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FIFA 11: Legends Patch ! v0.1

Discussion in 'FIFA Editing' started by MAK3, 19 April 2011.

  1. MAK3

    MAK3 Cristiano Ronaldo ♥

    2 November 2009
    Brazil, Campinas, São Paulo
    Palmeiras and Real Madrid

    Sorry I'm using google translate!

    - New Faces and Mini
    - New Boots
    - Real Sponsors Manager Mode
    - Brasilian League licensee (kits, minikits, names and emblems)
    - Santander Cup Libertadores of America in Manager Mode (USA, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil)
    - League of Ukraine fully licensed (kits, minikits, emblems)
    - Cup and Super Cup of Ukraine
    - FIFA Club World Cup
    - Qualification for Libertadores Cup table and Brazil, according to the prior year similar to the real way in Manager Mode (ex, 1 to 4 of Libertadores Cup Champion and Brazil in the Libertadores)
    - Teams rated for Libertadores not playing the Cup Brazil
    - UEFA Champions League next set to real mode in Manager Mode (with two rounds before the group stage, approximately 44 clubs)
    - Uefa Europa League set equal to the real way in Manager Mode (4 Preliminaries before the group stage, about 100 clubs)
    - Serie A and B of Italy fully licensed
    - New scoreboards
    - Updated look for 90% of Brazilian players
    - New Patches
    - New Balls
    - New Network

    DB (by Mah)
    Ukrainian League UPL 1.0 (by www.fifaua.ru [/ url]) Scoreboard...CommMsgs?cmm=97113424&tid=5578712577373958607

    Compliments and constructive criticism are always welcome
  2. MAK3

    MAK3 Cristiano Ronaldo ♥

    2 November 2009
    Brazil, Campinas, São Paulo
    Palmeiras and Real Madrid
  3. supercyxapuk

    supercyxapuk Non-League

    7 June 2011
    can you post new links? the old ones don't work. i was trying to play fifa 11 with my ukrainian team (karpaty lviv) but every time i download a ukrainian version it stops working :'( so im trying to download an american version maybe it will work.

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