[Extended Edition] PES 2017: What do the fans want?

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    PES Russia PES Russia

    17 January 2014

    Dear developers,
    This material has been prepared for 5 months. It is based on the wishes of the players with the largest foreign forums about PES! Links to topics with comments are below.

    We sincerely hope that our efforts will not remain without attention on your part. We also think that this material may be applied during the development of PES 2017 and further parts. Please correlate your priorities with the wishes of the fans. After all, they play this game for the whole year, don’t they? Remember this please. We look forward to your understanding and response!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/PES_Russia
    VK (social networking website): https://vk.com/pes_russia
    Site & forum: http://peswe.com/
    Published articles: all the previous articles are posted on official Pro evolution Soccer forum pesfan.com under "Feedback & Support: Have Your Say - Submitted Suggestions": https://forums.pesfan.com/forumdisplay.php?385-Have-Your-Say-Submitted-Suggestions

    For your convenience requests were divided into three categories – fix, improve, enforce. First of all we want some issues to be corrected. Some features have to be enhanced. And of course we want some innovations to be added.

    • Sharp transitions between animations (players regroup too quickly)
    • Sharp changes of direction
    • Some animations look unfinished
    • Some animations are too sharp and some of them are too slow
    • Sliding (players run as if they are weightless)
    • Jumps of the GK look constrained (movements are not graceful). Impact between the goalkeeper and the ground is not felt.
    • Terrible animation of GK falling, terrible jumping
    • Horrible animation of tackling
    • The legs movement animations don't match the body position and the player's speed
    • PK system is terrible and the animations on them are seriously bad
    • The animation of shot/pass should match its power (sometimes the shots and passes are too strong and don't quite match the animation of the player, weak swing and mighty shots/passes)
    • Facial expression of emotions, gestures (more emotions, more nerve, more drama)
    • Animations of the physical contact
    • Animations of goalies’ saves
    • Animations of shots
    • Small connecting animations (there are sharp transitions between animations without it)
    • Defenders don’t try to play on rebounds, but offensive players do.

