FIFA 19 - PS4/Xbone Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by VuZet, 11 May 2018.

Will you buy FIFA 19? (XBOne, PS4, PC)

  1. Yes - Straight after its release

    55 vote(s)
  2. No at all

    52 vote(s)
  3. I have already pre-ordered it

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  4. I'll wait for the sales to get it cheaper

    29 vote(s)
  5. I'm still not sure

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  1. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    Really enjoying this with sliders but using assited controls (manual shooting) I have high pass error and high first touch
  2. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Out on consoles now! 1.38gb.
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  3. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    I feel it has changed for the better but might he a placebo.. Had to turn up speed to 42 from 38 and noticed AI jumping in on a few slide tackles.. Enjoyed it though
  4. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    Absolutely no changes to gameplay (played one game)
    Not what I saw/felt
  5. DerleiPT

    DerleiPT Pes Master

    29 October 2009
    Chelsea FC
    no gameplay changes
  6. final lap

    final lap League 1

    21 August 2007
    Miami, FL
    Tell me about it. I recently found out there is a threaded through pass. Game changer for me
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  7. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    I've really learned to look past the bad bits of 19 now - the main one for me being how "twitchy" the AI is, how they never need to take a touch to control the ball - and I'm just really enjoying the gameplay as a whole. I can't say the bad bits aren't there, but the balance and variety for me is great, which I can't say about the other game.

    (It's so satisfying to grind out a goal against a team defending with ten men, and then watch how the game changes, as they push everyone forward and leave huge holes for you to get a second and kill off the game - matches truly change over time.)

    I played FIFA 17 for just under three seasons before I got fed up of the AI playing the same way all the time, and I'm only half-way through the second season at the minute, but before I started as Newcastle I'd done a season with Tranmere too (until it got too easy, and on Legendary/Ultimate you'd see League Two teams playing a little too brilliantly)...
  8. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    This have become my addiction lately
    Cringy babies complaining about scripting,or just being fucking sore losers.

    It really makes my day knowing they've probably plowed down thousands in to this as well.
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  9. Matt10

    Matt10 Champions League

    5 February 2004
    Someone needs to learn how to super-cancel and defend using players off the ball better. He's also up 3-1 in the 88th minute and doesn't seem to be in a defensive gameplan.

    Sorry, hard to feel sorry for those who aren't going to help themselves.
  10. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    It was like opening Pandora's box once I saw the first of those videos,just kept coming more and more strange videos.
    Please tell me you've seen that flat earth documentary on Netflix?
    That's what I felt watching when watching this.
    Weird crowd buddy
  11. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    If anything, I've always found FIFA 18 and 19 extremely easy on World Class and even Legendary.
    Used to play it with Krebstar's sliders before uninstalling the game. But I remember AI would barely create any scoring chances.
    Some games had more battle and a certain dispute for possession, but not much more than that.
  12. yagami

    yagami Conference

    29 November 2003
    best comment i found ( in 3 minutes lost of my life ) :
    "Edit : thank you guys for the likes. But I actually didn’t know PES is scripted. One question though... why do these game script games?"

    Its like the developers are tricking us by making these games by programming code, instead of living beings inside the monitor !
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  13. Mikhail

    Mikhail Premiership

    10 August 2018
    @Chris Davies

    Sorry to pester you

    But are you playing semi assists now? Or default assists?

    I just played a match using semi passing and I absolutely suck! I can’t create a chance. This might be the best way to play the game for me.

    The other game is damn challenging but it’s so boring playing at the same shitty generic Stadia all the time.
  14. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    See, you went back to the other game and were talking about tactics in FIFA being poor / it not mattering if players play out of position (paraphrasing), and I really strongly disagree with that. In PES, it's challenging because teams all play like Barcelona. All of them. That doesn't make it a football game. That just makes it a hard video-game. I've posted about it before but my point is, why call Fulham Fulham if they play like Barcelona, as do West Ham, as do Liverpool, as do the Senegal national team? It's all the same (which USED to be FIFA's problem and USED to be PES's strength)!

    I don't have to think about how defensive or attacking I'm being on PES - on FIFA, if I play Man City or similar on a "normal" setting, I'm going to get murdered (with a bad team).

    But then you're finding it way too easy, so nothing like that will be visible, of course! I've switched to Ultimate now, still using assists, but I've changed the sliders to take the AI's nerfs away (and sped up passing, which isn't great to look at but the AI doesn't seem to adapt their game or "understand" the impact of slowing it down, which makes it easier, I think) - plus I've upped line height (which I didn't want to do, but it means you're challenged for possession much sooner).

    The thing is, there's more good in FIFA than PES, for me - and if you find a way to play that works for you if it's too easy (as in, going on semi passing, giving the AI slider advantages etc.), you see much more of real football. In my opinion!

    To answer your (actual) question... I did try semi for a while, but at the end of a game I'd end up with 75% possession compared to 90%+ for the AI, no matter what, which felt wrong to me. That being said, if my current sliders get too easy (and I've just lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace and missed all my shots, which I DO HAVE set to semi, because it doesn't make it unrealistic for me), then I will go back to semi!
    Last edited: 31 March 2019
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  15. Mikhail

    Mikhail Premiership

    10 August 2018
    I really want Fifa to work for me because after playing PES today, it’s far too shallow an experience to stick with.

    So maybe I could play with default assists except for shooting, and use semi for that? Would that make things more difficult?

    Sliders I’m still dubious about.
  16. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    All I can suggest is that you try it - if it's far far too easy for you then you may well NEED to use semi passing. I'd love to, but I just don't like that the AI passes so accurately in comparison - but it would be a necessary sacrifice without ruining the majority of the game.

