1. johnlennon696

    johnlennon696 Classic OF Editor

    12 June 2006
    Last edited: 27 September 2006
  2. raul_ole

    raul_ole Premiership

    11 August 2005
    holly shit ! in 360 ver is no edit mode ? i wanted edit stadiums name :( and some players maybe teams :| i hope its not true !
    Last edited: 27 September 2006
  3. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    That would be a bit of a faux pas as far as Konami are concerned. You either have it fully licensed or allow people to edit the kits.

    Really, edit mode should be even deeper on a next-gen system. My only theory is that when it comes to things like kit editing, its not possible to create a kit from 'pieces' in a high enough resolution. This is only based on the dodgy textures you'd get on the PS2 version tho. Bit of a limited theory I know.

    I doubt it is removed to be honest. To not be able to transfer players, change stadium names etc would be silly. Plus how would you create a kit in Master League mode?

    Time will tell...
  4. WEtongelre

    WEtongelre Champions League

    17 February 2006
    Sure will be edit mode in pes6 360 :S come on!
  5. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004

    there will be an edit mode on 360 but you'll just can modify stats as names of players;)
  6. Andreas

    Andreas Moderator

    2 August 2003
    flofloflo, how do you know?
  7. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004
    Several testers

    99% sure
  8. bluemonkeymagic

    bluemonkeymagic League 1

    27 April 2003
    im gonna be seriously fucked off if its not in
  9. marsmanic

    marsmanic Patchin' N00b

    1 May 2006
    Blackburn Rovers!
    I preorderd now >.< hope i can transfer players.. if not konami can be sure this will be the last copy i buy for a console
  10. marsmanic

    marsmanic Patchin' N00b

    1 May 2006
    Blackburn Rovers!
    I can see a point why this is a lie, why would Konami have the edit mode in some platforms but not on the x box version, the x box version can hold more data, plus if they did that it would mean they would perposly have to disable a part of the game, this would take time... time is money especialy when fifa is out very soon [if not yet i don't know i don't care] There is little reason to believe this rumor especialy when the story is created by a fifa fanbum so i don't think there is a reason to worry. But that is only my opinion
  11. STG

    STG League 1

    1 September 2005
    My sentements exactly.
  12. lazylen

    lazylen Conference

    14 October 2004
    it would be funny :P having the first "next gen" "exclusive"(the way MS called it) PES on Xbox360 without a editing mode....im having a laugh right now rofl :D

    oh and this would be the next disappointment for you x360 lovers and FIFA lovers (cant imagine being either one or even both) FIFA 07 on the 360 will only feature 7 leagues while the PS2 & PC version will include many more....again rofl

    oh ms is so exclusive with their next gen games rofl

    does it show im a playstation man? :P lol
    Last edited: 27 September 2006
  13. cb7

    cb7 League 1

    5 August 2004
    Sport Lisboa e Benfica
    if this is really true i will be truly disappointed , the gameplay and editing part are the best things in the game... i dont care about the lack of huge graphical improvement (the latest pics and the hdtv are looking pretty fine to me) i just want to enjoy a pes game with all the main features on it, with no editing part i will definitely think twice before buying the game....
  14. STG

    STG League 1

    1 September 2005
    It shows you're acting like a twat. :)
  15. lazylen

    lazylen Conference

    14 October 2004
    well ok maybe i am...im sorry for the PES fans who have a 360 but dont have a PS2 so that they wont be able to play the game the way it should be played...but other than that i dont see why it cant be funny for us PS2 PES players
  16. Kiske

    Kiske League 2

    19 March 2003
    AS Roma
    FloFlo did you get that from french Xbox-Mag forum ?

    If yes, it's not several testers but one, and it's not confirmed for retail version isn't ? Anyway, it's not 99% sure as Konami had to state what 'll be or not in the final game (C'est ce que j'ai lu sur le forum en tout cas)
  17. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004

    not only XBOX mag but several others

    (plusieurs mecs qui ont taté de la version test, donc très peu de chance qu'ils réinsèrent cette partie du jeu en 15 jours)
  18. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    No edit mode, no transferts... (winter mercato soon)

    I don't buy 360, i'm lucky :)
  19. Gotrunk25

    Gotrunk25 Conference

    8 February 2003
    My favourite part of the game is editing faces :)
    If editing is not in, I just won't buy the game, simple as that.
    Fortunately, I have a ps2.
  20. W.M.A

    W.M.A Non-League

    5 August 2005
    There will be a full edit mode. Don't worry people just sit back and wait :)
  21. Kiske

    Kiske League 2

    19 March 2003
    AS Roma
    I hope you are right mate :)

    Where did you get the news ?
  22. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    looks like the pc version is the one to get
  23. Han

    Han Very senior member

    22 December 2001
    Konami told me there will be a limited edit option on the 360, but the person did not think it is possible to transfer a player from one team to another.
  24. vialli82

    vialli82 Championship

    4 September 2005
    Don't listen all that rumours! This is a beta test version... Anyone have the final version... wait and see... (sorry for my english i'm from belgium :freak: )
  25. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    I detect a PS3 Fanboy.... At least we dont have to wait till march and possibly beyond for our Next Gen Console.... and it costs half of what yours will for basically the same quality :)

  26. sindii

    sindii League 2

    11 April 2002
    look at ea, crippling their first release in the next gen scene ie fifa and fight night
  27. Caniggia

    Caniggia League 1

    25 February 2002
    The finsihed version is arriving at the offices at the 6th of October for X-Box 360. Then we'll know.
  28. Cammey

    Cammey Shirt Untucker

    12 October 2004
    Everton FC and Burnley FC
    So will the current gen xbox with better graphics and a lot smoother framerate.

    Stop talking shit you knobber.
  29. lazylen

    lazylen Conference

    14 October 2004
    if you read more closely i already said i was a PS man ...and im proud of it...and for your information the full xbox 360 with HD DVD player will cost exactly the same as the most expensive PS3...so same price...same "quality"...less space for games on the discs...:roll:
  30. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    Its aload of bull read the posts towards the end of the very first link in this thread.

    A guy faked the proper guy who works for Konami and has been spreading lies the true Nigma had this to say.

    To add to this taken from that thread.


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