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Discussion in 'FIFA' started by cooler, 19 February 2010.

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    13 January 2009
    Does everyone else find the CPU in Fifa 10 dreadful to play against.

    About a week ago, i moved from World Class up to Legendary difficulty level. Tactically the CPU play the same as they do on WC but the players are just stronger, faster and shoot harder like they've been given a stats boost.

    Most of the matches, the CPU play awful. You go through a series of matches where they offer no real threat offensively and don't pressure you much when your in possession. In these matches you can just tease the CPU by keeping possession in the final third waiting to play the killer pass to get in on goal.

    Then eventually you play a match where the CPU suddenly become superhuman. They pass the ball around with precise accuracy and any chance they get on goal is finished with venom. They pressure you continually anytime you win the ball back and defend like a brick wall.

    In some of these matches your own players become slow and lethargic like they've had their stats reduced. I know this isn't down to fatigue because all the players are on green energy bars. It's obviously down to some kind of AI rubber banding EA have implemented.

    Im top of the league on Legendary so im not doing bad. It's the manner in which the CPU plays which is infuriating. Most of the matches are to easy so it feels like your just going through the motions and when the CPU decide to ramp up the stats it just becomes infuriating to play so it makes playing Manager Mode and other offline game modes neither challenging or enjoyable.

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