Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Soul, 26 March 2009.

  1. Soul

    Soul Banned

    22 July 2008
    East Sussex
    Are the people who we call friends, are actually our "friend"? Or are they just simply people we know?
  2. DagsJT

    DagsJT Retired Footballer

    29 November 2005
    You ask some deep questions!

    I'm sure our friends are actually friends, holding in personal regard would apply to them all surely?
  3. Soul

    Soul Banned

    22 July 2008
    East Sussex
    I can't help it, i question things a lot. That could be bad thing or a good thing. I don't know.

    I ask myself something like that. T

    hen i say, if i wasn't smart would my friends still be intrested in speaking to me OR if i dressed like a tramp, would my friends still hang around with me?

    I'm probably being pessimistic.
  4. jaygrim

    jaygrim TheAllSeeingEye

    26 July 2005
    Man Utd
    Maybe you should start a "why do i ask so many questions thread"?
  5. Dermot

    Dermot Banned

    13 August 2002
    New York
    Would you consider me a friend Soul?
  6. kevano22

    kevano22 TDWFYU

    2 August 2003
    I think the word friend is banded about a little to easy.

    I would consider someone a friend who you know isnt going to backstab you, and would always be there for you no matter what.

    Not someone you go and get lashed with every weekend :LOL:
  7. BobbyBox

    BobbyBox WING NUT!

    10 October 2003
    There's different level of friends.

    I only have 4 friends that I can totally rely on completely and trust.

    But I have other friends I just go out drinking with and having fun.

    It just depends.

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