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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by CW, 9 April 2005.

  1. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001

    The site has been running for about 4 years now and I thought why not acknowledge all those members who we all know and remember, be it through the decent things they posted or the random shite. Some of them are still with us but some of them have buggered off to do something more productive with their lives (Sometimes because we banned them)

    1. Zico – Probably Off Topics most notorious member, he was the guy who loved to use the Green Smiley even if the topic didn’t actually require a response. I deleted all his posts in a bid to remove any ghost that existed though on researching this feature I have found that we have a new Zico who registered on the 1st of April and, as of yet, hasn’t posted. Maybe we should have retired the name in his honour.

    2. ZZZZ Vapour – The guy joined about a month after the site started and for a long time was a perfectly normal poster until one day he just went mental. His final few posts will be remembered for a long time, as will his XBOX bias.
    Here are a few of his final posts in all their “Why was he banned?” glory
    I am sure we all miss him on some level. Even the Scots.

    3. KingKeane – It makes me shudder just typing that name again. The lad was a complete asshole who didn’t see anything wrong with the constant racist shite he posted, he has been back many times under many different names but we all remember the original. Here are some of his posts so you can reminisce and remember why we kept on kicking him out.
    What a shame, all I have on file is a post from him but on one of the many times he re-registered and its pointless so we wont even bother.

    4. Yeoc – Those who were here at the start of this site should remember this guy. He had a certain way with words, lets say that he used more than he needed to. If there was an easy way to say something then this guy didn’t know how to. Kind of like this paragraph here, waffling on with no real point. Again there are no quotes from this guy as he was here before the site moved but, believe me, if you missed him then you are the lucky one.

    5. GunnerGlory – Now we move onto possibly the 2nd most banned member on Evo-Web, the guy at number 3 in this list beats him by quite a way. What can I about Gunner that hasn’t already been said……. I knew this was going to be a struggle. That hes a level headed individual with a lot of class who doesn’t drink…ever. I don’t think that has ever been said. Lets move onto some of this members quotes, of which there are many, I will pick 3 at random
    Yes, they all seem slightly random but that’s the kind of fella he is.

    6. fd1972uk and ClassicD – Yes I know that’s technically 2 members but they both support a team called Celtic and are both Scottish, for me that’s enough to bung them both together. Both fiercely defensive of their team, domestically and internationally despite Scotland not being that great a team. There is one thing that separates them though, Classic is very much into his PES/WE Editing and FD just about manages to figure out how to turn on his PC let alone bugger about with anything technical. Here are a few quotes from both of these forum leg ends, I will let you figure out who said what
    I know, its tough to pick them out aint it!

    7. Joostebrood – Gunners right hand, yes the one that scratches his nuts. For some reason the guy got Gunner to send him a burger through the post to him, is it just me or is there something not right with that? I don’t know whether his drug taking earlier in life that had some profound effect on him or whether its because hes Dutch, or maybe its both of those things together. Who are we to judge though, really? Lets see what random shit I can find for this fella.
    I think that about says it all, I can add nothing more to that.

    8. Brian Candel – AKA many other things during the life of the site but I really cant be arsed going through and working out all his aliases. This is the guy who started Evo-Web and managed to recruit me from another forum before going off to learn stuff (Get drunk, take drugs and get laid) at University. When he left for Uni he decided to leave the site in the capable hands of Mart, Kezz and myself so it could have been worse. Let me see what I can find from this guy
    Sometimes clueless but he will always be the guy who saved me from website obscurity.

    9. Violated Gerbil – The one and only rodent on the forums, he pops in here every now and again to spout some crap before buggering off to fornicate with Mrs Gerbil. I cant remember seeing him recently but no doubt now I have mentioned him he will pop up again. Checking back, his last post was back in September so maybe he is currently hibernating or he has died, we all know that gerbils don’t live very long so maybe he is now up in animal heaven having his way with as many animals as possible, no matter what the size. Here are some of his posts
    As you can see from that the lad seemed to have some major issues.

    10. ChrisDavies – This lad seemed to take the loss of the original Off Topic forum badly, so badly I think he may have considered taking his own life. Actually on checking it seems he has moved onto posting in the main forums as well as the new OT. The original OT seemed to be the place where Chris spilt the inner workings of his mind, from the loves of his life and how to deal with them to the more random aspects of his mind as shown in his quotes
    11. cal-neva – This fella was our resident scouser in London, god only knows how he ended up there maybe he had heard there were more opportunities for petty crime in our nations capital without getting caught. I believe he had his collar felt so many times up North that every copper within a 50 mile radius knew him. Admittedly when he was inside the local livestock could sleep easily at night without fear of being invaded. Here are some of the reasons this lad is no longer with us, hes not dead or owt hes just banned
    I think that towards the end of his time here he was losing the plot, some miss him and others don’t.

    Honourable mentions also go out to Mart, Coopz, Kezz, Holio and Kenny M

    Apologies to those I have missed out either through choice or the fact that my memory aint as good as it was, I cant remember everyone whos passed through these doors over the last 4 years but I think I have covered the major players.

