FIFA 2003 BiH Premier League 2003 v1.5

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    17 September 2010



    - What is on offer in version 1.5?

    The patch replaces the French League!!!

    - 20 teams from the Bosnian Premier League
    - Bosnian national team in the National League
    - Each team has its own original Logo
    - Each team has its own kits
    - Each team has its own Goalkeeper kits
    - Each team has its own Flags \ Banners
    - Zeljo, Sarajevo, Velez and the Bosnian national team have chants
    - Bosnian Premier League adbords for all stadimus
    - Red Flares
    - "Heavy Flares" on the stadium of Juventus STADIO DELE ALPI (only here at the moment)


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    PATCH by 2003


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  2. MadbaLL

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    11 February 2008
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    Inter Milan
    fifa 2003... those were the days...
  3. StuartCulli

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    25 July 2006
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    :LOL: Were they, though?
  4. Rob92

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    FIFA 2003 was my last FIFA before switching to PES from PES4-6 :D.

    Looking back at it now in videos, it looks terrible, but as a 10/11 year old back in 2002/3, it was great!
    I'd usually play as United with the squad containing the likes of Beckham (his last FIFA game at United!), Giggs, Scholes, Ruud, Solskjaer, Keane, Veron etc.

    I can't imagine that anyone would still play it now though, surely?

    Looking back at or playing some of these old footy games gets me to thinking how much I'd enjoy a new game that included loads of classic squads with proper likenesses, I would like to play some of the EPL campaigns from the early 2000's with todays game engines rather than having to play games from the time. I guess licensing issues would get in the way with kits and such though.

    I doubt anyone else played it, I can hardly even find much on the internet about it, but I remember playing an old PC football game from the late 90's called "Viva Football" by Virgin Interactive - it basically revolved around classic International sides, you could play through World Cup campaigns from the 60's I think through to 1998, and it would tell you who had retired and been called up between tournaments.

    Pretty cool IMO, but I guess football games have regressed in many areas for the sake of graphics.

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