[FIFA11 PC] Help needed - edited squads and tactics vanished

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Mana Cerace, 8 November 2010.

  1. Mana Cerace

    Mana Cerace League 2

    16 February 2006
    Hi guys, hope someone can help me.

    I just realized that all the changes I've done to my FIFA11, namely correct line-ups and tactics, but also the players (boots, for example), are now gone. Everything is back to default, and I don't know when or why it happened.
    My Custom Tactics are still saved in the list of tactics, but they are not assigned to the teams anymore. I realized this because the other day I wanted to edit a team in SerieA (Lazio) but couldn't find it in the "Edit Team" list. I then realized Lazio was now in SerieB(!!), and the SerieA roster somehow had become exactly like the one of my Be a Pro save (on which Lazio is currently in SerieB).

    I don't know if the two events are related (disappearance of edited data and promotions/relegations in default data according to Be a Pro saves), but what is going on? I have installed the gameplay patch that you can find in the editing section around here, but I tried restoring the default data0.bh etc. and nothing changed. I have not installed the EA 1.01 patch.

    What determines the status of data? Is it like in PES where you have an .img file that creates an option file according to the data it contains? What would happen if I put a new "squads" file in and load it from the game? What overrides what?

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Also, after all this it seems that every change I try to make doesn't really sticks. I tried changing a team line-up, closed the game, restarted it, and it was back to default.
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  2. jantara

    jantara Non-League

    20 December 2010
    This has happened to me also. I am really very sorry to say that I do not know why this happens. If anyone knows then that will be useful information for many of us. It requires so much hard work to edit it and when it all gets vanished in a split of a second it is lot irritating.

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