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Evo-Web Spy?

Discussion in 'The Site' started by rockykabir, 21 November 2006.

  1. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    I've seen another vbulletin board have this implemented - it's basically like "Digg Spy" where a page is actively updated with the latest posts.

    I don't think I explained that well....just check this page out ;) :


    Maybe we could see one for evo-web?
  2. Dermot

    Dermot Banned

    13 August 2002
    New York
    At our last board meeting in London Chris Wright, Mart and I touched on this topic briefly, we are currently working on a number of features designed to make the interface of Evo-Web much more convienient and accessible. It's definitely in the pipeline rocky, thanks for your concern.
  3. rockykabir

    rockykabir hello

    30 March 2003
    London -> New York -> San Francisco
    Liverpool FC
    Why thank you Dermot. I hope to review your minutes on the matter in due course ;)
    Last edited: 21 November 2006
  4. crayon

    crayon Yamato Gaijin

    23 October 2004
    Hokkaido Japan
    Liverpool FC
    ......and we hope to discuss them with the rather attractive secretary employed on behalf of us all......
  5. Mart

    Mart Executive Janitor Staff

    28 February 2002
    Darlington FC
    That page would be a bit server-intensive I think so probably isn't an option but I'll look into it just in case.
  6. Dominic

    Dominic Serie A Staff

    19 August 2003
    When reading the title, I thought this thread would be about Hutch :lol:.
  7. CW

    CW C Dub Founding Member

    6 October 2001
    I remember him, wonder what happened to the little nobhead

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