    AI (COM)
    • Monotonous and predictable offensive play
    • Unnecessary moves in players’ actions (AI sometimes keeps the ball too long, making absolutely unnecessary motions)
    • Sometimes players are off the episode (especially the defenders after through passes)
    • The goalkeepers don’t rush out the goal line towards striker.
    • Slow reflexes of goalkeepers
    • Players don’t fight for the ball, they act passively on defense. Sometimes they just pretend they fight for the ball
    • Players don’t act safely. They don’t try to get away from dangerous sliding tackles.
    • AI acts very confident and almost with no mistakes
    • Goalkeepers positioning
    • AI performs super-efficient through-passes (from the center and from the sides), while the defensive line doesn’t have time to respond
    • AI demonstrates unrealistic good vision of the field, and instantly makes decisions (most of them are correct)
    • Most of passes go directly to the players legs (few passes go to the area)
    • Players don’t come towards the ball, in order to prevent interception
    • Players block the shots with delay
    • A small number of crosses
    • Teams don't try to use intentionally the strengths of some of their players, such as advantages in height, speed, and so on
    • AI doesn’t actually use R2 dribbling, preferring to jerk from side to side
    • Focus of the players
    • Human factor (more mistakes and inaccuracies depending on players stats)
    • The density and compactness of the game (AI afford you to play too much time with the ball)
    • Tenacity on defense
    • Coverage (players help each other, trying to cover the open zones as soon as possible)
    • A smarter AI-controlled coach, who makes decisions based on current situations
    • Try to properly implement the system Heart from PES14. The condition of footballers should depend on the footballers successful or unsuccessful actions. This would make players to approach to the game more responsibly.
    • Fight for position by AI on reception of the ball
    • Intentional fouls
    • The use of feints, R2-dribbling(not just juking from side to side)
    • Varying pace of the game (boost/recession in the overall pace of the match)
    • Positional attacks
    • Use of the entire width of the field (the diagonal passes, crosses, etc.)
    • If you keep playing the same way on offence, AI should adjust its defense and play properly.
    • Strikers should make pressure on GK.
    • More technique shots (not with R2)
    • High, monotonous pace of the game
    • Maximum speed of the ball after shot and passes is too fast
    • The ball is bounded to the leading leg of the player. It’s very easy to control the ball at high speed. Solo runs are very effective. There are almost no mistakes while dribbling/feints (the physics of the ball and its movement depended on the players current animation)
    • The ball is unbelievably fast and smooth after low crosses, passes
    • The default ball speed is too high
    • Players easily adjust to the ball (including if the ball is in the air)
    • Players easily take the ball under control (especially after strong passes)
    • Players shift the ball from foot to foot easily (including when the ball is in the air)
    • Passing has an unrealistically low trajectory (the ball never leaves the ground) and it's unrealistically fast and accurate
    • Unrealistic (fantastic) coordination of players. They manage to keep the balance in difficult situations. (the way players sprint at full speed and yet they are able to perform a full stop in half a second without losing balance)
    • The GK never jump with full stretch (his hands are always slightly bent)
    • Players are too skilled. (players sometimes are unrealistically agile, without losing balance). Any player can acrobatically attempt a shot on goal/clear the ball in a defensive move even though they don’t have the appropriate player ability.
    • Ball goes through players. Players go through other players.
    • Delayed control response (actions don’t occur simultaneously with the filling of the power-bar. For example free kicks – the power bar is filling first, and then the player starts running)
    • Low influence of stamina on the actions of the players (fatigue affects only running ability of players. An exhausted player not may make a bad pass, bad tackle, bad shot); countless of accelerations at maximum speed, players don’t require time to recover after a long run at high speed)
    • Goalkeepers manage to fixate the ball even after the strongest shots (the ball sticks to goalkeeper’s gloves)
    • Collisions (more physical gameplay options to block players, and protect the ball)
    • The center of gravity, inertia
    • Ball physics (in particular, its independence from the leading leg of the player, from players motions and body position)
    • Response of control (the animation of shot or pass goes not simultaneously with the filling of the power-bar, but after filling. The power bar fills up too quickly)
    • Sensitivity of control (clear contact with the ball is not felt when dribbling)
    • Feedback of control when passing and shooting (sometimes shots and passes (in these moments the players pass like a hockey stick) are not felt), the collisions between players (the contact between players is not felt)
    • Influence of body position on the success of actions with the ball (more "scuffed" shots and passes from difficult situation)
    • Stamina system. Players can accelerate on maximum speed forever! This is not normal! Need to make PES players to distribute footballers fatigue smarter and implement RPG elements!
    • In-game editor of gameplay
    • Physical game (controlled manually, as in PES 2014), the ability to intentionally knock the opponent to the ground (as in retro PES 3-6, due to the active defense), the control of balance.

    • Technical losses for cheaters, when they intentionally make bad connection or disconnection
    • A predefined AI game scenario depending on the score, which player can’t change (players on some episodes are completely out of control, AI control them) Don’t lock out players.
    • Momentum/Bias and Scripting. It completely ruins the Online "Man to Man" competition and makes it useless
    • Remove the timer at the end of a match in myClub/online (in order to see the highlights)
    • An online connection
    • Proper stamina system (to penalize players for pressuring all the game with 3 players)
    • 2 on 2
    • The ability to cancel replays by mutual consent
    • More settings when creating an online room: the game speed, control type and so on
    • Filter by region (myClub)
    • Filter by the level of teams (Divisions)
    • Equipment (a good system from PES2013) for myClub
    • An ability to put the player's nickname in the black list before playing with him
    • An ability to select teams after your opponent connection.
    • The possibility of cancellation of the match by mutual consent (due to bad connection)
    • Add points depending on difficulty of control.
    • An ability to choose any camera, its settings
    • Inability to watch the off-ball movement by opponent-controlled players
    • Record of yellow and red cards in tournaments ???????? (X yellow Card = suspendet for a match; red card = suspendet for X Match)
    • Online chat during the match in the pauses (with a set of template phrases)
    • Ability to display online players some changes of appearance (hairstyle, accessories, boots)
    • Weekly Challenge matches, based on actual games played (see FIFA 16)
    • Matchday Mode (see FIFA 16)

