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  1. Scorpio

    Scorpio Proud member since 2002

    2 November 2002
    Sporting Lokeren
    Hi guys, please post your sliders in here.

    I personally would like to see Goalgerd's, Matt10's and Chris Davies' sliders.
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  2. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

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  3. goalgerd

    goalgerd File Maker

    30 July 2006
    dublin, eire
    Ringsend Rovers
    mine are here completed

    for normal speed on 6/8/10 minute halves world class or legendary
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  4. shilts

    shilts League 2

    18 September 2010
    Thanks to Matt, Goalgerd and Chris for the great basis to work from.

    Here are mine so far:

    Difficulty: World Class
    Assists: semi passing, semi shooting, everything else manual
    Speed: Slow
    Camera: Broadcast (zoom 0, height 0)

    Sprint 50/50
    Acceleration: 50/50
    Shot Error: 52/52
    Pass Error: 55/55
    Shot Speed: 48/48
    Pass Speed: 45/35 (takes away the AI's hyper-speed tiki-taka)
    Run Frequency: 1/1
    Line Height: 75/75
    Line Length: 35/35
    Line Width: 60/60
    First Touch Error: 65/65
    Power Bar: 55
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  5. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    Just for comparison purposes I hope it’s ok if I post @Matt10 slider here:
    I like to compare them myself. Maybe I can get a little more fouls somehow out of it.

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  6. Dom

    Dom League 2

    16 January 2012
    Hey goalgerd are your silder set only for normal speed or does it work with slow speed settings.

  7. goalgerd

    goalgerd File Maker

    30 July 2006
    dublin, eire
    Ringsend Rovers

    you can try it for slow, the thing is ive done them in such a way that normal is much slower
  8. Dom

    Dom League 2

    16 January 2012
    Ok, thanks. I will check is it me and my weak dribbling skill or we have the no ai foul bug like last years pes? In 15 games only 1 foul in thr middle of the field
  9. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004

    Set Version 1 Beta 4: "V1B4"

    I think this V1B4 set is really going to be one that makes a lot of individuals happy as it is much more "traditional", which will allow the team tactics to make all the difference.

    I was actually on the wrong track in using the threads of old to determine base sets and theories here. FIFA 19 is not like a lot of FIFA's that I have seen. It has a lot of identity, a lot of unique characteristics and plenty of subtlety. I wouldn't say it is like a fine wine or anything like that, but I have learned that this game needs to breathe a little bit. This means that this set was built with that in mind. Keeping the line values simple, but enhancing the feel of the game to support it.

    Here is the set, with my explanation:

    FIFA 19 OS Sliders - Set V1B4
    : Pro, World Class, Legendary, Ultimate
    Time: 10-15 minute halves
    Speed: Slow
    Controls: Any

    ►Sprint Speed: from 45/46 to 25/25*
    - V1B4: This value is left to 25 because it is the best feeling value out of all of them. Probably the most physical feeling, without being too hyper. So this is a recommendation. HOWEVER, you may absolutely use any value you would like here. I have tested every range possible, and there is no problem in using any value of your choosing. If you do provide feedback, please provide what Sprint value you choose. Obviously, it would be best to develop a final set from the listed values, but it is by no means frowned upon to use your own Sprint settings. If it gets more fouls - we're all for it :) .

    ►Acceleration: 50/50; Legendary/Ultimate you can use 50/49
    - Found that in order to compete on Legendary and Ultimate team, that the CPU's acceleration just had to be lowered. Too much cheating and it wasn't very realistic to play where the CPU wins every loose ball, every pass and scores at will. Still a good challenge here.

    ►Shot Error: 52/52
    - Raised a bit more, and has more room to go up, but for now it is good here. The CPU can definitely strike the ball well, sometimes too well. I personally like 53, but that may change as I get more matches in.

    ►Pass Error: from 60/60 to 55/55
    - V1B4: The reason we're coming back to 55 here is because the pass speed is lowered just slightly, and with the lines the way they are, it will be necessary to have more precise passing.

