PC Fast replays??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by dannyfc2, 22 September 2012.

  1. dannyfc2

    dannyfc2 Premiership

    9 June 2009
    Gameplay runs superbly on my PC, but for some reason the cutscenes, replays and off-pitch animations run at 100x the normal speed.

    Any fix for this?
  2. Grayperview

    Grayperview Streamer

    13 December 2002
    Everton fc
    turn vsync on
  3. Panthera1

    Panthera1 League 1

    4 February 2004
    I have vsync on, wide replays are stuttery other ones are fine but the highlights play very fast
  4. Evil Heat

    Evil Heat Serie A

    18 November 2009

    Have you got enable frame skipping ticked?
  5. dannyfc2

    dannyfc2 Premiership

    9 June 2009
    Sorted, it was vsync. Cheers

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