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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by Placebo, 22 September 2012.

  1. TheJinxedOne

    TheJinxedOne Valar Morghulis.

    20 July 2011
    The Red Keep
    CM: Bradford & ML: N/A
    Aye, there's always that one player who scores way too many.. on my Careers its usually Stuart Downing seriously he had 22 goals in 17 games for Liverpool including 6 in one game (his total went from 9 to 15 after one sim) in fact, Liverpools front 3 always seem to score excessive amounts Downing, Suarez and the other one always seem to get 15-25 a season
  2. kjking

    kjking Man U Fan

    11 April 2013
    Manchester United
    I am managing at Manchester United, here is my team after the deadline.
    De Gea
    Rafael ----- Vidic ------ Subotic ----- Evra
    Lennon ----- Kajawa ----- Nani
    Chicirito ----- Van Persie

    Sold Ferdinand to Inter for 5 million and Young to Dortmund for 21 million. We haven't lost in the Premier League, beating Southampton and drawing Everton and Fullham. We beat Everton in the Capitol One Cup, and lost to PSG by a 7-2 score, when Ibrohimovic scored 5 times
  3. kjking

    kjking Man U Fan

    11 April 2013
    Manchester United
    This is my bench
    Nathan Dyer
    Nikica Jelovic
  4. Priscila98

    Priscila98 Non-League

    11 April 2013
    I have been managing the same club for 5 seasons and did not get any job offers from any other club
  5. MichaeloMGB

    MichaeloMGB Barclays PL Material

    19 July 2012
    Fulham, London
  6. theaussie1

    theaussie1 Conference

    21 April 2008
    I've had the same thing...

    Im into my 9th season with Newcastle united. I have won:

    6 League Titles
    5 Champions cups
    4 FA Cups
    4 Capital Cups
    2 World Championships

    I have built a squad with young players and turned most into high 80's and some low 90's and have over $300 million from player sales to spend.

    I havent had any job offers for the last two seasons. I've turned down a couple of offers from english clubs as I want a new challenge and saw that there was an opening in Napoli, I applied for it and got turned down. I dont get how this works...

    Is there a Manager rating system in Fifa 13?
  7. TheBeatifulGame

    TheBeatifulGame Non-League

    4 October 2012
    It's been a long time since my last post and in that time I've been through a couple of career modes but now I wanted to try something new, something different, a super league. The league I created comprised of teams including Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Milan, Inter, Madrid, Athletico, Santos and my team, Arsenal, all put together in the English Premier League.

    So J.Pearce was appointed as the new manager of Arsenal who had qualified for the champions league previously. Stan Kroenke and the rest of the Arsenal board set goals to reach the final of both the domestic cup and European cup and a goal of finishing mid-table in the league with a budget of only £24m to play with.

    With such a difficult league to compete in Pearce knew that strength in depth would be vital so rotation can be frequent and players full of energy on a gamely basis when opponents wouldn't have this liberty. Pearce saw that the side needed strengthening mainly in the striker position and in defence and signed Aubameyang, Ogbonna, Montoya, Sakho, Vidal, Piazon and Butland on permanent deals. He also acquired plenty of loan signings in the shape of Varane, Fontas, Mbaye, Marrone and Roberto which added the needed depth to the squad after the sales of Ramsey, Gervinho, Sagna, Koscielney, Rosicky and Arshavin.

    After the summer window closed the Arsenal squad looked of a similar standard but with the added youth like it would surely be close to trophies in the near future. The strongest lineup went as follows;
    GK Szczesney 80
    RB Montoya 74
    RCB Ogbonna 80
    LCB Vermaelen 83
    LB Gibbs 76
    RCM Vidal 84
    LCM Wilshere 82
    CAM Cazorla 85
    RW Walcott 80
    ST Aubameyang 81
    LW Podolski 83

    Bench; Sakho, Mbaye, Diaby, Marrone, Piazon, Chamberlain, Giroud

    The first half of the season was mixed as early on in the Capital One Cup Arsenal fell victim to Dortmund and went out via a destructive 3-0 performance. Elsewhere things were slightly better after scraping through Group C in the Champions League and third in the league, with Barcelona and Real Madrid marginally ahead and with a gap of nine points to great rivals spurs in fourth. Pear eps management performances got him rewarded with a job offer from Belgium which was instantly snapped up and the team are currently second in qualifying for the world championships behind Italy.

