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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Scorpio, 12 September 2012.

  1. kaicooper

    kaicooper Non-League

    24 October 2012
  2. info0

    info0 Banned

    3 September 2011
    Poland - Lodz
    Santos FC :)
    You clearly haven't tried them out. Don't bother commenting then ;).
  3. Mervinator

    Mervinator Non-League

    25 October 2012
    Wow tried many slider sets now and must say those ones posted by info0 are best i tried. Obviously down to personal preference but from my game just now.....

    Pace at 0 to me i thought was stupid, however with accelartion set it doesnt affect game at all. Infact 0 pace doesnt slow players down at all, instead it makes players use their own pace attributes. Fast players are fast, slow players are slow. Just how it should be.

    Shooting error that low i thought i wud be guarenteed to score but asthe gk rating is high it gives perfect balance.

    Despite the pass error being set to low it doesnt really seem to affect the percentage completed. Instead stops the ball bobbling every time its kicked. All in all very impressed with these and think i have my new favs. Cheers mate!
  4. Mervinator

    Mervinator Non-League

    25 October 2012
    Must add i only played these on world class btw and was perfect imo.
  5. vondave

    vondave Stretford End

    9 August 2005
    Really keen to try these new sliders out later, good work info0
  6. st8ichkov

    st8ichkov Non-League

    15 November 2011
    Need sliders for Legendary, assisted controls 6min half, any suggestions. thanks
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  7. nikolapfc89

    nikolapfc89 P.F.C

    7 December 2008
    Novi Beograd
    Partizan Belgrade
    What sliders should make,to CPU make more shots on goal? I mean,there were huge chances that cpu have great oportunity to make awesome goal or shoot,but he make 20 pases and try to enter in goal :D
  8. kaicooper

    kaicooper Non-League

    24 October 2012
    i never comment on somthing i didnt tried

    its shame u made me lier for nothing
  9. michael4321

    michael4321 Champions League

    15 November 2010
    Tested and tested and tested all sliders.
    The winer is: Placebo's sliders ver. 0.7 from 1st page.
    Some latest results 10 min halfs:
    Milan(CPU)-Inter 1-0 (shots: 17-12)
    Celtic(CPU)-Barca 4-1 (shots: 13-18)
    Barca-Levante(CPU) 6-1 (shots: 19-2)
    Chelsea-Man Utd(CPU) 1-4 (shots: 12-21)
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  10. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    looks far too exaggerated to me.. Celtic beating barca and having 13 shots? Barca having 18 and only scoring once?...same with the Chelsea and man u expect a much tighter game with fewer efforts.. I suppose watching on Sunday and comparing would be a good i've said before each to there own ive found sliders which i'm really enjoying..tight games 1-0 , 2-1's etc with the occasional big win or defeat depending if I have a really bad or really good game..those stats above just looks like end to end with a shot on average every 40 ish seconds..again good you have found sliders you like but they aren't for everyone
  11. info0

    info0 Banned

    3 September 2011
    Poland - Lodz
    Santos FC :)
    Made some changes to what I posted above.

    Lowered acceleration to 41/41
    Lowered pass speed to 39/39
    Made both GK at 75
    Marking 20 for user 85 for AI

    Now I am truly satisfied.
  12. info0

    info0 Banned

    3 September 2011
    Poland - Lodz
    Santos FC :)
    Done some more testing and tuning and getting there. World Class 6 min halves...


    Got crushed statistic wise... Scraped result from 1st half.

    Mind you MOM award went to Petr Cech... With massive 11 saves in that game LOL.

    Recorded that game too. Worth watching.
  13. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    Will post my current sliders settings here soon....

    This is what a fellow fifa player had to say before and after trying them...

    CrimsonianKing wrote:

    I'll keep on trying. The problem is either i'm too good for the AI or this year's AI isn't as clever as last year's. If i play with a 2-star team against say, Barcelona, I want a challenge! And it only happens if i use the default settings. And for one reason only, the default speed(even in slow) is like having players on steroids and it makes it hard to defend at such speed. And the other problem with messing with sliders is that you can find the perfect flow for a specific team, but it doesn't work quite as good for another. I really wish i could find a setting that would slow the game down closer to a more realistic flow and make it challenging to play at the same time.

    and after trying them.....

    Played one match with Ajax against Dortmund, lost 2-1 (as you can see above). There are more tackles, more fouls, more pressure, Gotta say, WOW! This is the best settings i've ever used. The game becomes alive, their defenders will pressure leaving you no room to pass, i even saw one of my attackers being marked by 3 defenders at once lol. Amazing. Now this looks more like a real simulation of modern football.

