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Easy Transfers ?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Gravit, 18 April 2006.

  1. Gravit

    Gravit Guest

    Hello Everyone ,,

    So, i started a new Master League . And i chose Arsenal, with the Match Mode Players. Now i was trying to get me 2 players.

    - Joe Cole
    - Duff

    I really tried everything to get those 2 to my team, and it doesnt succeed. I even tried to do an Open Tranfer, with the following Conditions :

    Joe Cole > Dennis Bergkamp + 20000 Points (Yes, im insane..)
    Duff > Pires + 20000 Points (Yes, im even more insane..)

    And still these 2 great players dont want to come to my team.
    Does anyone has a suggestion for having less trouble's with getting players to your team ?

    Peace :thumbup:

  2. Ginner

    Ginner Guest

    If you have just started your league, or if you are still in Division 2 and are yet to gain promotion, these top players won't be attracted to your team for any amount of money. I have tried to offer huge amounts of money to attract players to mine before, when I was in the lower division, and it doesn't work. You'll have to gain some points first and get yourself in amongst the big boys!
  3. Gravit

    Gravit Guest

    Thx Ginner ,, I should have known that off course as a Die-Hard PES player *Beats himself to the head*

    I'm still in the second division right now, Just done a few matches, and the season is almost over..
    Im gonna try to get em in the next Transfer Period

    Peace :thumbup:

  4. djhardline

    djhardline Guest

    I got Joe Cole think I had to wait a season though.

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