faster goal ever on the world

Discussion in 'Football' started by dida, 8 November 2009.

  1. dida

    dida Non-League

    3 September 2003
    day: Saturday 7th of November 2009
    teams: Al-Hilal S.FC - Saudi Arabia
    Player: Nawaf Al-A'bed
    Nationality: Saudi
    age: 20


    time: only 3.17 second from the beginning (same record with Brazilian Players - Fred)
    to download the Goal:
  2. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    Wonderful. Love the keeper's face. :BLINK:
  3. fabregas0414

    fabregas0414 Premier League

    4 November 2009
    Hong Kong
    Arsenal FC
    oh my god!!
    3 second
    it's impossible

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