Discussion in 'FIFA' started by gonalois, 28 December 2013.

  1. gonalois

    gonalois KING OF LISBON

    15 July 2011
    SL Benfica

    Nobody in Evo-Web plays this?!
    At this moment,I´m at Division 7 and my team is kinda weak.

    This game is Free-to-Play and have Ultimate Team and a League Mode.

    If someone wants to add me,my nickname is Gonalois and my team is Gonalois FC :))
  2. gonalois

    gonalois KING OF LISBON

    15 July 2011
    SL Benfica
    No one in Evo-Web plays this :O
    Im at Division 4 with 4 points :P
    My team is from the Portuguese League.

    The Game is Free to Play so you can download here
  3. banbenbin

    banbenbin League 1

    25 September 2013
    I think this means ignite engine is ready for pc, or they are cancelling pc. Too similar to the current product.
  4. MFZ69


    8 February 2013
    ES Tunis , Man United
    I play Fifa World Add me : ZinouFiras :p
  5. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    reply ->

    In Russia and in Brazil there are no PS3 and Xbox360 consoles? What about PC versions then? Why is this free version? If someone doesnt have console then he "should" buy the PC version :D
    But its ofcourse builded aroun UT because there you can spend real money in this game too im sure. EA against piracy with a free official product where you will spend money!
    Last edited: 6 January 2014
  6. niharjhatn

    niharjhatn League 2

    2 December 2012
    Is this on next gen (ignite) engine or the old one?

    I might give it a whirl just to check out the engine.

    Youtube vids haven't really helped me in this regard...
  7. milaneso_joao

    milaneso_joao Non-League

    24 August 2011
    how to change the camera?
  8. gonalois

    gonalois KING OF LISBON

    15 July 2011
    SL Benfica
    You can´t change the camera ;)
    This is old gen :)
  9. Apostolos

    Apostolos League 1

    6 December 2012
    Lol I guess nobody plays Fifa World here.

    I started playing it a few days ago, online matches are fun, so yeap.

    But I think its gameplay is poor. I totally prefer PES 6.
  10. Dazfeeder

    Dazfeeder Harvester of Sorrow

    24 September 2003
    Manchester United
    I play it, although every game I play is against someone from mexico.
  11. Simcut

    Simcut BF3 Addict

    1 September 2007
    Hertfordshire, England
    Newcastle & Barnet
    Anyone know why the hell all the goalkeepers have shirt number of 2? bizarre to say the least.
  12. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    It looks like a bug that affected FUT13 (upon which FUT in FW is based). It only got solved in FIFA14 (where they added a feature for you to even select shirt numbers manually).

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