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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Clown Baby, 8 September 2015.

  1. Antoine

    Antoine League 2

    28 September 2016
    Well, honestly, its 2018 and with all the technical advancements in football games and the power at their fingertips, no one can bring us the football title you would expect to see in this day and age.

    First off, Pes, which has a lovely flow to it in the middle of the park but that is let down with shoddy attacking in the final third, keepers with restricted animations (earlier today i played three matches and scored two identikit goals, same shot, same keeper animations) limited licenses, but most of all, the most bland ai in a football game to date.

    I mean c'mon, i've never seen such one dimensional a.i. We were told it was fixed but to me it plays exactly the same. How can you have a football game but no long shot efforts? Where is an a.i that will keep you challenged and on your toes without cheating? There was better a.i ten years ago!

    Pes has lovely graphics, great player models and some nice lighting but its all let down by the above issues. I mean they've still got only 10 save slots ffs and a replay camera system that belongs in the dark ages.

    A terrible disappointment.

    Which brings me onto Fifa, which has the licences and the I have to say has the variety of play you expect from a football game, you really do get lots of spontaneous play that you would associate in football and that Pes lacks.

    However...whoever designed the player models needs firing. They just don't look like athletes. They don't look like modern footballers. They have a hunched run, they have no real close control, they run with an awkward gait and their animations look out of sync.

    Then you get the ball physics...ground passes act like bowling balls, theres no random bounces. Sometime i head the ball as a pass, and this is all on manual by the way, and the ball moves at 100mph! I mean ffs they had this in the previous versions so where has it gone?

    And fouls? Where are they on BOTH games, Penalties are a fucking event.

    Then they release about a million fucking patches, which has you constantly tweaking sliders, sliders by the way that they don't fucking describe to you and let you know what they do.

    A terrible disappointment.

    2019 has to be the year they ditch these games for multiplayer and start thinking about the single player crowd. Its dumbed down money making shite and it gets on my tits. Trying to turn these games into sports - well fuck me, I saw a fifa final the other week on youtube and both lads are playing on assisted controls - fucking assisted controls and they are supposed to be so called professionals at this sport game? I'd whoop them both on manual. Its a fucking joke.

    Multiplayer is the worst fucking thing to hit consoles in the last few years. Theres this accepted stance that everyone naturally gravitates towards it and needs it, but i wouldn't waste my time with a bunch of people who just want to win at any cost. keep multiplayer for when you are round at your mates not for strangers giving you grief over the internet.

    Both of these games have really let me down this year and I for one will definitely, DEFINITELY hold back on purchases of both titles next year.
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  2. hitmanuk

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    23 October 2002
    I've come to the conclusion that they are both pretty boring in different ways
    Fifa has car more variation in animations etc but the ball mechanics and lack of fouls just spoil it. Put Pes ball in there and it would be brilliant
    PES AI is just drab and one dimensional. Always looking and mostly succeeding when they need to win for the square pass backheel goal. Also user shooting just feels the same for most players/teams

    Just results in 2 games or 30 mins then had enough
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  3. koningfrikandel

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    5 May 2017
    Good analysis, I concur. Either give fifa the pes ball or give pes the fifa variation or at the very least the variation that was in before all patches were in place. In hindsight they were on the right track but blew it.
  4. koningfrikandel

    koningfrikandel League 1

    5 May 2017
    also, it has been said many times but the level of cheating is just ridiculous. FIFA is more subtle at it (but it is still very much there) but PES is just so overt and non-apologetic about it that it's laughable. No matter if you're on professional , superstar or whatever the CPU WILL impose its will no matter what. I've had many occurences of my defenders straight being morphed / teleported out the way to give the CPU room to operate, my own CPU controlled players actually tackling me and fouls just mysteriously, suddenly, being "switched off" allowing to do the CPU to do whatever it wants. I'm also seeing the stumble animation (Remember PES 2011?) and a MASSIVE amounts of shots going wide on Basic shooting (remember PES 2012). It's like a who's who of past PES "bugs" - which are not bugs but conscious game design to impose an artificial sense of difficulty in a crude way - all rearing their head as well. I felt like a Buddhist putting up with this steaming pile of shit: "must remain calm, do NOT get angry at all cost".

    It reminds me of the Michael Biehn interrogation scene in the first Terminator movie. "That's what he does. That's ALL he does. You can't stop him!". It's about the Terminator of course but might as well be about the almighty clairvoyant PES script.

    As it is now, I see NO difference to PES18. I'm baffled as to how there are people that are experiencing something else (and more power to them of course). This PES is so different player to player, session to session even. Not good.
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