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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by tywyn, 14 June 2007.

  1. tywyn

    tywyn Non-League

    10 June 2007
    I'm having a problem with the fan chants. When I first installed the patch the crowd chants would play You'll never walk alone for Liverpool, I'm forever blowing bubbles for West Ham etc but now all I get are the same chants all the time like
    'Simon Jordan you're a wanker'
    'You fat bastard'
    'We are goin up'
    'I'm Charlton till I die'
    'Ole ole ole'

    and I never get the team chants anymore, how can I fix this? I have replaced the e_sound and 0_sound files again but it's still the same, help please
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  2. NozNoz

    NozNoz Non-League

    21 November 2005
    i have the same problem
  3. tywyn

    tywyn Non-League

    10 June 2007
    It seems to be playing the GENERIC CLUB ENGLAND chants, I tried the Liverpool ones in DKZ studio and You'll never walk alone is 0274, but no matter what I try it wont play in the game in any mode i.e Exhibition, league or ML, I even tried saving the chants I wanted in the little fan slot but still no joy. I even uninstalled the game completely including the setting files but still it's the same. The funny thing is it worked a few days ago, can someone help please?

    Chant list:
    310-314: little fan slot

    105-109: BVB
    115-119: Bremen
    120-124: HSV
    125-129: S04
    130-134: VFB
    135-139: Frankfurt
    140-144: Aachen
    145-149: Nurnberg
    150-154: Hertha BSC Berlin
    155-159: Mainz
    160-164: Hannover
    165-169: Aston Villa
    170-174: Middlesbrough
    175-179: Newcastle
    180-184: Reading
    190-194: Zurich
    205-209: Turkey, Fenerbahce
    215-219: Anderlecht
    235-239: Bayern Munich
    250-254: Sampdoria Genoa
    265-269: Chelsea
    270-274: Liverpool
    275-279: Fiorentina
    280-284: Ascoli
    285-289: Celtic
    290-294: Porto
    295-299: Sporting
    300-304: Panathinaikos Athens
    315-319: Duisburg
    320-324: Kaiserslautern
    325-329: Karlsruhe
    330-334: Hansa Rostock
    335-339: 1860 Munich
    400-404: Olympiakos
    415-419: Watford
    420-424: Levski Sofia
    425-429: Ajax
    430-434: Bordeaux
    435-439: Marseille
    440-444: Manchester
    445-449: Arsenal
    450-454: Benfica
    455-459: Barcelona
    460-464: Real Madrid
    465-469: Paris
    470-474: Inter
    475-479: Juventus
    480-484: Milan
    485-489: Lazio Rome
    490-494: Parma
    495-499: AS Rome
    500-504: Lyon
    505-509: Real Sociedad
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  4. tywyn

    tywyn Non-League

    10 June 2007
    Fixed it, I had been using the wrong exe :lol: and also have the Liverpool chants working in ML
    Last edited: 15 June 2007

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