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  1. MOM!NHO

    MOM!NHO Conference

    Hey people,

    I made this Thread, so everyone can post exotic players that he knows here. Everyone who posts the player should note where he knows him from.

    Greetings, MOM!NHO


    Wangay Dorji
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  2. MOM!NHO

    MOM!NHO Conference

    Name: Wangay Dorji
    Age: 36
    Nationality: Bhutan
    Position: CF, SS
    Height: ???
    Weight: ???
    Foot: Right

    Attack: 55
    Defense: 13
    Balance: 53
    Stamina: 70
    Top Speed: 60
    Acceleration: 60
    Agility: 67
    Dribble Acc.: 66
    Dribble Speed: 52
    Short Pass Acc.: 50
    Short Pass Speed.: 44
    Long Pass Acc.: 40
    Long Pass Speed.: 44
    Shot Accurancy: 59
    Shot Power: 44
    Shot Technique: 45
    Free Kick Acc.: 64
    Curling: 67
    Header: 59
    Jump: 60
    Aggression: 60
    Tenacty: 63
    Keeper Skills: 50
    Condition: 4
    Week Foot Ability: 3
    Week Foot Usage: 3
    Injury Tolerance: A

    Scored three goals in "The Other Final", then aged 28
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  3. Phato

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    2 November 2007
    Bari [IT]
    A.S. Bari
    Funny thread for sure, Mominho! :LOL:

    About that Wangay Dorji, you forgot to post his player position, nationality, dominant foot, height, weight and injury tolerance.
  4. MOM!NHO

    MOM!NHO Conference

    OK I will do this now. I just thought one could play with a few exotic players instead of Minanda and co.

    It would be nice if everybody posts the players that nobody knows in here!
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