Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by darXtar, 27 May 2008.

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  1. darXtar

    darXtar Banned

    9 May 2006
    Fuck KONAMI and PES 2008, fuck their "online" game with their FUCKING LAG, L-A-G, PES 2008 is whorst disaster ever seen, and fuck administrators of this site whom r punishing me cuz of FUCKING KONAMI, fuck da bastards........

    2 motherfucking KONAMI

    ...u can give me my money back, doesent matter, but ther is no money in this world that can pay my frustration with your fucking "online" game, i just want 2 say 2 all of you guys from konami - FUCK you CHEATERS and suck my FUCKING DICK....morons, I'm buying this fucking game more than a decade and I never again will spend money for this FUCKING game....hope u die in HELL

    ps. go and buy some fucking servers.....spend some money....fucking LOSERS
    Last edited: 27 May 2008
  2. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Team: FC Barcelona

    4 November 2006
    FC Barcelona
    wow your really a nerd.
    This games got you craaaaazyy.
  3. BURNA


    26 April 2006

    Geezer, loads of us said this in October.

    You're 8 months late.
  4. CzarnyWEOL

    CzarnyWEOL www.WEOL.pl BOSS :)

    4 November 2007
    I agree, that's why I play WE2002 Online from PSOne :)
  5. mickhfc

    mickhfc Non-League

    6 April 2008
    do u know u can play it over a lan with NO lag using hamachi & pesmagazine online 08

    we ...me and a few m8s had lag issues all the time but not now :)
  6. Lami

    Lami Niche Football Staff

    28 May 2007
    Man Utd, Vecchia Signora
  7. foxtrot

    foxtrot Shoe bomber

    24 December 2002
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Rangers FC
    Best thread in a while.
  8. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    Very aggressive but also very true :LOL:.
  9. BURNA


    26 April 2006
    He forgot to mention the shocking keeper bugs and shitty online communication...
  10. Not.SlyPee

    Not.SlyPee i.Am.Me

    6 November 2006
    FK Zalgiris
    I'm actually glad he's not playing online. He's the type who would lag you with Inter or Barca and do those 'Hahahaha' messages because he doesn't know yet how to type 'i own you shitson' in online chat. :LOL:
  11. charlievolano

    charlievolano Banned

    20 January 2007
    I still rember the first pes2008 game i played on line, hilarious.....trashiest game i played in 10 years. But pes5 is still an amazing game, if we could only manage to play it on line...
  12. omer

    omer ......

    25 February 2007
    Frankfurt am Main
    Fenerbah├že SK
    pes6 online was amazing pes 2008 online sucks so bad
  13. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    Are you from Dundee, by any chance?
  14. Cammey

    Cammey Shirt Untucker

    12 October 2004
    Everton FC and Burnley FC
    No fucking untucked shirts.
  15. Mat28

    Mat28 Banned

    3 May 2008
    lmao this threads funny as fuck
  16. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro

    PES2008 is the best :COOL:
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