FIFA 19 - PS4/Xbone Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by VuZet, 11 May 2018.

Will you buy FIFA 19? (XBOne, PS4, PC)

  1. Yes - Straight after its release

    53 vote(s)
  2. No at all

    46 vote(s)
  3. I have already pre-ordered it

    19 vote(s)
  4. I'll wait for the sales to get it cheaper

    28 vote(s)
  5. I'm still not sure

    52 vote(s)
  1. gabe.paul.logan

    gabe.paul.logan Data Collection

    7 January 2007
    Totally agree. But in PES you can get fouls.
  2. bluewomble88

    bluewomble88 Championship

    26 September 2010
    You can get fouls in FIFA 18 too, but 19 has totally screwed it up.
  3. hitmanuk

    hitmanuk Champions League

    23 October 2002
    The two main things for me haven't been addressed.. The ball physics and fouls. If they were close to PES on those (probably needs more fouls on both games) then this would easily be the best football game probably ever.
  4. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
    very true, but we do because online doesn't want simulation.

    the power is in the attributes.
  5. Mikhail

    Mikhail Championship

    10 August 2018
    Extremely hyperbolic post. The game even if it has fouls fixed is still far too easy in single player.

    And the CPU plays like an idiot on higher difficulties. Best football game ever? It’s not even in contention.

    FIFA 19 is a bad game and I feel the series is in serious decline now.

    I hope and pray PES has some new stuff included for PES 2020 and not just faces and Aberdeen’s stadium or something equally as shit.

    But Fifa is done. It’s an e-sport title now, a game for FUT Zombies and YouTubers who make money from it.
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  6. Gunslinger

    Gunslinger Championship

    5 September 2016
    Talk about hyperbolic. FIFA 19 isn't a bad game. It's a very good game with some issues that keep it from being great and a couple that are just inexcusable. Game is easy though on assisted settings, which is fair enough.
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  7. rockstrongo

    rockstrongo International

    25 August 2006
    Im hoping you're wrong,but it's downhill for this game,no doubt!
    Good post!
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  8. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
    you can increase fouls by turning down

    This attribute measures the ability of the player to time standing tackles so that they win the ball rather than give away a foul.
    If the stat is low, he is more likely to miss time the challenge or kick the ball away. See ‘Sliding Tackle’ for more details about how this attribute works.
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  9. Or by incresing the REFEREE STRICTNESS sldier

    Higher value means more strictness, harsher decisions. The referee will be more likely to blow the whistle for even the slightest contact between the players. A lower value will make the referee be more lenient towards sliding and standing tackles.
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  10. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    You're being sarcastic here but @Bond!JamesBond! is referring to the attributes rather than a slider (using this guide) - I think he's saying that if you edit the players to reduce each players' "standing tackle" attribute, they commit more fouls.

    Not that I'm going to edit this on console for thousands upon thousands of players...
  11. Oh sorry James Bond. Please don't kill me...
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  12. Bond!JamesBond!

    Bond!JamesBond! PS2 PES Greatness

    19 October 2013
    North America
    Chelsea FC
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  13. That's not James Bond, that's Mad!
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  14. Lons


    15 December 2007
    Warsaw and Danzig Poland
    • Today night with: 8690E360-D7B9-454D-B289-AC9E319896FB.jpeg
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