sicily, tuscany, veneto, lazio) had his own regional championship. the winners of each regional championship then, used to play a national playoff, aiming for the national title (scudetto).

    since '89 we have a national structure, with national series (that i mentioned before).
    today serie A1 is composed by 14 teams, serie A2 is organized in 2 groups, with 14 teams and serie B is composed by 6 groups with 14 teams.
    each league has his own cup too (like FA cup or coppa italia).

    about the average salary, i really don't know, but i know that we have a salary cup. The maximum contract for a futsal professional player in italy is 25 thousands euros per year.

    futsal in italy is very popular (i must be the only one in sicily who doesn't follow it:mrgreen: ) and our national team seems to be quite strong (we were european champions in 2003 and world championship finalist in 2004).

    p.s. did u know that futsal was invented in uruguay in 1930?:)
    Last edited: 5 May 2007
  20. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    In the middle of the video you can see the old Zidane on futsall with the team "France 98" few week ago.


    Final :
    France 98 5 - 5 PSG

    classement :
    1 - France 98 (Zidane, Dugarry, Lizarazu, Djokaeff, Deschamps etc...)
    1 - PSG
    3 - France (national team of Futsal)
    4 - France (old players like Papin, Amoros etc...)

    it's normal to see PSG beat the French national team of Futsal ?

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