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Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by Jiawei, 21 December 2006.

  1. Jiawei

    Jiawei Non-League

    13 April 2004
    Dear all,
    Im new to PSP and I just got one along with the only game which I would be playing - Winning Eleven 10 Ubiquitous Evolution.
    However, to some extent to my horror, I feel that the gameplay is abit different and I cant really enjoy the game as much as I do via my PS2.
    The main problem I guess is the controllers, PSP doesn’t have R2, L2 & the analog.
    So my question is how do I do the
    - 360 Zidane turn
    - Hit n run
    - Moving into good positions while the ball is in the air.
    I hope anyone kind enough could provide me with a link to the Faq for PSP winning eleven and im still looking for an option file to convert jap names into english names.
    Thanks a lot for your kind effort!!

  2. carlos08

    carlos08 Non-League

    14 August 2003
    360 Zidane turn: you have to change your controller setup, move the player with the arrows and do the tricks with the analog (you have to do this in controller setup)
    Hit n run: I hope someone can light us with this one
    Moving in to good position = super cancel: you have to push triangle and circle at the same time

    By the way, how good is this game? I have only PES6, and Im curious to see if this one is better, or if it feels diferent?
  3. Jiawei

    Jiawei Non-League

    13 April 2004
    Its not as good as the PS2 version. The "feel" is not there....
    Any FAQs in the internet?


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