Fouling system screwed?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Bullstein, 14 November 2011.

  1. Bullstein

    Bullstein Conference

    18 May 2011
    I don't know about anyone else but I think the foul system is totally wank

    I mean I like to dribble/feint my way through a defence, but a defender touches me and my player is down for a foul - even the slightest touch. Im not kidding, I can get knocked down 20 times in a game and no yellow cards shown. It's ridiculous, either punish the offending players or don't make my attacker fall down if a defender farts near him
  2. Flaw3d Genius

    Flaw3d Genius Banned

    12 October 2011
    The Rangers
    I had more issue's with perfectly timed slide tackles being given as fouls.
  3. Northzzz

    Northzzz Classified Information

    26 March 2010
    The foul system is just poor. Personally i'm so sick and tired of both receiving and giving away freekicks when a player gets brushed slightly. It looks silly because a) if he was really fouled he'd probably just go down in real life 80% of the time and b) refs hardly ever give fouls in real life unless a player goes down or stays on his feet and protests vehemently that he was obstructed.

    That and the referee lacking any real intelligence when waiting to give an advantage. I'm pretty sick of the foul happening, the referee putting his arms out to give advantage, the ball travelling in a direction where your nearest player is 25 yards away and their nearest player is 10 yards away. Who does the game think is going to get the ball? I'm playing on a slow speed setting and the situation is only exacerbated by the longer wait.
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