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    As well as interviews with Ryan Giggs, Lee Sharpe, Sammy McIlroy and Peter Hook from New Order, it includes exclusive behind the scenes access with the players, manager and fans. There's some great stuff. Including Joz Mitten, the centre forward, who is a plumber, and his pre-match routine can involve being up at 08.30am on Saturdays fixing leaky toilets, and Karl, the manager who is up at 3am every day working as a delivery driver.

    We have followed fans who have switched with heavy hearts from Man United to FC United and those who have stayed at Old Trafford. We got exclusive access to the first game at Leek, which had to be delayed for 15 minutes to get all 2,500 fans in. There's a classic moment when the harrassed, middle-aged secretary of Leek predicts a catering crisis by saying, 'We only normally order 24 pies , we've ordered 650 and it won't be enough!'

    We have contrasted FC United's start to the season with that of Man United. We also have contributions from the award-winning sports writer and author David Conn, and Henry Winter from the Daily Telgraph.

    The film addresses the feeling in football that the commercialism, six-figure salaries, and TV rights have taken the soul out of the game.

    RMVB format,
    27 minutes 30 seconds

    Seed 1:1 and feel free to rep.
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    31 October 2002
    Quality, I went to see them play a couple of weeks back, we lost but it was the best time ive had at a match since I was a kid....

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