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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Es88, 1 April 2008.

  1. Es88

    Es88 League 2

    2 December 2006
    M. Tel Aviv
    8500GT, 1GB DDR2, C2D1.8Ghz.
    600X800 High, v-sync on, game work smooth.

    the problem is in replays, and when i have corners and free kickes.
    when i'm playing with "use frame skipping", its not directly effcting on the game, it's causing to the replays to work faster
    (and it's good), but it's way to fast in free kicks and in corners, the sensitive is very high.. in free kickes i'm only tuching the butten and the ball is flyingg..
    when i'm playing without "frame skipping", the replays are very sloww.. in some parts the animtion in the game is slower, but the corners and free kickes are in good senstivie, although in free kickes when you turn with arrow right\left is moving relly slow.
    any suggestions?

    (sorry for my english)
  2. weser007

    weser007 Non-League

    20 October 2005
    can anyone PLEASE help me??? My pro-evo was working fine till i installed Kitserver for it (pes2008) every time i go to edit any of the players, they dont appear, n the game freezes temporarily.....when i go to choose kits at the start of match, the kit doesnt appear either, so i play anyway.....then the game freezes...i know its the kits, but can anything be done?? the graphics card is only new etc, n plays Bioshock n Crysis to name just a few of the recent games??

    I've got eh Fkuyt patch installed on it also.

  3. decibel87

    decibel87 Non-League

    20 May 2007
    Try turning off V-sync for starters.. it helped me alot.
  4. RICH.J

    RICH.J Non-League

    19 November 2006
    Play on medium settings.

    It only affects the crowd I think.

    Your replays will be fine after that.
  5. cesarpo

    cesarpo pesmaster

    14 June 2006
    that 8500gt is bottlenecking (if that word exists) your CPU, you should get at least a 8600gt (a 8800gt would be ideal), that is far superior, and will give 60fps almost all the time, in high settings.

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