    And most important of all, MIDFIELD BATTLES! It's crazy. For anyone complaining there aren't any in the game, give those settings a try. It's intense.

    On the down side, it's too damn fast lol. I don't know if it's because i haven't tried your cam settings, but i'm gonna try to change it down to normal or slow and see what it happens. And also some people might find this too hard, it's REALLY challenging on legendary, but me? I love it. Thanks for the settings, man.

    worked on toning the speed down and making it a bit less difficult. Now just finishing testing them.
  14. Kije

    Kije Premiership

    6 December 2004
    Please give them to us so that we can try them.
  15. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    Ok here they are, put a lot of effort into these ( close to 75 hours lol) reminded me of pes 6, spend more time editing that darn game than playing it. lol

    You think the AI is boring and predictable?
    Want a challenge?
    You will have to play smart, example; you cannot expect to play Barcelona with any lower star team and expect to go toe to toe with them. You actually have to be a "manager".

    I have never been a big fan of long 15 minute games. But since I finished this I can't seem to stop playing. Fifa has become the best futbol game I have ever played.!!!

    I started playing ISS 64, moved on to ISS 98 and ISS 2000. Then came pes 6 for me. With these sliders Fifa 13 surpasses the amount of enjoyment that I have ever had playing a Footy game.

    It's like no one game is ever the same.

    I will call them "The Modern day FutboL Simulation Sliders"

    Control Settings
    Auto switching - Air Balls
    Auto Swit.Move - None
    Passing Pwr Ass.- OFF
    Pass Assistance - SEMI
    Through Pass Ass- ASSISTED
    Shot Assistance - SEMI
    Cross Assitance - SEMI
    Lob Pass Ass. - SEMI
    Save Assitance - not needed
    Anolog Sprint - ON
    Defending - Tactical
    ***These settings are a must, started out full manual but wanted to start my Career Mode knowing that players stats were going to come into effect. So want the sliders to work properly USE as above.

    Tele Broadcast
    Height - 0
    Zoom - 20 ( really shows off Fifa's beautifuL graphics)and also a must as I have NOT tested the game with any other camera angle)

    Half Lenght - 15 minutes
    Difficulty - Legendary
    Game Speed - FAST (a must as I tried bringing it down and CPU didn't play to it's full potential)

    USER / CPU
    Sprint 44/44
    Acc. 49/49
    Shot Error 56/54
    Pass Error 53/53
    Shot Speed 45/44
    Pass Speed 46/42
    Inj. Freq. 45/45(user preference on both of these)
    Inj. Seve. 60/60
    GK Ability 37/36
    Marking 84/90
    Run Freq. 10/10
    Lin.Height 80/81
    Lin.Lenght 11/25
    Lin.Width 38/53
    Fullbacks 53/53
    Powerbar 50
    FirstTouch 59/57

    Once again I'm sharing these with you guys because I almost gave up on Fifa this year but to be honest PES didn't provide the excitement/enjoyment I wanted to from a footy game.

    Hope you guys like them, so now go and enjoy Fifa 13 again.
  16. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Semi/Assisted controls and fast? Definitely not for me. Manual controls utilise player's individual stats plenty for me :)
  17. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    I know what you mean, I actually made a set to use on slow 15 minutes matches, 42 sprint, 49 acceleration and slow but decided to go with this one now because the majority of people play semi/assisted controls.Also didn't test it enough to be able put them out. Played one game it was Hamburg vs Barcelona, stats were realistic the only thing that I didn't like is that It was all down to how good of a manual player I am and not to the players individual stats. As you can see here.
    Hamburg (me) vs Barcelona
    0 goals 3
    5 shots 19
    2 on target 10
    43% possesion 57%
    15 tackles 17
    1 fouls 1
    yellows 1
    injuries 1
    corners 3
    79% pass accu 87%

    It cannot be called realistic if it takes you 20 shots with messi to score when one on one with the keeper. Unfortunately that's what manual will do to some players.

    The one big mistake all the players with your mentality "slow n manual" make is that you want to create a simulation game by giving you "the whole time in the world to make your decision."

    We all know that you have to make split second decisions.Otherwise superstar players would never make mistakes.
    Defenders are right there inside your shorts sometimes, that is what I strive for here to make it an intense type of feeling, the only one you get when facing a human adversary.

