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  1. Alberto_Tiratori

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    1 October 2009
    Edits for better gameplay - PS3

    Hi everyone

    Remember for FIFA09 how some people worked together on editing the player database for better gameplay on the PS3 - well I want to do that this year! I think that the gameplay is too fast - even on SLOW! OK so I tested reducing the players for the SWISS teams by the following values: -20 off Speed; -20 off Accleration; and -10 from Short Passing. The game plays much much better.

    However to do this for the big leagues in Europe will take one person forever! So if anyone that wants it a better player database and a much better gameplay will you help with this effort to edit players?

    We can have one squad file which we ALL share in a coordinated way and have people EACH edit say 5 squads it would be all done in a short time. So if anyone is interested in this please reply in the thread or PM me thanks.
  2. ono5985

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    22 October 2009
    Hiya mate it's my first post so Hi to everyone.

    I've done something very similar for this for the Premier League. I've uploaded the option file to Megaupload.

    As it stands i have edited the following

    Reduced sprint speed and acceleration by 20 points for 11 players plus 10 subs for each Premier League team.

    Reduced passing by 25-30 for Manchester City & Manchester United (again 11 players plus 10 subs).

    I can share the file if you like so you can give it a test. I'm going to finish editing the Premier League over the weekend. Hopefully if more people want to get involved it would be great.

    The gameplay improves immensely with the edits.
  3. Mark

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    8 August 2005
    Þórshöfn, Føroyar
    I reduce the values of 3 attributes at 15% for each player in a team: pass speed, acceleration and sprint speed.

    Right now, I finished PSV Eindhoven, FC Porto, Chelsea FC, Bayern Munich, Olympique Lyon, Juventus Turin and Piräus.
    Teams next to go: Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Benfica Lisbon, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

    But a save with all teams would be awesome as hell... unfortunately... editing stats in FIFA is a pain in ass... as I already mentioned before -.-

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