    January arrived and the depth still wanted by Pearce wasn't there but fortunately in late December the takeover of the club had helped grant a generous £70m transfer budget. Pearce now had his eyes on the title knowing what he could potentially do with his squad. There was no hesitation and on the first day enquiries and bids were made on 8 players some of which later joined. Pearce obviously saw that his midfielders and wingers tired easily and needed back up for Aubameyang upfront after many weak performances from Giroud and after speculation about Montoya's right back performances experience would be called upon.

    The first signing of the window was Sigurdsson, swiftly followed by the new main man through the middle, Jovetic who more than replaced Giroud. Two big haired Belgians in centre midfield were added to the squad in Felllaini and Witsel as well as another Belgian, Vertonghen for more depth at centre half after selling the less then speedy Mertesacker. The brute strength of Bony was added upfront for further cover and impressed in his debut after being substituted on at 60 minutes and grabbing a brace to see off Manchester City 3-1. Pearce then decided to grab a couple of bargains on the flanks by investing in players with 6 months remaining on their contracts, these signings included Tello, Sturridge and the promising looking Dzagoev. The final signing of the window was that of Micah Richards to plug the hole at right back.

    Even though some top quality signings were made arsenal did suffer the massive loss of star player, Santi Cazorla when an irresistible £30m offer came in for him and he wasn't getting any younger so the money was taken and used on younger talent. Other sales were that of Mertesacker, Giroud, Frimpong, Gnabry, Coquelin and Santos. The only loan sale was that of Piazon who would have struggled to break into the depths of the Arsenal squad.

    The squad could now be split evenly into two high quality squads but below is the best Arsenal squad available;
    GK Szczesney 83
    RB Richards 82
    RCB Ogbonna 83
    LCB Vermaelen 84
    LB Gibbs 78
    RCM Vidal 86
    LCM Wilshere 85
    CAM Witsel 84
    RW Walcott 84
    ST Jovetic 85
    LW Podolski 85

    Bench; Vertonghen, Mbaye, Fellaini, Dzagoev, Chamberlain, Aubameyang, Bony

    Pearce's philosophy of strength in depth was being questioned after a draw with Napoli with a slightly weakened squad but now towards the end of April a particular set of tough fixtures arrived with 4 games with Manchester United and 1 with Milan within 14 days. The first game was a struggled 1-0 win to Arsenal and as United tired into the next game Pearce was able to completely change his outfield squad to destroy United 8-1 in the champions league semi final first leg.

    There's more to come on how Pearce's Arsenal manage through to the end of the season. Stay tuned.
  8. Homey D. Clown

    Homey D. Clown Non-League

    21 November 2011
    Nice read! :-)
  9. uksix

    uksix Also known as jcsix

    29 October 2007
    Manchester United
    How does the confed cup work? It popped up when I was in my first season saying that Germany, Spain and Holland had announced squads. I thought it was one from each country?
  10. kazek

    kazek The Element

    30 August 2007
    Arsenal FC
    Confed cup is made up of teams that have won UEFA Euro, FIFA World Cup, African Nations, South American, Oceania, CONCACAF and the host nation of the confed cup. Could be that in Fifa 13, Spain are world cup holders, Germany are Euro holders and Holland are the hosts or any other order.

    So in my current career mode with Arsenal, I have 3 main central defenders, Mertesacker, Vermaelen and Koscielny (Djourou plays sometimes).