    ►Shot Speed: from 48/48 to 50/50
    - V1B4: Raised this because I got a bit tired of seeing a lot of shots caught when a deflection would have been more realistic. Also some really nice slight deflections by the keepers.

    ►Pass Speed: from 57/57 to 55/55
    - V1B4 Again, because of the lines being adjusted here, the pass speed had to be lowered. just slightly, but not so much that the ball physics are laboring. The ball is no longer seeming to be on a waterlogged pitch, but has some true slickness applied to it - especially in those winter night matches or UEFA competitions.

    ►Injury Frequency: 70/70
    - Just a bump of significance to see if we get more injuries during the game. Would be nice if it were this easy :) .

    ►Injury Severity: 60/60
    - Same as Injury frequency, some depth the CM would be added when star players get injured.

    ►GK Ability: 48/48
    - As mentioned above, this adjustment helps the 48 shot speed look more realistic, and the keeper can still make some blinding saves.

    ►Marking: from 55/55 to 50/50
    - V1B4: Again, we've kept it simple here. Let the tactics take over. High press teams will high press accordingly, but it is the line settings that will allow their aggression to be rewarded properly versus being held to poor programming logic. Instead of touching marking to make more aggression, we've just ensured that the coverage of the field, relative to the tactics chosen, are responsive enough to be a challenge.

    ►Run Frequency: 1/1
    - Always a value that we say we aren't going to drop, but each time it is just a core issue of the game itself where it is acceptable to bombard players forward.

    ►Height: from 75/75 to 55/55
    - V1B4: We've scrapped the lines from VB3 overall. I personally tried to make it work, but what I realized was that each match started to feel similar, regardless of opponents or tactics. One of those values was with line height. The only reason this is increased is to get the defensive line to put pressure on the most advanced player sooner. Even just a helpful nudge backwards can make all the difference in the world, and I feel this was a significant value in the set.

    ►Length: from 35/35 to 50/50
    - V1B4: Compactness was achieved in V1B3, but it was too much. It became defensive third to defensive third, with no resistance from box to your own defensive third. Teams that are set to high pressure would not start pressuring until you crossed the halfway line. It just wasn't realistic, and I think we tried too hard to manufacture pressure, without letting the tactics breathe as they should. This length allows full field coverage, and it is a thing of beauty with the combination of values. Note: the aggressive teams are aggressive for a reason, they will leave gaps, but they will also recover well.

    ►Width: from 75/75 to 50/60
    - V1B4: Lines are simpler now, and this one was simply about overcoming an issue where the outside backs were way too narrow, almost playing CDM role at times. Giving the CPU the option of more width here is to ensure they have full coverage of that width, versus being stuck to a certain limit, which would prevent the defensive line from getting wide enough in covering the flanks. As a result, it will not be as easy to just send the ball down the sidelines each time, without being challenged. The discrepancy allows the default marking value and team tactics to take over as well, so there is no need to change the user's width as we can easily take our players off rails, unlike the CPU.

    ►FB Positioning: 50/50
    - I learned a lot about this value over the last couple of days, and realized that it's best to leave this at 50. The reason being is the tactics/instructions will take over, there's no point in fiddling with it. I did test it, with these line settings, at different values and each time it just causes chaos. Whether it be from the CPU's attacking directly, or the transition, it didn't matter. Safe to keep it at 50 then.

    ►FT Control: from 55/55 to 65/65
    - V1B4: Another value that was brought back up, and the reason for this was to further enhance the pressure to perform. You will not see super ridiculous traps, but not everyone will have the softest of touches when a driven pass comes in hot at the players' shins. With the pass speed, this value truly stands out - and makes the unpredictable nature of the beautiful game truly have a chance of showing up. ​
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  10. shilts

    shilts League 2

    18 September 2010
    Well, strike a light, as they see in these parts, @Matt10. These are amazing. Couldn't get along with the last set, but these are terrific. Everybody should give them a go. I played them on semi everything ("manual" where there's no semi option) and on broadcast camera. Football orgasms galore. Might be a bit too zippy if you're on full manual but I didn't miss it.
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  11. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    These numbers are very similar to what I'm using now - except I have sprint speed around 58 at the minute so that faster players can really beat slower players (but I'm not convinced that it really works, maybe boosting acceleration to 51-52 and lowering sprint speed as you have might be a better idea).
  12. shilts

    shilts League 2

    18 September 2010
    With the lower sprint speed, for me there's a better relationship between ball speed and player speed. The animations look a lot smoother too.