    For games vs the CPU, I say go with semi/assisted (this comes from someone who has been playing manual for over two fifa editions nowHer) Here are stats for a game played between Celtic and Barca in a 15 minutes semi/assisted settings(as posted above)

    Celtic vs Barcelona
    0 - 4
    8 shots 27
    4 on target 14
    40% possesion 60%
    23 tackles 19
    1 fouls 1
    0 injuries 1
    2 corners 1
    75% pass% 90%

    For games vs another person, manual definitely as there you will be playing skill vs skill nothing can match that.(unfortunately with the addition of the "manual leaderboards" the majority of manual players now only play with high rated teams and try to exploit some of the game's faults. Like constant through balls and crosses. And how boring and frustruating is that!
  18. info0

    info0 Banned

    3 September 2011
    Poland - Lodz
    Santos FC :)
    Ok, trying to be more conservative this time round. After hearing some opinions from people... ;)

    It came down to this:

    YouTube - FIFA 13 - World Class - Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid - full match HD (720p)

    The most realistic, intense, game experience. Thrilling too :). Watch from 8.18 min to see Atletico play the best football ever :LOL:

    Played on semi/assisted settings, but nothing stands in your way to switch to manual if you so desire...

    Legacy and Tactical work fine.

    Now sliders and explanation:


    sprint 0/0
    accel 41/41
    shot error 46/46
    pass error 49/49
    shot speed 46/46
    pass speed 39/39
    Injury Freq 80/80
    Severity 50/50
    GK Ability 65/65
    Marking 80/80
    Run Freq 33/33
    Line Height 48/48
    Line Length 44/44
    Line Wighth 50/50
    Fullbacks 56/56
    First Touch 49/49

    Explanation of why those values:

    Sprint at 0. It's a must I find this year. Unfortunately on 50 the artificial sprint boost is given to players, so Mertesacker can catch up to Messi and Ronaldo. Plus the game speed suffers greatly from it. Thus why 0 is key to see real player speed/pace.

    Acceleration 41 - slows the game down to real life pace. Opens the game up. Speed of players greatly visible.

    Shoot Error 46 - ever wondered why AI misses hell lots of chances on 50 and beyond? Were you frustrated from seeing 4-6 yard clear chance go wide? I sure was. This kind of helps the issue, but AI will still miss quite a few chances. This doesn't make scoring easier, so beware... (actually for my mate, it made scoring... Harder O_O).

    Pass Error 49 - Only 1 point change here, the ball bobbles slightly less, not drastic change, but more real-life ball behavior. (accompanied with pass speed, watch AI and User misplace passes ^_^)

    Shoot Speed - 46 - quite slower. I hated the rockets on 50. 46 makes it look realistic and helps Goalkeepers with positioning and making some spectacular saves when needed (not like on default game where they look like superheroes ).

    Pass Speed 39 - the gem and best value by far I found for passing speed. Makes the whole game pace slower, more tactical game. Plus gives you time to think of next passing option. Beware: misplaced passes will get intercepted easily now.

    First Touch Error 49 - with slower passing speed, lowering this by 1 makes a change for the better. Passing speed needs to be accompanied by First Touch Error slider.

    You might not like the game speed at first, but stick with it. :)

    Try it now. If you seek realism... :D Recommended difficulty: World Class
    Last edited: 27 October 2012
  19. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
  20. winston

    winston Champions League

    7 August 2005
    Watching that video looks like just about every match I play on FIFA13 - total domination by me in the first half and then in the 2nd half, the cpu dominates.

    Some might say that's realistic because the cpu needs to try harder in the 2nd half to come from behind. But the problem is the cpu doesn't "try harder" in plausible, realistic ways, such as changing formation or tactics, making substitutions at half-time, throw more men forward, the things a real team would try. The cpu dominates by becoming more perfect in its play. Its passes become more perfect, first touch becomes more perfect, acceleration increases. And rather than suffer fatigue, the cpu team becomes more energetic.

    The sliders make this cpu boost all the more obvious as the match can be re-balanced by simply reducing further the cpu sliders in the 2nd -half, particularly by lowering acceleration by a couple more points, so both teams come back to level speed again. Although even increasing cpu passing error to 100 in the 2nd half doesn't significantly alter the increased level of perfection it achieves in passing. Incidentally, I'm no sprint whore so my team should be suffering fatigue no more than the cpu. Of course, this further reduction is a very artificial approach to fix a very artificial problem, and removes all immersion.

    It's a shame because every match starts to feel the same....the same pattern plays out, whether I'm playing with 1* teams or 5* teams.

