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FIFA 11 Demo bug?

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by T.B.T, 17 September 2010.

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  1. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    Hi evo-web fans.

    I'm here because after install FIFA 11 demo, I saw something weird in-game...
    Nobody talked about this yet but I got this bug here.
    Someone could explain to me how to fix it?

    I'm using all specs to maximum (my pc is good)

    Here the previews:

    That "shiny" parts of the field, players, shadows happens in that mode, and before entering in the game, celebration after goal, replay, pause menu and etc BUT during the match works nicely.

  2. T.B.T

    T.B.T BONAPACE - Juventus FC

    23 October 2008
    FIXED by myself.

    Solution: Go to Nvidia control panel in specific program configuration, add Fifa 11 and change anti-aliasing settings.

    Works perfect.

    Mods, please, delete this.
  3. Placebo

    Placebo Ԁlɐɔǝqo

    3 May 2003
    La Manga Del Mar Menor, Spain.
    Sheffield Wednesday
    Should have been posted in the existing PC thread.
  4. Hawke

    Hawke ♫ Celery , Celery ♫ Staff

    19 January 2005
    Problem solved ... CLOSED
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