    The only thing @Matt10's sliders don't solve is the AI's hyper-speed 5 passes in a row, but that's only noticeable in Premiership games (and probably because I'm using Broadcast Camera). So I might try increasing First Touch Error.
  13. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    I find the hyper-taka you're talking about depends on the team - I'm wondering if it's a hangover from last year's hidden "team styles" they introduced for the AI, which were horribly implemented.

    As Tranmere I'll play two games and not see it - then I played against a Dutch team in a friendly, FC Emmen - and it was the worst game I've played so far. But they were 1-star better than me so perhaps it's just a World Class and above thing when a team is better than you.
  14. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Golden Boot Winner

    7 January 2007
    how about decreasing pass speed to be able to intercept these and increasing first touch much more if the cpu uses driven or strong passes not to be able to trap them with worse players?

    i dont have the game but this worked for fifa 17
  15. shilts

    shilts League 2

    18 September 2010
    I changed the following in Matt's sliders and it seemed to work very well:
    Pass Speed: 52
    First Touch Error: 75
  16. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Right, here's my final v1.01 (current patch) set of sliders to get the most out of the game in all respects. But I think that's because of all of the following variables...

    Speed: Slow.

    Team: 1*. So for me, Tranmere Rovers (League Two). When you have strengths in your team, they really shine, because the team as a whole is so poor. Steve McNulty (big centre-back) wins every header, Banks (decent passer for this level) misses less passes than everyone else.

    Difficulty: Professional. As soon as you go to World Class you get these insane first-time shots from the AI when they're a better side than you, and Legendary (plus Ultimate) go crazy on the tiki-taka.

    Controls: Semi-everything. (With the little movement arrow underneath your player as a guide.) Semi passing can be frustrating when it thinks you're trying to target the wrong person, but the WHIP you get with semi shots (and the goalkeeper saves where they don't know what's happening) are really fun to see.

    Match Length: 7mins. Any shorter and scores are pretty low, but I designed these for 7mins because you get more events, a little more injury time and (for me) any longer means single seasons last too long.

    (Apply to both USER and CPU unless specified)

    Sprint Speed: 42
    Acceleration: 51
    Shot Error: 50
    Pass Error: 50
    Shot Speed: 50
    Pass Speed: 45 (USER) 40 (CPU)
    Injury Frequency: 72
    Injury Severity: 62
    Goalkeeper Ability: 52
    Marking: 50
    Run Frequency: 20
    Line Height: 55
    Line Length: 50
    Line Width: 50 (USER) 55 (CPU)
    FB Positioning: 50
    First Touch Error: 60
  17. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    So I'm trying to create some fluidity in the game because I cant stabd the running animations
    So slow speed semi shooting, passing and crossing rest on manual ..legacy defending
    Beat Bolton 3-1 on legendary and got 5 fouls 2 bookings for AI
    Sprint 58
    Accel 65
    Pass error 56
    Shot speed 44
    Pass speed 45
    Marking 55
    RF 25
    Width 75
    Full back 40
    first touch 45
    Same for AI and player if it's not there it's default 50 ..the key for Me is increasing speed and accel and lowering first touch

    Not for everyone but really enjoyed last match
  18. Bizio5778

    Bizio5778 Non-League

    4 November 2016
    Hello everybody,
    I'm using the V1B3 slide by Matt10. finally I had fun to play FIFA19. there is just a big problem. No fouls!!! which parameter should be change and how, to ensure that both user and CPU will make fouls?
    Thank you and excuse me for my horrible english
  19. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    @Chris Davies you mean 7 min halves?
    Have to know because in the other game you select full match time. ;)
  20. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    7 minute halves, that's right!
  21. geeeeee

    geeeeee Console not PC! Mods & patches mean nothing to me!

