Eto'o signs for Al Ittihad

Discussion in 'Football' started by shaneward2004, 14 April 2006.

  1. shaneward2004

    shaneward2004 Person

    27 July 2004
    Liverpool Fc
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  2. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    Same team made a 10 day loan bid for Kaka a few months ago.
  3. Enda

    Enda Guest

    wtf, this cant be true? :S
  4. fd1972uk

    fd1972uk ---------------------

    9 January 2002
    So I presume he plays during the summer during the World Cup where Cameroon won't be appearing.

    And obviously Barca have agreed with Eto'o that should he be injured it's on his own head?

  5. Enda

    Enda Guest

    i searched a load of reliable football news sites and there is NO mention of this whatsoever! i smell bullshit

    EDIT: ok so i read into it a bit more, and yes it looks like Eto' will be playing football in Saudi Arabia next summer during the world cup. He will be playing a maximum of 6 games as he tried to help Al Ittihad win the AFC!

    Scroll down the page here to find some pics of Eto'o in Saudi Arabia agreeing to the deal..
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  6. bebo

    bebo Looking for a Manager

    25 July 2005
    Arsenal Thread
    The Arsenal FC
  7. luke909

    luke909 League 2

    17 August 2004
    He's only going on loan in the summer cos Cameroon aren't in the World Cup
  8. sattan_hussein

    sattan_hussein Championship

    6 December 2004
    Ryo de Janeiro
    yes Al Ittihad hires mercenaries for some games, like they did at the world club championship... they beat Al Ahly but not São Paulo
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  10. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    obviously the fat oik sheiks that own At Ittihad offered him a SHED load of cash :D
  11. shaneward2004

    shaneward2004 Person

    27 July 2004
    Liverpool Fc

    Speaking at a press conference to announce his signing, Eto’o said: “I don’t play for the money alone. Happiness is my priority that's why I chose to play with Ittihad in the AFC Champions League."

    Would u believe dat??:lol:
  12. KOP_007

    KOP_007 Banned

    22 March 2003
    You mean it's not every footballer's dream to play in the AFC Champions League?

    I know I place it above the likes of the Premiership, La Liga and Serie A...even the European Champions Leage...and possibly the World Cup.

    But that's just me.
  13. shaneward2004

    shaneward2004 Person

    27 July 2004
    Liverpool Fc

    Tanx for that joke:applause:
  14. Frankie-V

    Frankie-V Guest

    I believe I've heard of this a few months ago. Sounds real to me. In stead of watching the whole world cup he's going to play some matches for a rich club. After 3 months he returns and he's a few million Euros/Dollars richer.......
  15. b2y

    b2y Guest

    Hi ALl,

    This is great news.................Al-Ittihad Will Win the AFC and go for the 2nd tine to the World culbs cup with Eto...


  16. milanista3

    milanista3 Non-League

    17 April 2006
    its true i saw him when he came to Jeddah,Saudi Arabia.

    i even played with him for a couple of mins :D:D:D

    the deal is almost done Joan Laporta will come by the end of the month to finalize it.

    i dont know how much will he get paid but im sure it will be alooooot this new Ittihad manager paid about 30 Million Euro from his own money for this team he already got Kallon (ex Inter player).

    and here's a pic of me with eto'o im the one on the far right


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