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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Fc_Zenit_Fan, 14 September 2012.

  1. Fc_Zenit_Fan

    Fc_Zenit_Fan League 2

    16 August 2010
    Fc Zenit
    I think this year there are quite a few people playing FIFA on PC and so it makes sense to have a list of Origin IDs so that people can compare stats/play against each other in the upcoming iteration of the game.

    So if you guys are interested in joining in the fun and want to play against others from evo-web please list your Origin ID, controller settings, and maybe a favorite team and what sort of teams you usually use online.

    I'll start.

    OriginID: Fc_Zenit_Fan.
    Settings: All manual, except shooting at semi.
    Favorite team: Fc Zenit (DUH!).
    Other teams: I like to play with a variety of teams ranging from 3.5 to 5 stars. Mostly I play with Zenit of course, but other teams I frequently use are Napoli, RSC Anderlecht, Sporting, SL Benfica, Fluminense, and sometimes some of the english teams (Arsenal, Chelsea or MU) with occasional Barca just for fun.
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  2. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011

    -Manual but semi shooting

    -I like playing with various teams 3-5 stars. Enjoy playing games such as Benfica vs Moscow etc...always interesting when not the best 5 star teams..Do enjoy 5 star games to but they seem less fun its harder to work for a goal when you are 3-4 star team IMO.
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  3. Bitter Rivals

    Bitter Rivals International

    24 January 2005
    OriginID: Bitter_rivals
    Settings: All Manual
    Teams: usually match opponents stars, but I Support Liverpool
  4. raul_ole

    raul_ole Premiership

    11 August 2005
    Origin : laFenomeno

    Full Manual

    Can play any team.

    PS: Its hard to beat me :)
  5. Re-arranged

    Re-arranged Hashish?

    3 August 2004
    Newcastle United FC
    Hey guys, really good idea, here we go:

    OriginID: Andy_Re_007
    Settings: Manual and Semi combined, change depending on the mod i play.
    Favorite team: FC Newcastle United.
    Other teams: Depends, but i usually play 3.5 - 5 star teams in h2h. As for friendlies or custom games, i prefer 4-star teams, 4.5 at most. And I hate guys who play Real Madrid with fully assisted!

    P.S. Was wondering does any of you play clubs, and wanna join one for FIFA 13?
  6. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    Id be interested but you only control one player in the team right? Surely it can be boring or lack of touches? I aint tried so dunno but up for it!! We can make a club
  7. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    Also if anyone wants a few fifa 12 games any time before 13 is out let me know...I havent played for a while but will be up for some games.
  8. Re-arranged

    Re-arranged Hashish?

    3 August 2004
    Newcastle United FC
    I'll be making a club with my mates when the game's out. We've been playing FIFA 12 clubs a lot, but FIFA 13 one promises to be better, since they've improved many things that were missing. We used to be in top-20 in our league (British isles, toughest league in this mode) for a couple of months, but then it just got boring due to poor AI and Overpowered virtual pros and we basically stopped playing regularly.

    As for the actual mechanics, yeah, basically you control one player, but the idea is to play like the real person in your position would and to act as an organized team. But if you can play FIFA well, then you'll probably get used to that mode very fast. As for the lack of touches, nah, everyone gets a fair share, as we try to play like Real Madrid does, overall control of the ball and fast counters.

    So, what position u think you can play on the field and what are your strengths?
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  9. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    well you have to use your virtual pro? I always make mine attacker or winger fast, finisher etc

    as for me playing fifa id say my strengths are long shots, dribble and skill moves..not bad at anything decent overall...i dunno tbh lol...its not like real life where some things im good others i aint, as its video game im ok at most things...
  10. Bitter Rivals

    Bitter Rivals International

    24 January 2005
    clubs is amazing with the right people. this year it will be even better as no hacked pros etc.

    if you play with the right people as a team and you can move the ball about as if you are in a real game.

    nothing like it
  11. bsmaff

    bsmaff International

    11 August 2003
    Welwyn Garden
    Exeter City
    OriginID: bsmaff
    Settings: Manual for everything except Semi for shooting and crossing.
    Favorite team: Exeter City.
    Other teams: I will play anyone providing they don't be Man City, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

    I mainly play for fun and will give anyone a game who wants to play as random teams with the same star level.
  12. TheM1ssingLink

    TheM1ssingLink Non-League

    14 September 2012
    OriginID: TheM1ssingLink
    Settings: Semi Passing/Semi Shooting/Semi Crossing, Assisted Through balls Manual Lobbed Passes
    Favorite team: Inter
  13. fanolato

    fanolato Banned

    28 June 2011
    Origin ID: jcvf90
    settings: full manual
    Team: I like to play upcoming matches. Say someone picks Madrid today, I'll pick Sevilla, as they play over the weekend. Someone picks BVB, I'll take Leverkusen.
  14. pepper63

    pepper63 Nice N Sleazy

    19 May 2005
    Your Sisters Bedroom
    Only One Man Utd.
    Origin ID : Troy63
    Settings: Semi Pass/Semi shoot/Semi Cross/ Manual Through Balls/Manual Lobbed Pass

    Semi hard on :P
  15. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    So whos on Pc and has game now.