    2 May 2010
    Tottenham Hotspur
    I use your settings now Chris but have to up it to 10 mins otherwise i have to rush everything. Even on 10mins i only get about 5 shots in and the CPU about 15. Man i’m so pants at this game. I just started a new career and lost 1-4 at home. Great start.
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  22. PRO_TOO

    PRO_TOO Team Heffernan

    25 May 2003
    Rego Park, Germany
    Team Heffernan
    Yeah. 10 min for me too.
    I am not better. Just lost with Frankfurt against Lazio 0:3!
    Might give semi passing another try.
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  23. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    Installing 19 tmw but it's nice to see the lowered sprint to 25

    As you know I'm on your (the community sliders) for 18 and it plays very (game itself doesn't at times) and I lowered those to 26 sprint and 18 plays with some proper weight to it.
    Looking fw to try em out tmw
    Good job as always
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  24. Emroth

    Emroth Champions League

    18 August 2018
    @Matt10 ive used your sliders and they are great. The only thing that was bothering me was that players seemed to fast comparing to the ball. Their start at the ball was fast but then, with 25 sprint it felt a bit sluggish in compare to speed of the passes. There was a lot of ping pong present.

    So i changed them as follows:
    Pass speed 50/50 (from 55/55)
    Shot error 53/53 (from 52/52)
    Sprint speed 35/35 (from 25/25)
    Acceleration 45/45 (from 50/50)
    Rest stayed the same.
    Game speed - slow
    Level - world class

    Game slowed down a bit and I see a lot of random rebounds, com errors and in general it feels very natural. I had a great few games.

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  25. Forza Juve

    Forza Juve Non-League

    7 October 2018
    I usually use Matt 10's sliders the last few seasons, then make a few tweaks to fit my style of play. I play career mode only and for Juventus. I played the preseason tourney with Juve, now on loan at Rotherham in EFL having played 20 matches. I don't know if it is a result of the sliderset or the game itself, but over the last 8 games say, almost no fouls called. When you want realism, this is a very big issue as it makes no sense in training for FKs or having a player like Pjanc or Dybala wasting that talent. At the beginning of the career, it wasn't this bad it seems, because I know I have taken PKs at start of career. Now, I'm the only player to be carded (6 YC and a red) of given fouls...looking across the web, this appears to be a concern with many players of FIFA 19. Do you think by having that Survival Mode where no fouls called or refs in the game has made an impact across the franchise? Like to hear your thoughts or a fix to solve this glaring error in an otherwise great game
  26. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    We're waiting for consoles to properly test, but I can say that fouls are a huge priority.
  27. Forza Juve

    Forza Juve Non-League

    7 October 2018
    I have another question...There was an option to play on "Ultimate" level, right? I know I selected that and when I went to check to see if my passing was on semi or assisted, the highest level is now legendary. Please tell me I'm not crazy, but if so, send for help
  28. Daisuk

    Daisuk Yiddo

    22 October 2002
    Tottenham Hotspur
    For whatever reason, you can't play ultimate in exhibition mode.
  29. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    I think I misunderstood or skipped a few parts of the video @Matt10 put up a few days ago.
    That's vanilla right?
    And the question,I think the game feels a bit to fast,and passing to fast as well
    Has anyone gone vanilla, but just lowered pass speed and sprint,and how has that worked out?
  30. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    Version 2, Beta 1, of our OS sliders is currently out for testing if you guys want to give it a bash:

    √ Good day yesterday in feedback on DEFAULT values and then streaming. Watched a lot of those who streamed, so that is much appreciated. Remember to let us know when you are streaming so the collaboration can continue, and I can add you to the OP.

