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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by rsl1, 30 April 2016.

  1. rsl1

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    26 September 2013
    I think my Euro 2016 mode has been added via DLC, I now have the option to play the tournament with the official graphics etc via the cup option. Is that it or is there more to it? Right now, it just seems like a glorified up mode.

    The other issue I have, is from reading all of the release stuff it seems that the kits should be updated including Englands, but my game still ahs the old England kits (all white shirt for home & all red for away). Should the kits have been updated to the new Euro 2016 versions with the light blue sleeves for the home kit & darker red sleeves for the away kit?
    This makes me wonder if it has only installed part of the DLC or have I just misunderstood?

    I checked and my data pack is showing as 3.0 so I think it is up to date? Could somebody clarify for me please?

    Thanks in advance
  2. majuh

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    11 December 2010
    There will be another update containing the new Nike kits in June.
  3. rsl1

    rsl1 League 2

    26 September 2013
    Ah ok cool, that makes more sense thankyou. I was just confused as all of the official pictures show the new kits but my game didn't have them. Thanks again for the explanation
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    30 November 2008
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  5. slamsoze

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    28 September 2010
    Really interesting to have knowledge for the future. if i understood correct some points:

    About the first live update and the half-arsed rosters and content the game had in the beggining (some teams added after 2nd DLC in Late October/early November) , he said that they understood the significance of the game database to be correct and why everyone were upset, only after they released the game rushed and half-baked and only after the campaign of huge complaints/rants in social media?
    Is n't this an essential requirement , if you are a professional to finish your product before release in a market? Something like professionalism 1.01?

    His reply on this:
    “Better than just saying sorry.”

    The upcoming Euro 2016 DLC is, Adam suggests, a worthy apology.

    Though a standalone disc version of Euro 2016 is being released on PlayStation platforms, the same content will be available to any PES 2016 owner for free, across all consoles.

    Adam – who regretfully was on the receiving end of the internet’s ugliest side, following the squad update failure – said: “We wanted to acknowledge [the mistake] with the fans.

    “We sat down with the team in Japan and wanted to do something so significant that it would be better than just saying sorry. I hope we’ve done enough.”

    However, some fans have been left angered. Only 15 of the tournament’s 24 teams are licensed, whilst another issue is the perceived lack of content.

    About the EURO lack of content due to licenses, he said/ promised that it would be possible to import option files in pes2016 PS consoles? When this became possible the next year (pes2017) for PS4 and never for XBOX one. I copy-paste his reply, cause to me it sounds like word-tricks, he truly meant, behind the words, that you can edit the National Teams, but only with the in-game editor, that without external images, it can only produce some very generic kits with the country's flag on it, and for sure you could not share any OF back then.

    "Adam revealed to Squawka last week that Edit mode will be active*, so theoretically, the licensing would not prove to be an issue for PlayStation gamers."

    *This is from this article which i found extremelly misleading as there were never PS4 option files pre 2017:

    And the text here:
    In an interview with Squawka, Bhatti has stated that – as in the base game – there will be a simple way for gamers to recreate any Euro 2016 match with the sides’ latest jerseys, thanks to the widely available community-created option files.

    When asked whether the new content would still allow replica kits to be applied via the Edit mode, Bhatti revealed: “Absolutely.

    “That side of it won’t change. We won’t be locking out any of those teams from the Edit mode.

    “For the 15 teams that are licensed, you won’t be able to edit those kits, but I’m not sure that you’d want to anyway.

    “The nine that are unlicensed you can definitely go in and do what you want with them.”

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