    The game needs 1 extra slider, cpu cheat-boost, so I can set it to 0 and have a level-playing field for 90 minutes.
    Last edited: 27 October 2012
  21. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED BY THE SPEED SETTING, what i did to counter it was lowered the pass speed and shot speed and believe me works like a charm on semi/assisted control settings.

    Now you might say, but doesn't semi/assisted settings give you an advantage? and makes the game easier?

    Well by adjusting the lines it makes the AI defenders alive, they will intercept tons of passes, if not made on time. Trust me it gives the games a good fluidity to it. And also an unpredictably that I had not experience in a footy game.

    Like in real football you don't have ALL day to sit on the ball and think of your next move, this is what I was trying to simulate here. you will be making the mistakes as once in midfield, AI players will pressure you into making mistakes NO NEED to up the pass error. You will have to be quick with your through balls as you will see players make runs but is up to you to be in the right body position to make the pass happen. This to me makes the midfield come alive!

    If you want to play keep away, guess what you better be careful, because the AI will pressure you (ctt's come into play here)(default) The one thing I love here is that no team(yet) will play the same Barca will pressure you a lot more than others and will pass and pass and pass even back to their own keeper looking to score that perfect goal, even on this speed setting you can still defend and actually get joy out of keeping the ball out of the net.

    like in real life you will learn not to play the ball in your own third as it will lead to mistakes that will be capitalized by the attacking AI. You will learnd this the hard way and not play the ball around with defenders as they don't have the best passing stats.

    Like one forum member mention before somewhere in this thread, the reason he had more possession was because after scoring early he decided to park the bus. Well what happens in real football when a team decides to sit back and try and protect the lead? Yup, the opposing team will be all over them and will force mistakes in the back.

    As for Shot Error, Shot Speed and GK Ability they all go nice together as this allows for more variety in shots attempted, saved and missed, without them looking or making it feel unrealistic.

    When I applied your speed settings (42 speed 49 accel on SLOW)I had to still tinker with the Line settings unfortunately I DID NOT SAVE IT so dont have the exact settings.

    What I think I did was up the marking by just a few points, and also upped the Line Height, for (cpu) lowered the lenght (cpu) and lower width(cpu) by aorund 4 or 5 points. Not quite sure. SORRY.

    Sorry for not explaining my self better as English is not my first language.
  22. Kije

    Kije Premiership

    6 December 2004
    edgar, I find them not bad. but must play more matches for a final verdict.
  23. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    Nice to see you are giving them a chance, just trying to make the game enjoyable for everybody that enjoys a good ol footy match.
  24. Kije

    Kije Premiership

    6 December 2004
    boah, legendary is very hard for such a FIFA noob like me...:THINK:
  25. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    Okay so played that Chelsea v Spurs game and here are stats:

    Chelsea(me) vs Tottenham
    3 - 3
    11 shots 22
    6 on target 10
    51% poss 49%
    9 tackles 21
    0 fouls 5
    2 injuries 0 (oscar got I nick and Sturridge who had replaced Torres had to be carried out in stretcher )
    1 offsides 2
    3 corners 6
    54% shot acc 45%
    75% pass acc 78

    here are goalscorers:

    21' G. Cahill (off corner)

    28' G. Bale (ball over the top, perfect control and composed finish)

    42' W. Gallas ( off corner)

    43' David Luiz ( off corner, perfectly timed run which a spurs defender just missed clearing it off the far post. Spurs demand for instant replay as they claim entire ball fail to cross line.

    77' Adebayor ( perfect cross from lennon, out muscled Ramires and beat Cech with header.)

    91' Malouda ( beats Coulker at the top of the box and with his right foot beats a diving Friedel.)

    Pretty realistic!!! I'm absolutely LOVING FIFA atm.!!!
  26. kaicooper

    kaicooper Non-League

    24 October 2012
    nothing like Placebo
    with some fixes..really the best
  27. Kije

    Kije Premiership

    6 December 2004
    edgar, please 1 question to Lob Pass Assistance: I have only Manual and Assisted - not SEMI -----> so which setting to u use?
  28. edgar o5

    edgar o5 Non-League

    7 October 2012
    meant to put down, Manual, but Assisted should work fine.
  29. Kije

    Kije Premiership

    6 December 2004
  30. fonsepel

    fonsepel Non-League

    12 March 2011
    It's touching to see how the community try to fix a broken game. Even though it's impossible to achieve through a couple of sliders.
    Move on guys, play this shit as it comes... don't waste your time/sleep/health, we already wasted our money.

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