    As I've said, DEFAULT plays quite well, but that does not mean there is not room to improve certain areas. We were focused on the following:
    ►More congestion in midfield.

    ►Fouls being recognized.

    ►Error values.I would say 2 out of the 3 of those were addressed, leaving more error values to still collect feedback and adjust accordingly. Put simply, we ran out of time to test all the error values.

    This set is Version 2 because we are post-patch now, and it only makes sense to start a new version as a result. Like I said before, it's not 100% yet, but it's a good BASE. Please read through my explanations, and do not forget to read the RULES before posting feedback.

    FIFA 19 OS Sliders - Set V2B1
    : Pro, World Class, Legendary, Ultimate
    Time: 10-15 minute halves
    Speed: Slow
    Controls: Any
    Sprint Speed: 51/51
    - Raising this value above 50 has allowed a lot more physicality, but primarily prevents the CPU from giving up defending. So they will chase the user down as much as they can, and perform some desperation moves. In addition, the reaction times are much better with it higher. This has been the case since FIFA 16 when we had it at 52 (but 48 acceleration), so it is no surprise it works again as FIFA bases a lot of decisions off of speed.

    Acceleration: 50/50
    - No changes here, and to be honest, it most likely will not be lowered like in previous years. Reason being is the fatigue is always affected (unfortunately) and the feel of the game just becomes very sluggish and out of sync. The animation that starts is what I call "locomotion" as in the player is revving up in order to move in any direction. Looks strange. Keeping it at 50.

    Shot Error: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    Pass Error: 58/58
    - This value is the highest that FIFA 19 can go right now without being ridiculous. The CPU can still make good crosses, and flub them as well. The importance of pass error is to ensure that the user and CPU maintain a sense of identity of their star players. A center-back cannot make a threaded through ball look easy, but a skilled CAM should be able to. Same goes with crosses and lobbed passes over the top. I think we can move this value a bit lower than 58 though as things can get a bit hectic with it too high.

    Shot Speed: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    Pass Speed: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    Injury Frequency: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    Injury Severity: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    GK Ability: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    Marking: 54/54
    - This value is so sensitive this year. Too high and you get man-marking all over the pitch, too low and you get dumbed down and out of position. CTTs do matter here, but not as much since the tactics really have 2 options: "Balanced" and "pressure on touch" , so I think we have some wiggle room. I do believe 54 is the highest we can go though, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Run Frequency: 45/45
    - This could very well go down, but we've only slightly lowered it here. This year, the value of run frequency may hold a lot more to keeping sets in-sync as it does affect how players are positioned. Post-patch, the runs off the ball aren't as bombarding forward as previous updates, but it's still there. With the pass error value used, the decision making could be less forward-forward as a result though.

    ⦿ The Height, Length and Width (HLW) values are significant this year with the CTT's. We are treading quite carefully here on veering too far away from default unless absolutely necessary.

    Height: 50/50
    - Another sensitive value. Was not tested in any significance.

    Length: 50/49
    - Just a very slight discrepancy here to lessen the CPU's directness. It brings in better positioning for the CPU defensively as well, then back the other way for the User. Could consider evening it up, but for now, we'll test with this discrepancy.

    Width: 50/50
    - Another sensitive value, but the only reason I would consider moving this one higher is to get the CBs wider in transition. As it stands, at 50, the CBs are super tight to each other in transition, which opens up either side of the pitch. In addition, the FBs are incredibly tucked in at times, which again promotes a lot of issues. The hesitation to adjust this too much is the nod to CTTs again, but if the base of 50 is wrong to begin with, it may force our hand to adjust this value.

    FB Positioning: 50/50
    - Was not tested.

    FT Control: 49/50
    - The working theory here is that the CPU has perfect tackling capability. They get foot-to-ball contact so easily, and if that is consistent, the fouls will never be called, regardless how violent they tackle the user. This theory may not hold up, but from a lot of testing on my own, it's been pretty consistent. Again, though, it's FIFA, and you just never know with physicality and what the referee perceives as a foul.​
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