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  1. rougvie83

    rougvie83 Non-League

    31 October 2007
    Aberdeen & Man Utd
    NEW League - starting this weelend!
    Hey all,

    My friend is trying to start a fun league this weekend. Depending on the number of players we get it it will be divided into divisions. Each division will be 10 teams, playing each other twice. So the league will be complete in 10 weeks. After the season each player will be analysed depending on their finishing position and will have their team (stars) adjusted for the next season. ie. if a player wins all games with a 4 star team, they will be downgraded to a 3.5 star team or below and so on.

    The league will be 4 star teams and below (I have decided on this as I'm a little fed up of playing and seeing Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid etc etc).


    LEAGUE : Any league / Club only (no Mii or International teams)
    STAR : 4 Star & below


    We will post up fixtures on Saturday/Sunday to be played the following week (Games can be played as soon as the fixtures are posted - ie. if I post fixtures on Saturday you can play on Sunday, if I post on Sunday morning you can play on Sunday afternoon!)

    We will play 2 games per week. To be arranged by players via messaging - agreed dates/times must be sent to myself via message to avoid any confusion. Again, scores & scorers should be sent in by both teams/players (ideally as soon as the matches have been played to avoid any confusion later on). We could also add assists too should everyone wish, this way we can have top assists/playmaker - although this is only if players wish.

    If you are wanting to take part please leave your name, friend code and team choice below.

    I have created a new forum which will contain everything from fixtures, tables etc to save clogging up the pesfan forum -
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  2. Beardio09

    Beardio09 Non-League

    23 January 2010
    Chelsea FC
    Can i join i donno wat team ill be and ill find out my friend code 2morrow
  3. rougvie83

    rougvie83 Non-League

    31 October 2007
    Aberdeen & Man Utd

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