Football Leaks & The Future Of Footbal

Discussion in 'Football' started by PRO_TOO, 3 November 2018.

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    25 May 2003
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    interesting articles. A lot to read but none the less very informative.

    A Guide to the New Football Leaks

    Documents Show Secret Plans for Elite League of Top Clubs

    How FIFA's President Failed To Clean Up Football

    How Oil Money Distorts Global Football

    I’m still reading.
    Let the discussion begin.
  2. its999maggle

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    24 February 2018
    Borussia Dortmund
    If there is a Super League, no team should have relegation invincibility. You win the National League, you go to the Super League. The idea does sound good but will actually be very bad. Besides, we already have the UCL and the UEL.
  3. Godotelli

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    27 July 2012
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    I don't know what else Infantino has been up to but it was part of his job to be involved in the FFP settlement negotiations. Settlements that other clubs could challenge if they felt them too lenient - non did.
    The pejorative writing style of these articles, which are based upon illegal hacking, makes it difficult to know where the journalism begins and the tabloid ends.
    As Gab Marcotti has pointed out, there's nothing new about any of the above FFP or ESL stuff. Interesting to see some of the hacked emails but in general all a bit of a damp squib, despite how it's being sold by DS

    On the topic of cleaning up football, it should be noted that Football Leaks itself is far from clean. There have been plenty of articles in the past highlighting their/his attempts at blackmail - Doyen Sports, for example, where emails showing the attempted blackmail were ...leaked.
    It's also obvious that they rely on massive hacking, you don't get terabytes of data from all corners of the globe via genuine sources. And this matters because it's almost certainly inadmissible in court so if your goal is to clean up football the data likely should have been handled differently.
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  4. Isslander

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    3 August 2003
    The future of Football is VAR, which means the future of football sucks!

    Not really what this thread is about I guess, I just really hate VAR!
  5. Mikhail

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    10 August 2018
    A little off topic maybe but all of the real clubs need to set up their own league and play in it and let the corrupt plastic oil clubs like PSG and Man City play each other 38 times a season.

    Sick of modern football and I’m sick of the oil clubs. They are soulless.
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  6. its999maggle

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    24 February 2018
    Borussia Dortmund
    Man City was always soulless.

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