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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by tyler16, 23 September 2013.

  1. tyler16

    tyler16 Non-League

    2 January 2013
    I'm finally fully switching over to PES this year after going about 50/50 with PES and FIFA in the past. Simply a much better game. Had a few questions before I picked up the game tomorrow.

    1. Estimated time for Xbox option files? I know some people have released faces and basic things... but I don't even know how this works. I had Daymos OF last year, which I assume added the BPL and updated some kits and faces. (The default ones by Konami aren't that great, right?)

    2. How much does the lack of a stadium editor matter? Like... what did it do? Just change the crowd color, chants, and basic things? I played a La Liga ML last year so I got all the included stadiums that are gone.

    3. In general, just really confused with what the option files do. Like I said, everything is in the game but the BPL, right? People just like to make the kits and faces even more authentic? Cause as is, there's already 4/5 faces threads, etc. Gets confusing for a beginner to this stuff.

    Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow! Gameplay is of course number one and it's great for me. Just would like to clear up some of this! Thanks guys.
  2. OrlandoSPUR

    OrlandoSPUR Non-League

    25 November 2010
    The lack of a stadium editor was a shame, I seem to always play as an argentine team (weird being 100% English) so up until this pes would wait for Robbyeron's OF the stadiums he created were awesome. But he would basically make the top two leagues in Argentina. Do faces, team tactics, chants top top work. So it's a shame regarding the editor on the ps3 this version. I just hope konami brings our some argentine and Brazilian stadiums later on as a DLc.

    So an OF can basically contain any team/league the creator wants to build, edits to players, kits, formation and tactics

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