    I use semi shooting (and crossing), and manual through balls. Semi shooting is great because when you score, you know it's mostly you, and I've hit some real curlers that I couldn't hit on assisted.
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  17. ballsinwater

    ballsinwater Conference

    8 August 2018
    I’ve really been enjoying playing with the end to end camera lately 0 zoom 0 height, I just wish that it would flip sides in the second half so the user always has the view of attacking going forward. PES does that automatically.

    Only solution really is to switch to Pro cam for that half but that view moves and swings around too much.
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  18. broxopios

    broxopios mind the trap

    14 February 2004
    AEK Athens
    I played only the demo and some games in a friend house yesterday. I found an improvement in comparison with the demo. We had some great games.

    So the tactics work this year? I'll have the game for a couple of days and want to experiment with tactics and instructions. Any tip or proposals?

    What I don't stand in this game, is player physics and after that ball physics. Hope EA change engine and focus on physics in general.
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  19. mj23

    mj23 Non-League

    3 September 2018
    If you play Offline vs cpu or a friend, try to set first touch error slider for both cpu & human around to 70-75.I have this to 75.Play 2-3 games for testing.I strongly believe that that you will have a tottaly different & better game experience.Game becomes more "human" with more battles bettwen players & ball becomes more free & overall gameplay less arcady with more errors from both sides
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  20. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    Didn't find a thread for this,but here's what I want changed (Fifa 20)
    - Seeing the CPU lineup before game

    - Better CPu Vs cpu simming/line ups (I want City& Liverpool to be 10-15 pts clear of third placed team 30 games in.

    -Rules and regulations being like they're IRL (11 subs in Serie A/3 game suspension for a red card)

    -More agents pitching players/agents being more aggressive Vs you on behalf of their player.

    -Objective list revamped or at least changed.
    Being Boss of let's say Huddersfield there should only be one objective that matters.
    Have a list of let's say 10-15 objectives ,and you'd negotiate with the club on those

    -Better manager avatar's/characters

    Feel free to move this into a different section thread if necessary
    Last edited: 9 April 2019
  21. Dennis_87

    Dennis_87 Championship

    27 September 2017
    Good points.
    It's just ******** that they added real managers but they won't let you choose a real one for CM but only the generic ones.I know that you can do it for pc with some modding but it should be there as a choice in the first place.
    Also i hate the ugly yellow ball cursor and i wish they've added an option to turn it off.
    Maybe anyone here knows a solution how to disable it for pc?
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  22. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    I wouldn't mind that cursor disappearing either!
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  23. Chuny

    Chuny GFX MOD Staff

    Can anyone please point me to the articles talking about FUT, randomness, scamming and the law that forbids it in Belgium (was it in Belgium?)?.
  24. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk International

    23 October 2002
    Is this game done for patches now? I find it hard to believe they never addressed the lack of fouls
  25. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    They havent done that since Fifa 17
  26. real022

    real022 Conference

    22 October 2016
    1. If anyone can help me how to cancel short pass and how to do "drag back" feint?

    There is a lot of stuff on YT but I can not find clearly what buttons I should use...My controls are changed a bit, so I dont know is it L1 for player swap or finesse or something else...Some tutorial with named actions, not the buttons itself.
    (subtitles on YT are often misspelled, and I can not hear well enough).

    2. Just wanted to say a few words about the game, as a pretty much beginner in Fifa (played some of 15 and 17).

    I have just started to play Fifa 19 these days, and still learning lots of stuff here. Must say that I am very satisfied with it.
    Playing mostly against CPU, I find AI is much, much better than in other game. There is some lack of fouls, but it is not that bad. In about 20-30 games there were just enough fouls, cards, free kicks and penalties. (Professional level). Shooting variety is above great. Also, now there is even a really useful tactic changes you can make, which I consider almost non existent in earlier Fifa editions.

    And on the bad side: Ball physics should be reworked and also player models. Animations could be improved somehow, to be more consistent. They get to be too fast sometimes, like many frames of animation is missing. And sometimes they are perfect.
    I guess sound of the ball hitting the woodwork is totally wrong..I think I wrote about it earlier, like it should be more the "ding" and not the "crack" sound. And also, it happens maybe too often.

    There is some (absolutely not important) annoying things like celebrations always forced to corner flags..(I have to pull the player to leave alone the poor flag)...And really hate that "funny" celebrations..but was too lazy to chose a few nice and realistic and learn how to perform them. When just hit the random buttons, there is 99% chance that it will be something embarrassing.
    Goalkeeper punt should be somehow better. I think that bar is bugged while performing a punt. There is some in between animation before the punt, which makes a confusion about pressing to the right amount...
    And finally the training skills, drill, before the match should not be there. And beside that, you don't know when exactly to press "start" button to skip it. I found myself frantically mashing the start button, just to let the drill continues over and over :)
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  27. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo World Cup Winner

    25 August 2006
    I think you can find tips/which buttons to push in the main menu under "settings/controller"

    Best way to learn is by trial and error,I use the right stick with sprint button,and you can pull off pretty much anything.

    Wish (among a million other things) a training ground like Pes training ground to try out stuff on
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  28. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
  29. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
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  30. Alx1234

    Alx1234 Championship

    26 July 2018
    I don't do twitter but if I did I'd tweet the best tweets in the world :

    "Please address chicken leg animations. Use PES gameplay as a reference."
    "Put in measures for full manual matchmaking. Make it the default setting for esports. "

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