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Discussion in 'Football' started by mydumpstinks, 10 December 2008.

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    im guessing that most ppl here are footy fans, some may have there own sites who will be affected by this.

    Apologies if this is already posted or old news, ive never heard of it till just now and errr, well, its just wrong.

    British football fansites are being charged to publish thier own clubs fixture list, this is fansites being charged over £100 to post what is pretty much freely available information, i mean if they kept the fixtures secret where would the fans go.

    Anyway i thought id post a link to a petition to get the charges dropped, plus a little info on what it is all about, dont be shy go sign help out your fellow footy fans!

    copy and paste from the site......

    Football DataCo Ltd is a British company that grants licenses to third parties allowing them to reproduce certain intellectual property such as fixture lists and statistics. Football DataCo is wholly owned by FA Premier League and The Football League.

    Fans have 3 options.....

    1) Become the clubs nominated fanzine and get a licence for the fixtures for £1 + VAT and a delivery charge to your site £104 + VAT, delivery via email!
    A total of £ send a bloody email, how much work does that take?

    2) Get authorisation from the club to use their fixtures in isolation. This would be £266+VAT plus delivery charge
    A total of £435

    3) Without authorisation from the club you must buy fixtures for all clubs - this is £4244+VAT for the licence and £5200+VAT for delivery
    A total of nearly £12,000

    The fees are charged to all 3rd parties including independently owned football fan sites and fanzines. Numerous fan sites have been closed as a result of legal action initiated by Football DataCo Ltd.

    We the fans should be free to publish our teams fixtures on our sites.

    like i said go and sign help us all out!
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    Football DataCo and the Premier League are both a bunch of intellectual property greed merchants. They only think about lining their pockets whilst fleecing the public, is it any wonder football fans have become alienated by a bunch of smug people who do not have any interest in the game but make tons of money from it?

    And what is worse they even got the audacity to charge VAT on top, giving Mister Tory Boy some extra cash for his duck house on expenses. Disgraceful! :RANT:

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