Fifa 11 Unlimited Money Glitch Ps3, Xbox 360

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by embraceuk1, 7 October 2010.

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    This will work on both XB360 and PS3.
    It only takes about 2 minutes, but must be done in a transfer window.
    This will get you about 2 billion pounds to spend and a wage budget of 40-50 million. If your currency is different, you'll still get the same numeric amount, but obviously the value of this will be different. If you have it set to Dollars, you'll get $2,147,000 but if you have it on Pounds you'll get £2,147,000 which is worth more (not that it matters, since both are vastly excessive anyway and the glitch can be repeated).

    1. Make a loan offer for a player you're sure you'll get and sign him up when he accepts.
    2. Go to budget allocation and set it to 0:100 (ie. no transfer funds; all allocated to wage budget)
    3. Go to sell players, and cancel the player's loan. You'll now see you have a negative transfer budget.
    4. Go back to budget allocation, and if you have a play with the ratio, you'll see the game gets confused and gives you ridiculous amounts of money. Set it to about 40:60 (see why below).

    -Don't do it again (unless you've spent all your cash!). You won't get any more money, it just sets back to the same amount. Plus you can only change the budget allocations a few times so don't 'waste' them.
    -Do not try to set it to maximum transfer budget (which is about 50:50; I think the figure is about 2,147,000). If you do this, making any money will glitch the budget in the opposite direction, meaning you'll find yourself 2 billion IN DEBT if you sell a player, for example. Be conservative- About 1.5 billion should be heaps, and will be safe from this glitch because you won't earn 600mil.
    -This glitch is irreversible. It carries over into following seasons, which means you will have no problems keeping players who have contracts expiring at the end of the season, and you won't have to do it again every season.

    Many will say this 'ruins' their game, and I tend to agree. You MUST exercise self-discipline with this, else you may a well just lump all the 85+ guys on your team before the mode even starts. It does have its uses though, so if you employ it wisely it can add a whole new dimension of realism and unpredictability to the game. Here are just a few ideas I've come up with where this could actually make the game much more enjoyable

    1) Foreign Investor
    Be the next Man City/Chelsea. Set yourself a budget, that your imaginary oil tycoons have allotted you, and get those couple superstars for your squad. Maybe your investor is Swedish and insists that you sign Ibrahimovic before the transfer window closes or you lose your job?
    2) Financial Turmoil
    Make another team the next Leeds Utd. Imagine they find themselves in crippling debt, and act as a proxy to make them fall down the footballing ladder. Buy their stars off them and free transfer them, preferably before the team has a chance to replace them (ie. at the end of a transfer window) and watch them plummet down divisions.
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    1. Not interested.
    2. Why exactly does this cheat need a separate thread?
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