    I'm about 3/4 into my 2nd season and the whole season Mertesacker's morale has been 'Unhappy: Disappointed at his lack of matches'. This should not be because he has 23 games, Koscielny and Vermaelen have 23 and 28 respectively. Koscielny was even injured for 3 months and even then when Mertesacker was playing pretty much every game, he was unhappy.


    What gives ?
  11. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Shit game design, it's a recurring theme through all CM/MM.
  12. SKILLZ 98

    SKILLZ 98 Fifa Bang out !

    12 January 2013
    Manchester United
    Been a while since my last post.
    Decided to manage Man United once more.
    The team:
    GK De Gea 84
    RB Rafael 79
    CB Vidic 87
    CB Evans 81
    LB Evra 82
    RM Nani 88
    CM Guarin 82
    CM Kagawa 86
    LM Young 83
    CF Rooney 89
    ST RVP 89
  13. SKILLZ 98

    SKILLZ 98 Fifa Bang out !

    12 January 2013
    Manchester United
    Signings in August:
    Elisue from Malaga for 5m. I bought him because just in case Young gets injured he would be another option to use in LM. I also rotate between the two but Young is the one who plays better for me. Elisue is the only player ive bought in August.
  14. SKILLZ 98

    SKILLZ 98 Fifa Bang out !

    12 January 2013
    Manchester United
    Germany !

    After my recent performance in the premier league and champions league, i was offered by the job of managing Germany !And without hesitation i accepted straight away.
  15. SKILLZ 98

    SKILLZ 98 Fifa Bang out !

    12 January 2013
    Manchester United
    Signings in January
    On top of the table i still wasnt feeling too confident espically after getting knocked out from the capital one cup and the FA cup and a 5-1 loss against Liverpool AT HOME ! So i decided it was time to spend.

    Guarin from Inter Milan for 16.5m
    Munain for 3.5 plus Carrick.

    After signing those two BEASTS !!!!!, i now felt confident and believed i would have a successful season.
  16. bauer_hilts

    bauer_hilts Non-League

    1 March 2013
    Munian is absolute quality. Bought him for my Liverpool CM and he was just superb.
    Some of the other best players I have played with on FIFA 13 are Reus (WOW!), Holtby, Cabaye, Moutinho, Sturridge & Suarez
  17. JRodriguez

    JRodriguez Non-League

    23 May 2013
    completed a season with swansea, and was offered the job at spurs so I accepted it. then just before the Uefa Super Cup match against Real Madrid, Bale asks to leave and this was followed by an influx of bids of 42 million which I rejected. The board then went behind my back and sold him for 25 million!! and i only get 21.5 to find a suitable replacement.
    Any recommendations? Currently considering Jovetic and maybe Joao Moutinho. Have a total budget of 50 mill so what do you guys think I should do?
  18. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Load a previous save, I wouldn't put up with that kind of crap personally!
  19. JRodriguez

    JRodriguez Non-League

    23 May 2013
    well i decided to see who i could bring in with my budget(i already had signed Benteke for 14 mill) and managed to sign Moutinho without hassle but Jovetic wouldnt leave so easily, so i sweatend the deal by offering him 160k a week. So this was my lineup for the begining of the post Bale era.

    GK Lloris 87

    RB Walker 80
    CB Caulker 77
    CB Verthongen 82
    LB Rose 76

    RM Lennon 81
    CM Sandro 83
    CM Moutinho 83
    LM Dempsey 80

    CF Jovetic 86
    ST Benteke 79
  20. Andr3

    Andr3 Champions League

    17 April 2010
    I'm in 2015 with Fiorentina and i didn't renew some contracts when i was at Liverpool, 2 seasons passed and i still can't sign those players for free: "Approaches have been blocked"...