    • Lobbyballs (L1+triangle)
    • Cursor switching (sometimes cursor switching not to the nearest to the ball player). Don't lock out players
    • The need to use super cancel, as soon as you have the marker over your player is should be in control of him, not the AI continuing to run him along a rail
    • Disable assisted free kick, goal kick and corner kick pointed guide (it's terrible and remove the lines completely)
    • Get rid of simple, 1 button press, defence splitting throughball passes from long distances which put the attacker through 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper
    • Get rid of the double tap knock on and rework it onto the right stick (yes, like FIFA)
    • To reduce the COM assistance in passes to a minimum – manual and 1 bar(tone down the assistance level of this game, as it is killing this game)
    • The response, sensitivity and feedback of control
    • Play Again – Data recording interval (Free Training)
    • Switch attack and defensive levels manually (sometimes when there's a divided ball situation we just want to slide with our players, but the AI detects «i'm on «attack mode» so it will try to get closer to the ball to do a long pass)
    • Request the direct pass and through pass, which can be set on different buttons (for a fixed control)
    • The ability to save presets of tactics in training mode and activate them during the match
    • While defending, select a button (like triangle) to go to a pre-determined player (CB for example, while defending)
    • An ability to make additional acceleration(when push left stick hard) both with the ball and without the ball
    • Manual control of body balance
    • Manual physical play (via the right stick like in PES 2014)
    • Manual low shots with the triangle button (from PES 2014)
    • Auto-moving (while playing for single player with fixed cursor)

    • Shorts looks like tubes
    • Dull lawn
    • Gloss
    • Player models (the player models in PES2016 are a bit small compared to the large pitch they are playing in)
    • Illumination (at day and at night)
    • Detailing
    • More fictional stadiums
    • Fan-sectors (with waving flags, etc.)
    • New styles of goal net (net color, shape and net tension)

    • COM often doesn't play on the situation, but on preseted scenario
    • Players don’t tend to get the ball or get to the goal on the shortest possible way (they move as if on rails)
    • Players don’t accelerate when it is necessary (on the contrary, they unreasonably slow movement); example – when on a counterattack, when trying to seize the ball faster than opponent
    • Nearest to the ball player does not always react on the ball. He don’t try to get it.
    • Stupor of the players (the players tend to just stop moving, as if they are reloading, especially after collisions)
    • Sometimes it feels like the players are a wagon on a railroad, only able to move one direction
    • High effectiveness of dribbling and shooting using R2
    • Shots, pass and dribbling are very precise (no dispersion)
    • The balance of the game is broken (much easier to attack than defend)
    • Solo runs are very easy (nobody defend properly). Defensive line has to go ON the ball and can’t let the opponent pass through to score a goal.
    • Players can be very easily outplayed 1 to 1 (defenders neither try to get the ball nor make any pressure after they got outplayed)
    • Monotonous and predictable offensive play of COM. (players don’t try shoot in the near corner, don’t try to dribble, don’t try to shoot under the crossbar)
    • High efficiency of tackles
    • High efficiency of through passes
    • High efficiency of the wall game
    • Avoiding of collision (bouncing animation). Eliminates the obvious blocking foul
    • Super-cancel slows down the player
    • Inability to hit the ball into a striker when throwing the ball by GK
    • Scripted goal celebrations (in the form of template cut-scenes)
    • Tactical substitutions
    • When the ball is on the center of the field (a goal scored or the beginning of a half) players of the defending team stand still and allow strikers to go forward (the defense starts just near the penalty box)
    • Goalkeepers reflect powerful shots in far corner, butconcede weak, low shots

    • Change handicap with the ladder system (see Starcraft 2). Don't lock out players

    • Slow speed of replays
    • The cut-scene actions don't continue the episode before them
    • No replays of side episodes, there are only key episodes on the replay (such episodes as dramatic dribble, hitting the post and a number of other situations are not shown)
    • Seamless broadcast of the match in real time, without black screens and delays between frames. After the ball goes out for a throw-in, the players remain on the same positions they were before, not where they should be by default. This leads to the loss of pace of the attack!
    • A button for manual instant replay. Disable automatic repetition after every shot or foul. It's annoying and there's a lot thing that you want to see more than a shot or foul.
    • An ability to save highlights of matches and replay them after.
    • Various cameras (Replay mode)

    • Small amount of minor fouls
    • The animation of dodging the contact instead of a blocking foul (this eliminates minor fouls)
    • The adequacy of refereeing (the referee doesn’t assess the degree of violation of the rules: instead of yellow card – nothing, instead of red card – yellow)
    • Actual fair play
    • Various nationalities and different levels of tolerance
    • Yellow card by aggregate amount of fouls
    • Offensive fouls
    • Blocking fouls
    • Aerial fouls