    Thanks for your time, goodnight.
  2. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    How could you Forget Milanista ..
  3. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    Get out of my face, knobjockey
  4. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002
    Thanks for the mention :)
  5. hutch

    hutch Beaten by Chris Wright

    5 January 2003
    I'd have gone mental about not being on this list a year ago, but I'm prepared to let this go due to the fact that I don't want to be on the same list as that awful human being who they call Zico.
  6. Dominic

    Dominic Serie A Staff

    19 August 2003
    How could you forget Juventus11 ?!
  7. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    Yeah I cant believe you forgot me Im angry now .. I think im going to go randome and call dominic Don Domenico11. :roll: :roll:
  8. footieBalla

    footieBalla Guest

    oh God, what have my eyes done to deserve to look at such an unnecessary comment... smite me now oh Lord

  9. adielaird

    adielaird Paedo clown

    7 August 2003
    Northern Ireland
    ThomasGoal had to be on there.
  10. joostebrood

    joostebrood Premiership

    4 March 2002
    Chris forgot to mention the people who adviced him to make this beautiful thread. First of all I am proud to be in it, but he doesn't mention all the good I have done. It's too negative Chris. GG and I even told you this would be a good move. And no mention what so ever about that!

    I have proof!
  11. hutch

    hutch Beaten by Chris Wright

    5 January 2003
    I've changed my mind! Just like that! I'm crazy me.
    It's in fact an utter disgrace that I'm not on that list. You know what I'm going to do about it Chris? DO YOU?
    I'm going to assemble an all star Evo-Web 11 who were missed from that list and we will play your 11 at football. This is the team....

    Big *** grim

    Noted Babs Boro loz

    Coopz MarkD Milanista Vanizzlefashizzal


    hutch (c)​

    Apart from big *** grim in net, that's an unstoppable team. The consistently bad full backs in loz and Noted. Babs the destroyer at centre back with the young Peter Brock.
    Coopz and Vann as the old school Beckham and Giggs of the team. MarkD in a Claude Makelele role, holding the side together when all is losing it's head. Milanista to do whatever he wants, only in the team because he's got money.
    ThomasGOAL in the hole behind me (yes ***, don't even care. I'd take one for the boys off Thommo) in a Zidane role, confusing the defence with his unpredictability.
    Then me up front. The Alan Shearer who will ultimately shatter your evo-web dreams Chris. You'll be screaming on the touchline as I bang in goal after goal past your team of rejects.
    You'll shout,
    "I'm sorry hutch lad! You can play for us! I didn't mean to do those horrible things to you! Come home!"
    You knows it Christopher.
  12. loz

    loz Guest

    lol, very good hutch.

    Cant believe one of the original old skool members isnt on either list though . . .

    and i'm not gona tell u who it is, i want you to guess!?!?!
  13. loz

    loz Guest

    Well Mart should defo be on one of the lists, but he did get an honourable mention from Wrighty, so no!
  14. Coopz

    Coopz Retired Footballer

    27 April 2002

    im glad i made the team
    Last edited: 10 April 2005
  15. smango

    smango Guest

    it's a shame that so many of those members listed no longer post here. Much respect to them all.
  16. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    Grim!! Grim!! Grim!! Are you there Grim? Has anyone seen Grim?
  17. smango

    smango Guest

    Whose grim?
  18. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    Thanks for the mention. Can't really grumble about the assessment. :lol:

    Although we'd wupp the ass off that team no sweat.

  19. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
  20. Jim The Great

    Jim The Great Golden Boot Winner

    13 October 2003
    Biam and Paps are my joint favourite members ever. Some of you won't remember them, but they were really great great guys.
  21. pbchillin

    pbchillin Awooooooga!

    9 April 2003
    You appear to be correct, i think it would have to be a bit bigger to be sure...
  22. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Thanks for the mention :) *Sniff*
  23. EatonTJ

    EatonTJ Why Today Doesn't Suck. Staff

    11 April 2002
    I'd like to give a shout-out to cartoon drawing Hutch and the always loquacious Kofi-Annan.

    Old School.
  24. hutch

    hutch Beaten by Chris Wright

    5 January 2003
    Bollocks, I forgot about you. You can be in the "Not good enough for Chris Wright" football team too. You'll be in goal instead of Big *** Grim. Mainly because he is Big and ***, and you are not.
  25. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    There's a lot to be said about being Big and ***, I miss him and would like him reinstated in your team. There's a job that needs doing out there and I believe he is your man. HE IS YOUR MAN
  26. hutch

    hutch Beaten by Chris Wright

    5 January 2003
    Balls to that. The team is now invincible with the agile American stopper now in place. The only weakpoints remain loz and Noted because they are also ***, but they will be replaced in the end of season transfer market when CW decides to offload another 2 of his stars.
  27. danwin

    danwin Oak Hard

    1 December 2003
    I've seen the way you look at each other adoringly, it's nothing to be ashamed of John. It's natural, organic and a thing of beauty. You should embrace it. Love will only make your team stronger.
  28. gunnerglory

    gunnerglory Guest

    Your team is growing in strength John but you don't have enough raw power on that field. Your strong point is definately babs, I like the way you placed him there in dead center of the defence, the rock in the middle.
  29. gomito#10

    gomito#10 World Cup Winner

    9 May 2003
    DC, USA
    guys i can play d middy and i can be an enforcer, especially when im pissed
  30. EatonTJ

    EatonTJ Why Today Doesn't Suck. Staff

    11 April 2002
    The problem with Babs in the center is that I might not be able to see around him to stop shots. Plus, he will likely give up a lot of deflections making my life much harder.

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