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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by OJay, 25 October 2007.

  1. OJay

    OJay Non-League

    24 October 2006
    just wondering the pictures you take in edit mode

    i put a pic of me onto my ps3 its a jpeg how do i get that into my pro evo game and make myself in edit mode?


    to take pics can i use a normal usb webcam? any ideas how?
  2. Mike83

    Mike83 Witty Comment

    4 September 2006
    St. Helens
    I'm having trouble getting my ugly mug in the game too. I've took a photo on a digital camera and connected it to the PS3, i get told its an unknown device (tried to cameras, different brands, both the same) my creative webcam gets the same message. I tried just plugging the SD card into the PS3, it saw it, and i could look at the pictures, but couldn't for the life of me figure how to copy them to my PS3 hard drive and use them in game.

    Anyone wanna help me out?
  3. d_grundy1981

    d_grundy1981 Bingo81

    14 February 2006
    you need to use eyetoy from the ps2 i believe you can get them for about £4 in gamestation and places like that.
  4. OldFirmBlue

    OldFirmBlue Non-League

    18 August 2007
    This is proving harder than I 1st thought.

    The files I have on my USB Pen are JPEG then saved onto my PS3 Hard drive as JPEG but when I go to scan face when editing a player, it says no data/pictures to load.

    Do they need to be changed from JPEG to a different format?

    Also, if you need the eyetoy do this then thats rubbish. Does that mean you will need to take a picture of your computer screen/magazine etc to get a pic of a player?

    Can someone please figure this out
  5. TRiLoGY

    TRiLoGY Non-League

    25 October 2006
    Images for kits/faces are stored in a Uniform/Faces Directory in the Saved Game Utility section of the PS3. The images are encoded in a bin file and are not a standed picture file type. The only images in this directory structure (eg Icon01.png) are used only as an icon to display what the file is in the PS3 menu. The only way of getting custom images into the game (without using a USB/Eye-toy camera) is to decode the bin file and work out a way of encoding images into it.

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