    • More emotional audience's reaction to the episodes whistling, clapping, exhaling, shouting and other crowd reaction to what is happening (the default English crowd is horrible). Applause for successful actions.
    • Highlighted fan-sectors (with flags etc.)
    • Snow, smoke, winter outfit
    • Real players on the bench

    To be continued.
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  2. PES Russia

    PES Russia PES Russia

    17 January 2014



    • Unlock Match settings for different modes
    • Ability to turn off replays
    • Ability to turn off cut scenes
    • Attendance
    • Fictional referees
    • Fictional TV pop-ups
    • Sound (drums, vuvuzelas, chants, buzz, etc)
    • Intensity of precipitation
    • Ability to mix & match shirts, shorts and socks from available kits. It's often used in real football to avoid colour confusions between teams.
    • Language of commentators
    • Handball fouls (optional – on/off)
    • Time: Afternoon



    • Formation – Individual – Attack/Defence
    • Positioning on free kicks
    • More slots for tactics
    • Link feints
    • Management Edit
    • Graphical display of players attributes (borrow completely from FM)
    • Identifying the key attributes of a football player for a particular position
    • Filter of players in the "game plan" in terms of overall/shape/mood
    • The separation of the players attributes on technical, mental, physical



    • J-League

    • Multiple loading screens
    • Stop the random condition arrows in career mode (condition of players doesn't randomly change from game to game), give it more consistency
    • Slow navigation through the interface
    • Synchronization between comments and what is happening on the field
    • Statistics by “Castrol Index”
    • Multiple folders for data saves
    • Import of music and chants into the game
    • Offline community mode
    • Challenges in training mode
    • The volume of the stands depending on construction of the stadium
    • and attendance
    • 1-2 shot (training mode)
    • System Setting Menu: Adjust Screen Colour
    • “Substitution option” and “Exit to Windows” in the Pause menu



    • Ability to edit numbers and font on the kit
    • Creator/editor of stadiums/balls/boots
    • The import of custom sounds of the crowd

    • Starting speed of acceleration
    • Maximum speed of acceleration
    • Flaws in ball control/ball reception/shots/passes
    • Pass/shot speed
    • Concentration (reaction time of players on the episode, GK reflexes)
    • Density of the game
    • Openings
    • Intuition (vision of the field)
    • Improvisation of COM (the frequency right decisions)
    • The level of commitment (the importance of the match)
    • Aggression (frequency of fouls)
    • Frequency of shots - COM
    • Frequency of dribbling (feints) - COM
    • Level of coverage
    • Flexibility of squad (the level of interchange)
    • Stamina

    Thank you for your attention! Sincerely, biggest fan community of the Pro Evolution Soccer series!
  3. PES Russia

    PES Russia PES Russia

    17 January 2014
    Dear fans! We apologize if some of your wishes are not included in the list. Please if you agree with the content of this material (partially or completely) and find it relevant, let the developers know about it through Twitter!
  4. GeladoBom

    GeladoBom Banned

    17 September 2015
    FC Penafiel
    I only wanna see konami care so much about PC the same they treat the playstation 4 fans. That's all. Let's see after Kojima Leaving. If not, one more year of disgrace like McMahon's familly.
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  5. pacpes

    pacpes PES ♥

    5 August 2015
    Chelsea FC
    This! And just bring back the bloody stadium creator since you can't provide anymore new licensed stadia.
  6. Albiore

    Albiore Championship

    22 June 2009
    Santiago - Chile
    Univ. de Chile
    Nice post guys, i really hope they add more stadiums in ALL system, not only next-gen.
    about J-League, Konami doesn't have the license anymore, a mobile games company named "colopl" get the exclusive license since january.
    Maybe konami can improve other european leagues like Ukraine, Russia, Turkey or Greece.
  7. majuh

    majuh Champions League

    11 December 2010
    That's interesting, it explains why there hasn't been a J.League DLC this year.
  8. Fruits

    Fruits Premiership

    23 November 2014
    Portugal - Porto
    F.C Porto
    Implement speed option in game settings when players create a room for a friendly match.

    This for me is the major issue right now, i find the game fluid above speed 0, far from perfect but seed helps. Slower the speed, bigger the delay...
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  9. Packtorson

    Packtorson Non-League

    28 July 2017
    That's interesting, it explains why there hasn't been a J.League DLC this year.


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