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EURO 2008 tournament

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by MForssell, 8 March 2007.

  1. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    Hello PES friends,

    I thought that I'd organize a small but serious tournament since we unfortunate xbox360 PES players got screwed not being able to do anything else on live then play ranked and unranked matches.

    Whoever is interested in joining and playing in this tournament please send me an email: steffen_suuronen@hotmail.com, or send me a message on xboxlive to gamertag: LividSteve
    (Cheaters, please don't even bother signing up)

    Tournament information
    The EURO 2008 tournament will have16 teams, with groups from A-D consisting of four teams per group.

    The teams included in the tournament (in no particular order) are the following:

    England, France, Germany, Italy (Basket 1)

    Portugal, Spain, Holland, Sweden (Basket 2)

    Denmark, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic (Basket 3)

    blank, blank, blank, blank (Basket 4)

    The team draw will be done as soon as 16 players have joined the tournament. The four players that get one of the "blank"'s will get to choose their team. But, obviously, only one of the remaining ones that are not already in the tournament. If it where to happen that two players wish to be the same team, then whoever said it first to me will get to play with that team and the other person must choose another team.

    The group draw will be done after that, taking one team from each basket and making them into four groups.

    In the groupstage you play against all other teams in your group once. Only the two best from each group will advance. (No extratime)

    After that the tournament will go into a knockoutstage, but with only one match with extratime and penalties if necessary. And so on...

    People that do sign up, please be serious about playing so that everyone else won't have to wait for you to finish your matches.

    And I'll say it one more time; there will be a zero-tolerance regarding cheating. If you cheat, you are out.

    Wesite for tournament: http://www.freewebs.com/suurste/
    Last edited: 9 March 2007
  2. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    I'm in, I'll send you a msg
  3. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    We need only one more! sign up
    Last edited: 11 March 2007

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