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EditPES4OptionFile 0_text crash

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by LP19, 15 July 2005.

  1. LP19

    LP19 Conference

    30 July 2004
    Charlton Athletic
    can some shed some light on this problem, when ever i try to preview faces on EditPES4OptionFile v1.35, it crashes, except on the AC Milan players, why is this?
  2. Zlatan#9

    Zlatan#9 Premiership

    26 December 2002
    Hi mate. That sounds strange, I've been editing (stats, appearances, transfers, formations etc of every single player/team in the game) 24/7 for almost a week now and it's never crashed on me. It only crashed the first couple of times, but that was because I loaded the 0_text.afs of WE8LE. The PC 0_text.afs works fine. From you posting here in the PC section I take it that it's the PC 0_text you've loaded up? If it is then I have no clue what the problem could be sry :\

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