    I will be up for friendly games in approx 30mins..14% Dl atm.
  16. MadsenDK1987

    MadsenDK1987 League 2

    21 April 2008
    Frederikshavn, Denmark
    Aalborg BK/Liverpool FC
    OriginID: Mement_MoriDK
    Settings: Full Manual against other Full Manual players/On Seasons I play with everything on Manual except for Passing and Crossing (Assisted/Semi).
    Favorite team: Aalborg BK and Spurs.
    Other teams: I'll usually match the team's star rating my opponent chooses.
  17. -Panos-

    -Panos- PES Senior Data Editor

    20 December 2007
    Kingston, London, UK
    OriginID: Panos99GR
    Settings: Default game settings, but I can play in Manual if opponent wants to.
    Team: I want to match opponent stars, but I usually choose Manchester United, Olympiakos, Juventus and sometimes Real Madrid.
  18. shank118

    shank118 Championship

    30 November 2008
    Manchester United
    Hi guys. Thinking of giving FIFA 13 a try this year. However, I need some help, as this is my first time getting FIFA.

    How do I get Origin ID? And does it allow me to do a digital download?
  19. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    hey mate what do u reckon the aalborg score will be tommorow u reckonthey will win easy, by a few goals?
  20. shank118

    shank118 Championship

    30 November 2008
    Manchester United
    Origin ID : shank118

    First time getting Fifa, so gotta experiment with settings, but I'm willing to play manual.

    Favourite team : Manchester United

    Online teams : I would like to use the smaller teams. When I play on PES, I use teams like Villareal, Lille, and any othr teams to match my opponent.

    Anyone wants to play?
  21. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    OriginID: dalmo3
    Settings: Full Manual (but I suck at shooting :P)
    Team: 3-4 stars
  22. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    hAD A UNBEILAVBLE CLASSIC GAme with shank just now

    3-2 colombia vs Urugauy

    I was colombia and took the lead he equalised 1 min later..I then got Guarin sent of early 2nd half for lazy slide tackle from behind..I then scored great goal to make it 2-1, 2mins later Shank scores great long ranger for 2-2. With 10mins left James Rodriguez makes a run into box runs past twon men and slots home form tight angle for 3-2...In last min Shank is 1v1 with my keeper and shoots under him but keeper deflects and defender comes and clears lol what a game..

    Game before I was Mexico he was Turkey dominated him so bad like had 20+ shots but could not score for shit hahah he won 2-1

    We need to start online league!!! great fun
  23. pes4lyfe

    pes4lyfe Champions League

    4 July 2011
    Am i the only one having connection issues in online seasons...90% of the time when i connect to game it loads up balck screen and just stays like that..I have to alt+f4 it just hangs on the black loading screen for ages...

    fifa 12 i never once had any issues online
  24. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    Just had my first day of online Fifa ever. Started with FUT but after only 4 games counldn't get to play anymore, suddenly I was having the same connection problems as you pes4lyfe and many others are reporting after the latest patch ( Just a tip: you can avoid alt-f4 if you disconnect your contoller.

    Tried the Seasons mod and it was/is working. Played some games against guys on Assisted and beat most of them (some disconnected during the game but I still got the Win :SMUG:).

    Then for my last game the guy chose Hannover, earned my respect right there, and after the first minutes I could see he was playing on Manual, and, well, I WAS PLAYED OFF THE PARK. After the game he turned out to be Fc_Zenit_Fan. :WORSHIP:

    Also tried to play with Shank but the connection failed shortly after kick-off. Looking forward to playing you guys. :))
  25. Fc_Zenit_Fan

    Fc_Zenit_Fan League 2

    16 August 2010
    Fc Zenit
    Sorry, I have to disappoint you a little bit, I had my passing on semi! :) I've recently switched to it because I'm playing a lot of pro clubs and with manual I can never pass the ball fast enough and the ball gets intercepted, so I only play full manual offline again AI now.

    Also, I think it was a much closer game in the end. Actually should have ended 1-1 instead of 1-0. I was sure the ball was going in that time, but it went off the post and away from goal. Good game, look forward to playing you again.

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