    This season they gave me 40M to spent(even finishing 5th last season) so i bought some players like: Adama Soumaoro(89 overall), Cresswell, Carvajal, Mangala, Javi Garcia(for 4,7M), Sebá, Ricardo Esgaio and Djordjevic. Hoping to finish in top places this season, at least i have team for that.
  21. JRodriguez

    JRodriguez Non-League

    23 May 2013

    so 2 seasons have past, with 2 premier league titles,fa cup,carling cup and champions league won, aswell as 2 harity shields and uefa supercup. ratings have grown and i have signed a few players in the meantime and this is how my team looks now (halfway through 3rd season)

    GK Lloris 91

    RB Walker 86
    CB Hummells 90
    CB Verthongen 88
    LB Rose 83

    MR Lamela 85
    MC Sandro 86
    MC Moutinho 88
    ML Coutinho 86

    CF Jovetic 91
    ST Benteke 87

    GK K.Navas 78
    CB Caulker 81
    CAM Iago Falque 82
    CAM Dembele 84
    CAM Holtby 84
    RW Bruma 79
    CF Kane 76
  22. Teddies

    Teddies Non-League

    3 June 2013
    I played Bayern Munich in my CM...I sold off
    Schweinsteiger and Mario Gomez to Barca and Man United respectively....I put Gustavo at the back, and I bought Benzema and Gaston Ramirez....both strikers are doing fine....and I bought Mats Hummels to strengthen defense....tell me what you think...
  23. TheJinxedOne

    TheJinxedOne Valar Morghulis.

    20 July 2011
    The Red Keep
    CM: Bradford & ML: N/A
    I think you're mad for selling off Schweinsteiger. One of the best CMs in the game, if you were my child, you'd be in bed with no supper.
  24. beachryan

    beachryan Golden Boot Winner

    4 July 2003
    Do you guys find on legendary that your AI teammates are a bit smarter/reactive than on World Class? I love the balance of the Placebo sliders but play on WC, and drives me nuts how surprised my players are when balls head towards them. Sometimes deflections actually hit them before they react, whereas the CPU is the master of 'anticipating' bobbling balls.

    I hit a great cross in for my striker which deflected - he was in loads of space and it hit him on the back and bounced away. Sigh.
  25. goldfinger35

    goldfinger35 League 1

    22 October 2005
    They are slightly smarter and have better reactions but there are issues with ai defending even on legendary (moving away from the attacker, leaving gaps in defence etc).
    Still, I recommend that you try the legendary.

    Back to my career at Liverpool; 12 games before the end of the season, my team got decimated with injuries: Gerrard, Bale, Sergio Ramos, Alen all got 2-3 month injuries.
  26. TheJinxedOne

    TheJinxedOne Valar Morghulis.

    20 July 2011
    The Red Keep
    CM: Bradford & ML: N/A
    My latest career venture is with Monaco in Ligue 2

    My ins are:

    Ezekiel, Rojas and Adryan to create a front 3 with pace and technique currently destroying the defences!
    Doria, Odija-Ofoe and Stones form the basis of a strong defence and midfield which is holding strong so far.

    More tomorrow cause my phones dying :)
  27. TheJinxedOne

    TheJinxedOne Valar Morghulis.

    20 July 2011
    The Red Keep
    CM: Bradford & ML: N/A
    Can't believe what I just saw. Romaine Sawyers of West Bromwich Albion has grown from 59 overall to 81 in just ONE season!
  28. TheJinxedOne

    TheJinxedOne Valar Morghulis.

    20 July 2011
    The Red Keep
    CM: Bradford & ML: N/A
    Okay, last post and I will stop spamming this thread.

    Just started my second year and I'm in the Ligue 1 - matchday one finishes, and EVERY team is announced as champions in the paper pop ups.. hmm!
  29. JRodriguez

    JRodriguez Non-League

    23 May 2013
    the exact same thing happened to me wtf haha. its happened a few times. same oul fifa,fucked up as usual
  30. goldfinger35

    goldfinger35 League 1

    22 October 2005
    Such an unusal bug; I have won the league with Liverpool and my last match was away at Newcastle. At the end of the match animation played where Newcastle players were celebrating, holding the cup etc.

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